If you've ever created an account for the url shortening service Bitly before, you'll want to listen up. Bitly has now announced via their blog that they have reason to believe that Bitly account credentials have been compromised and our suggesting users change their API keys and OAuth tokens.

We have reason to believe that Bitly account credentials have been compromised. We have no indication at this time that any accounts have been accessed without permission. For our users' protection, we have taken proactive steps to ensure the security of all accounts, including disconnecting all users' Facebook and Twitter accounts. All users can safely reconnect these accounts at their next login.

Needless to say, there is a ton of apps and services out there that make use of Bitly so this is something you're going to want to act on as soon as possible if it applies to you. You can head on over to the Bitly blog for the full details and instructions on how to get it all sorted out.

Source: Bitly

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Grahaman27 says:

via moto x.

BB_Bmore says:

" Bitly alerts users of widespread account compromises, claims no accounts have been accessed"


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TheDu9du says:

That's like alerting that you shit your pants but that they are clean somehow.

Right. They say credentials were stolen but they weren't used to log in fraudulently. As far as they know...

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cj100570 says: has done the right thing by admitting the issue (they believe there was a compromise) and moving swiftly to fix it (resetting linked accounts and suggesting password/api key reset). That's the kind of proactive action that all sites should take when there's a possible threat.