Now that Bing is available in the Android Market for all carriers, Microsoft is making sure its premiere search app is the best it can be. The big M has updated their app to bring users these new features:

  • What’s Nearby: Bing will automatically detect “what’s nearby” and present dynamic and full category search pages.
  • Bookmark Images: We know how much you love Bing images, and now you can bookmark any image result from the Web to the device.
  • Expand Your Search: The Search Widget allows you to search third party apps (e.g. Yelp), in addition to contacts, apps, audio files and the Web. (Only apps with registered data can be surfaced in search results.)
  • Search, Share, Decide and Book: To make planning a night out easier, share search results with friends using any loaded app that can accept and share content by using the “share” command. And, with the integration of OpenTable and GrubHub into the Bing for Mobile search results, you can make reservations or order take out – without switching between apps.

The Microsoft app has been under fire recently from the Android community (you guys) -- especially those on Verizon, who have been forced to use Bing's search functionality in many of Verizon's new Android phones. But to be honest, the app is really not that bad -- REALLY. Read our review here. Now play nice, and give it a chance. [Bing Community Blog]


Reader comments

Bing update brings bookmarking of images and more


Why would you want us to try bing? So we can see what gutter search engine looks like? Google is the gold standard for search. Anything else is a waste of time.

... Anyone who knows the timmy will know Microsoft has been doing this for a very very long time.. I actually think these are some pretty neat features that I am sure Google will eventually copy...

"It's really not that bad", wow... that's a ringing endorsement. Especially for something that's forced down my throat if I want to be on Verizon and use the otherwise elegant Samsung phones. If it hadn't been possible to hack away all of the Bing BS, I would have returned this phone in the first week.

it sucks to be forced to have it, so vzw people have a right to complain. but damn i have never seen people so up in arms about a search engine...99 percent of the time you will find what you are looking for on either of them

the crappy part for vzw people is the lack of google maps/ THAT is in issue worth being pissed about...a search engine though, come on, really?

I swore never to bing anything the day those &#%$@* "binged" my old BB Storm 2.
For those of you in the dark about what that means, they removed ALL of the other search options (Google, Google Images, Wikipedia,, etc...) and replaced it with bing as the ONLY choice.

Of course now I don't have to worry about that since I upgraded to a DX, but apparently I'm not ever going to get over that.

I didn't realize they were binging some of the Android phones now... unbelievable considering that's Google's baby. I'm glad to hear that the Android bing victims can hack that MS BS out of their phones.

Oh wait... I just remembered that I did actually bing something once. There was a deal on ebay where using bing saved me a few hundred bucks on a MacBook Pro... some kind of cash back thing that I thought was poetic. Getting MS to pay me to buy a Mac was good for a chuckle.