Earlier this month, HTC hosted a meetup in London at which they announced the HTC Desire Z and more importantly, the HTC Desire HD. During the event HTC flashed us a sneak peek of the new Sense UI, and it's definitely garnered some attention. As we've come to expect from the great community that is XDA, user DarkStone1337 nabbed a beta ROM of the HD and put it up for the masses. Join us after the jump to view the plethora of new features and a video showcasing them with the beta ROM.
[via AndroidSPIN and XDA]


  • A HTC eBook Reader
  • "Sense Hub" Allowing user to swap Sense skins and themes
  • HTCSense.com Account allowing user to backup their layout and take advantage of a new "find my phone" feature
  • “HTC Recommends” feature which highlights things that have caught HTC's attention
  • Five pre-installed themes/skins to try out

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kicko says:

Does that mean it is possible to skin the notification bar? even with other launchers?

I don't hate Sense but i dislike the bottom phone dock, to me it's not the most effect way to utilize the space.

thenewnoise says:

I would give this 100 thumbs up. The dock on Sense is the worse. Its a waste of space. They should make it customizable and let us decide what buttons are useful there.

The biggest thing I hate is the "Add to home button" you have to have free space to add something to home so why not just long press and add something instead of waste a button to add something

tim6253 says:

That new Sense is hot! I will have to drop launcherpro for this. Port to the EVO can't be far! The video is long, but worth it. Wow @ all the features they packed in. Nice!

tim6253 says:

I'm not the most fond of the sense dock either, but at least they added themes to change it up a bit.

rrasho24 says:

I would just like to know when we might see this officially over to the EVO... I can't see not including the EVO, let alone the Incredible in this update. For branding purposes, it just wouldn't make sense, not to have the new sense...... UI.... sorry.

icebike says:

I wish I understood why people sacrifice so much prime real estate to a clock.

05 TypeS DC5 says:

tell me about it, i hate the fact that it eats up about 50% of the screen, I think people have it on because of the weather animations. I took it off and just put a small 2x1 clock.

BoNg420 says:

you have 7 screens, that should be more then enough room.

The clock is also a shortcut for clock and weather/

I REALLY wish HTC use the standard "Browser" name and icon like in stock Froyo :( Yes, I'm nitpicking.

love the pinch to tabs they have for the browser. cant wait for this to come out for the evo.

love the pinch to tabs they have for the browser. cant wait for this to come out for the evo.

TSwiftFan23 says:

I want this on the G2 :( how would I have something like this on it? Someone told me about a ROM. How does that work? Because I really need a keyboard on my phone but I want Sense so bad I might have to wait for the MyTouch HD.

xAGx#AC says:

Really want this for my Incredible. Some of the changes are great.

xWiggy18x says: