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If you're itching for some fresh downloads this Labor Day weekend, we've gathered together the five best app releases this month in the Google Play Store. This go-around we've got a bit of photography, some productivity, and a little something from HTC and Google.

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The best new Android apps of August 2014


And your instead of you're...someone needs to proof read before submitting articles.

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Yeah text instead of dots would have been good, but that would have defeated the purpose of the widget. This is just a month widget and not sure how he can fit in text there. But I love the view when you click on the day and navigation across the days.

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But that takes up the whole screen. What's the purpose of a Widget that takes up the entire screen? Plus, Jorte is kind of ugly...

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From the UK, Three have released "three in touch", free wifi calling and text but no support for mms , bugger. But all is working well and has a good colour indicator in the information bar for connectivity info.

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