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Best Buy will start selling an Electric Blue version of Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone in its stores and on its website starting Sunday, August 17 for the price of $99 with a two year contract for customers who are on AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint's network.

While other retailers have sold the Galaxy S5 with an Electric Blue back cover, this is the first retailer that will offer the phone with both the back and front in that particular color scheme. The $99 price will only last until August 23.

Best Buy adds:

"If customers opt for one of the new monthly installment billing options including AT&T Next, Verizon Edge or Sprint Easy Pay, they can snag the Electric Blue Galaxy S5 for $0 down and receive a $100 Best Buy gift card with their activation."

My Best Buy members will be able to purchase the phone on August 15, two days before the general public. Do you want an Electric Blue version of the Galaxy S5?

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Best Buy to sell exclusive Electric Blue Samsung Galaxy S5 August 17


So cool. Even though I and most people put their phones in cases it's still nice to know you have a cool color phone!

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I would need a side by side. Got to play with my brothers G3, and as he is asking me about my note3, I lol'd. His phone was very quick. Camera looked pretty good too. I do like how the G3 is not a finger print magnet, and for plastic has a great feel. Not enough for me to give up on the note3. C ' Mon Sept 4th. Monkey Balls!

Nah, I wouldnt give up my Note 3 for either the S5 or the G3 (I do have them here side by side [Neener]) but I think that the G3 is slightly better overall than the S5 even with the occasional stutter the G3 has

I was going to say, if money/price was not a factor, I would say definitely go with the G3. And NoNexus you should know by now I hold no bias. I've had nearly every Samsung in the past few years, every LG, every HTC, and then a few others in that time (iPhones, Windows Phones, etc)...

Between S5, G3, and M8 it would be a tough tossup between the M8 and the G3 for me. Because camera isn't a huge deal to me, both take beautiful photos, and I don't blow them up larger than a phone screen personally so its not a huge deal. I'm a huge music guy and videos so the front facing speakers on the M8 win on that front, though the G3 audio isnt bad. I love my G3 screen, its unbeatable. Games look amazing, as does everything else.

S5 is already kinda laggy and has had tons of glitches and patches since day one, as most samsung devices do these days. sad but true. im just losing my love for touchwiz. fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor are gimmicks in my opinion.

I know you are not biased

I cannot say that I have seen the lag your talking about in either the one I get from work to play with or the one my my constantly uses (trust me she would complain).

The pictures on the M8 drag it down to 4th place for me. I know that it is capable of taking decent pictures but I do not want to have to "take the chance" when I have 3 phones that are point, shoot and forget about having to worry about it later. (g3, S5 and Note 3)

Yea I have coworkers who never have issues with their Galaxy devices. I guess I've just had rare issues that have made me lean away from them and TW.

The G3 camera is unstoppable and I think I may switch to it as my daily driver over the M8.

I have 3 phones. Personal, work, other work lol. M8 for personal, g3 for work, g2 for other work. At the moment. If apple steps up this year with something actually different I'll consider getting one for my other work line.

But I'm more than happy with my m8 and g3. Best phones available in US if not the world atm.

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I hated the S4 when it came out because of the was definitely the worst of the bunch. The Fascinate (s1) couldn't make a phone call after one of those great Verizon updates. The Droid Charge was a complete dog and if you TW is ugly now that brown was such crap, literally.

Besides the camera, I am one of the few that dislikes the metal body on the m8.

My rank right now, not including the Note series in any way. would be the G3, S5, M8

I am one of the lucky few (kinda like you I assume) that really gets to carry them all. I have a S5, Note 3 and iPhones in the house. I carry the Note 3 (personal) and whatever the newest flagship (or really any major phone) is for work. It is nice to have things like that, it really puts things in perspective and lets you compare all of them together instead of in a vacuum.

Yea same here.

I do really love the aluminum body on my M8. I guess it feels more sturdy and futuristic, as silly as it sounds. Like I said, I'm not a huge photographer by any means. I take the occasional selfie, some shots at concerts, of friends when we're out and about, etc.
I don't have a wife and kids or grandkids to take pictures of on vacation every weekend or anything like that.

I'm a music guy, and HTC kills it. And when I'm showing people videos in a crowded loud area the boomsound really comes in handy.

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But I will say this g3 I've only been using a couple weeks is shaping up to overtake my m8 as favorite. Even just for some of the small features.

The knock code is cool because I hate pins patterns and passwords. I never lock my phones because of this but knock code is way simple.

The only thing stopping it I guess is my m8 is on att and my g3 is on sprint. And as I've mentioned even though I'm an employee of sprint, the coverage in my area right now is mehhh, so obviously the phone with the better coverage is my main device.

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I would agree with this statement. The software is what gets me. Touchwiz is just so bloated. LG skin is a lot better this year and is much nor intuitive than touchwiz.

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These are good ideas but why wait so long to come out with it? People buy these phones to only find out that the color they want NOW exists.

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What is the texture like? Softer like the black cover, or harder like the white color?

Personally, if I were inclined I'd just as soon get the black version and then buy the blue back cover separately. I'd rather have the black front than the blue one.

Supposedly the blue feels the best. The least soft falls to either the gold or white, black feels nice, blue feels nicest.
Not sure how I feel about the blue front though... Hmm...

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

That's what I did, and it looks great. Hard to tell from the pictures how the blue front looks. I was hoping that Best Buy would have this at launch - I don't understand the marketing research/manufacturing capability issues that do not allow these alternative color options to arrive until 4 months after launch.

supposedly they wait on these alternate color options until after they see how they do at launch but on phones like the galazy s series, youd think theyd know its going to be a hit, so why not do it from launch. stupid imo

Wow a blue battery door cover and for that its an exclusive launch at Best Buy. 1) LAME, 2) VERY LAME and 3) VERY, VERY LAME. WTF Samsung where is the 32GB GS5?

I was actually surprised that Best Buy changed the whole front of the phone.

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What I would really like is for Samsung to release a wireless charging compatabile blue cover.

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Although it's a tough decision.. and quite frankly a toss up between the Nexus 4 , S3, Note II and HTC One X+, I'm kind of leaning towards the Note II even though it's size is quite huge.. Removable battery and storage along with the stylus give it a bit of an edge over the other 3.. HTC is slow with updates.. and the N4's camera is not that great.. the S3 is just the right size but lacks the versatility of the Note II's stylus.

I still liked the official Best Buy Blue Galaxy S4. I only discovered it a month after I got my black S4. It was a nice dark blue color. I wished they'd have done the same with this one.

I just want a freaking back cover in this color with Qi. Apparently that is too much to ask for.

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Yea I'm not sure why Samsung only made it in Black or White. Surely if they released a electric blue, then surely they should have made an electric blue wireless charging cover.

So I ended up buying this exclusive color at best buy. I do like the back color but the front could've been better (right now it's more of an metallic Blue). Plus I rooted my phone XD.