Fitness apps on Android

You don't need a fancy gym membership or a personal trainer, but using these apps to manage your fitness and do the correct exercises will certainly help

The hardest part about getting to the gym and hitting the elliptical or weights for a solid workout is building up a routine and having a set of goals to strive for. Once you make it there, making sure you're getting the most out of your gym time with the right weights and exercises is the next step.

MobileFiltWith the extremely powerful mobile devices we each have access to, that motivation is a bit more attainable than before, and there are dozens of fantastic apps that can help you get started and (more importantly) keep going to the gym. Getting a personal trainer and a fancy gym membership isn't a requirement for getting in shape and losing a few pounds, and that holds true even more today with the wealth of knowledge contained in just a few apps — many of which are free or a simple one-time purchase.

We've rounded up some of the best apps for your Android that will help you get a routine, hit the gym and do the best exercises to help you meet your fitness goals. Whether you're looking to simply cut a few pounds or you want to completely change your physique, these Android apps can help you get to where you want to be. Read along and see which meet your needs.

Virtuagym Fitness

Virtuagym Fitness

If you're looking for a solid and simple app to get yourself motivated and ready for the gym, Virtuagym Fitness is a great starting point. It offers hundreds of different exercises and workout routines for you to try, no matter your fitness level or available gym materials. The workouts range from a morning fitness routine that simply gets your heart rate up before you head off to work, all the way up to advanced weight lifting routines that take an hour to complete.

In any case, each workout follows a proper progression of lifts and exercises to maximize your time spent at the gym, with each step giving you a time or number of sets and reps to complete before you move on. All of the exercises have a moving diagram showing the proper form for the exercise, as well as further information on the moves if you need even more help. After you get into a routine of going week after week, you can track your progress and receive achievements for what you've accomplished.

Whether you're a long-term gym-goer or a first-timer, Virtuagym Fitness seems to have all of the pieces you need to get the most out of your exercise time.

Download: Virtuagym Fitness (Free)


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The best Android apps to help you hit the gym and lift weights


Sorry for having to ask, but how can I view this article as a single page? I seem to remember being able to do that for other posts, but am lost on this one.

Same here, I'd rather view it in one page, there used to be a button for that in paged articles.

No kidding. Click-baiting horse-crap.

And no Fitocracy? Seriously? Fitocracy beats the pants off of all these apps.

AC seems to be going downhill the past month.
Increased frequency of click bait articles.
Articles missing important details that are rushed to print.

Not just you, this is a way to get more views for advertisements. I'm a daily visitor who will just boycott by not reading such articles and buying stuff on shopandroid

I don't remember this happening at this site before. And I can tell, because I visit this site almost every single day. Actually, none of the sites that I visit daily do it... Or said differently, I don't visit sites that do this. Hopefully this is just a very brief trial.

P. S. I use the RSS feed.

I usually just go in the gym and go from machine to machine.

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I love JEFIT! The preset workouts are great for changing things up and does a great job showing progress.

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+1 for JEFIT. Nice to be able to create the routine on the website and have access in the app. There has been a lot of recent improvement on the app side but the web interface still needs some work.

Yeah, Jefit is what I've been using for a while now. Not the greatest UX but it does the job and I like the exercise illustrations.

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I know you're probably tired of hearing this complaint, but, as soon as I saw Part 1 of 6 parts, I decided the article wasn't even worth my time. I realize it's the same length whether it's on one page or six pages, but you have to remember readers are lazier now more than ever (this generation). We want the info, the key points, and all of that quicker; the details later. Psychologically, reading that there are a whole bunch of "parts" to go through causes the reader to not even want to bother with it.

I hope enough people complain to change AC back to how it used to be formatted. :-\
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+1 - Don't who decided the Slide Show Format is a good thing - it's terrible versus having a full page article you can just scroll through - please, please stop using this new format.

you'll be surprised how many don't care until they start to see a decline in their ability to recover energy in comparison to a contemporary or worse, sickness fells them and their doctor tells them they have to start a fitness routine.

fitness is important but many don't value it as much as they should.

I've used jefit for years love that app. It has everything you need and syncs across devices which is great.

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Why no mention of JEFIT? And more importantly, are we really falling into the trend of splitting lists into multiple pages to inflate page views at the expense of users bandwidth?

My favorite workout app is BodBot It asks you questions to build your profile and your workout interests (i.e. lose weight, gain muscle, etc.) and either creates a workout plan/schedule for you or lets you pick which days and how long you have available to work out. It provides a description of the workout (some have videos), is customizable based on access to workout equipment, has built-in timers for exercises in the app, and includes fitness tests in profile that calibrate your current level of fitness. The app is pretty new and I think still in beta, but it is like having a virtual physical trainer. There is a free version and a paid subscription for additional features. You can even track nutrition of food consumption with recommendations on how many calories, protein, etc. you should be consuming based on your goals.

I like yayog the most. Good workouts with progressions to make harder and workout plans. Bodyweight is the way to go.

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I enjoy Endomondo. Granted, it used to get much more use out of it than it has lately. :-(

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Fitness Buddy has a huge library of exercices with video and very good sorting options. Probably the best app for muscle bulding ..

Exercices library of Fitness buddy + Jefit core app + Tracking abillity of Runstastic + UI of Endomondo + = Best app for fitness

Jefit is a great app that has a huge workout database as well as routines. It also allows you to create your own routines. The best part is it keeps track of your progress with plenty of data to look back on and see improvement. Hard to see a fitness app better if your main intention is lifting weights.

I use strava to track my cardio as it had pebble support and the Bodyspace app for taking my weights workouts.

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Bodyspace app by is by far my favorite. Much less crashy than fitocracy for me and super easy to add exercises to your workout.

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#doyouevenliftBRO ?

for actual weight lifting I like Jefit, it's got tons of exercises and you can sort by type (eg, barbell, dumbess, bodyweight, etc) I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned it seems better for weight training than any of the apps listed here.

Stop. Putting. Up. Multiple. Page. Articles.


This is the second time I've seen one in the last week or so.

Jefit all the way. There is a paid and free version. I have used the paid paid version for at least three years now.

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I like the new format of the articles! I did not have to scroll through the whole article to post a comment.

If you people lare like me and need doing everything efficiently you should go with - FitNotes - this app is straight forward, to the point.

Do any of the AC editors actually go to the gym and seriously lift weights?

They don't look like they do, and the fact that a bunch of cardio-oriented apps feature in article about weightlifting apps doesn't help convince.

Snarky, hopefully humorous, remarks aside, JeFit for me for a few years now.

Thanks to share such a nice and helpful list of best fitness apps. I have downloaded the Workout Trainer app and really I got some improvement.

There are also Apps to improve your technique by video analysis. My opinion is that video analysis certainly help to enhance the corrective action process and I think that video can serve as a value-added assistant in many cases.

As a coach, I very much like the O’See Sports Video Delay app: (iOS) , (Android)

It gives faster and more easy video feedback during training, especially when I have no time for doing analysis during training.

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