EA Mobile just informed us that Bejeweled 2 is now available in the Android Market for $2.99. Currently the game will only be available in the US, Canada, and Japan.

In the past few months, Android has really seen support grow from one of gaming's largest publishers. With recent additions of Need for Speed: Shift and the ever classic, Worms, it's becoming clear that EA is onboard with Android. QR code after the break.

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silverfang77 says:

Liars. It costs $7.99 in the Market, and yes I have the correct game.

sharp65 says:

It costs 7.99 if you have Verizon, EA Mobile has special costlier versions for us.

MowDownJoe says:

The Popcap invasion begins. Everyone, your productivity is about to approach 0.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic $2.99 here.

soldierblade says:

Why the hell is it showing $7.99 on my Droid X in the market? Is Verizon screwing us again Jerry?

Bla1ze says:

Yup, they are.

dougau says:

Why so much for Verizon users?

GUHoya94 says:

Why are they charging Verizon people $5 more? I.was going to get it until I saw that.

Cyrilmak says:

Same here man!

Drootz says:

On VZW and I won't be buying anything from EA in the market I purchased 3 games back in December when they went on sale for 99 cents now it doesn't show that I purchased any of them when I go update or even see them in my apps in the market.


You can't just email them directly either from the market to tell them of the problem. YOU HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH ALL KINDS OF HOOPS, for no results in the end....

You have to go to their website make an account to just even send them an email. Which they won't even respond to. Even when you include your receipts still nothing...no response...poor poor cust service.

When that doesn't work.....
You can try chat with an agent but you won't get anywhere as they are unfamiliar with the purchases in android market.

So now I am S.O.L. I guess. EA NEVER AGAIN!

Since I am a 30 minutes drive from their redwood shores, CA offices I might just go pay them a visit to give someone there a piece of my mind in person!

PortareAF says:

wow 8 bucks on my X no thanks

bkrodgers says:

Aww Hells Yeah! Magic Gem II is a decent substitute, but never quite matched the original. I just hope it's a quality port.

PortareAF says:

Just took at the game on the new Google Market on my computer and they are offering a 2.99 and a 7.99 version, but show no difference in the two..

Can you install the $2.99 version? What carrier?

PortareAF says:

Droid X on VZW, it will not allow me to load the $2.99 version, but will allow me to download the $7.99 version...sounds like a money grab from Big Red....

soldierblade says:

The difference is when you try to purchase the $2.99 version your device is greyed out and if you hover over the ? it tells you "Item is not available on your carrier". I dont understand why they're doing this to VZW customers. Hell they released worms at the same price to everyone, $2.99. Why not Bejeweled 2?

Love you long time for a screenshot of that


PortareAF says:

On it's way

soldierblade says:

Screenshot sent good sir.

Thanks guys. We're trying to get to the bottom of it.

GUHoya94 says:

Yeah, I see the same thing for the 2.99 version with the greyed out ability to install on my phone.

sharp65 says:

It's the same thing for tetris. When I search the web market I see two versions, one 7.99 one for verizon and a cheaper one for everyone else. I originally bought tetris before EA relisted them for verizon and now I can't download it anymore because my carrier is restricted.

Drootz says:

Same here see my rant above.....

Eazy123 says:

FINALLY! I've been waiting a long time for this. Bought it (Sprint, $2.99) and it runs just like it did on my PC. Sound and all. Had a phone call interrupt a game and when I hung up it started where I left off without a hitch. I was anticipating a half-assed, buggy port (as I said in my review on Market), but I was pleasantly surprised. EVO

Treknologist says:

I just looked in the "official" Android Market online and there are 2 versions of the game, the $7.99 and the $2.99 but there is no explanation for the difference on the web site. I wonder what will happen if one tries to buy the $2.99 version on the web site. I can't test it...waiting on the TBolt.

soldierblade says:

So... thats one apk thats probably about to get pirated the heck out of by disgruntled verizon customers...

marnold says:

Sooo, why in the world is this only available on select carriers? I'm on a relatively small Midwestern carrier. Doesn't my money count for the same with EA? I thought the Market was supposed to be open.

SoCalMario says:

I wish this was a more thorough review on this game. Does anyone know if it includes Bejeweled Blitz on this android version? Because if doesn't include it, I'll just stick to playing it on my ipod touch.

JagoX says:

Blitz isn't in this version yet...and like you said they can keep it until Blitz is in the Android version. There's no reason why it shouldn't be in there at launch at this point.

bacidath says:

February 18, 2011
Current Version:
Requires Android:
1.6 and up

February 18, 2011
Current Version:
Requires Android:
1.6 and up


rodrigoh says:

Not only US, Canada and Japan! Brazil has it too!

Bejeweled® 2
EA Mobile

(0 ratings)
R$4.99 BUY

Edit: I can't buy. Forget it!

junglejunkie says:

It needs to download an additional 25 megs of data?!?!

slave says:

I bought this for my epic, installed it, downloaded the additional 25, then it told me I was not authorized to use it on my device.

I went to get the refund, it had been only 10 minutes, and it said I was unable to get a refund at this, and now the refund button has disappeared from the market.

does EA just ruin everything they touch?

noszero says:

Got lucky from what I am reading. 3bucks and works great on my EVO 4g. 5bucks more on Verizon? That wont fly, I could see them picking on sprint but not big red.

onixblack says:

Bejeweled 3 is out but Bejeweled 2 just came on android .....

There seems to be a lot of problems with EA games on Android. Look at the reviews for Worms and Tetris. (Not to mention the Madden thing on VZW) I will not be spending my $ on EA games until I start to see some better comments from users.

icu says:

Let me know when Peggle oror PvsZ is available..

cyberchief says:

2.99 in the market for me on VZ. Either they figured out their goof-up, or it isn't the same for everyone.

Johnny_Mac says:

$2.99 for me as well and I have a Fascinate. Maybe it's only Motorola owners that Verizon is screwing?

PortareAF says:

New updated Android Market now has both versions for $2.99....What's going on here...

slave says:

anyone get this to work on the Epic?

Haven't had any problems downloading or playing on my Epic.

slave says:

I am having all kinds of issues.

MsGadget13 says:

I have a Verizon Fascinate and only show the $2.99 verizon.

MsGadget13 says:

When I first opened it said "not authorized on your device". I opened anway and seems to work fine.

JediJesus95 says:

EA is about as bad as Gameloft when it comes to the Market.

eklisiewicz says:

That is odd. I am on Verizon and was able to purchase the 2.99 version. In fact, that was the only version that showed up for me.

Cyrilmak says:

Same thing here man. I've contacted Android Market support and they have no idea what is going on. They keep insisting its an issue on my end. Yet I posted links to sites where this has happened to everyone. So I will never buy an EA game as long as I live when it comes to Android. EA pulls things from the market then puts them back on so people who bought one version must buy the new version or they will never be able to reinstall the game again.

trenen says:

$2.99 for me, VZW Droid X. However, other games I bought previously for $0.99 (Tetris, NFS:Shift) are requiring a purchase again for $2.99 and $4.99..wtf???

sharp65 says:

Looks like they fixed it, both versions are showing up as $2.99 on market.android.com

sharp65 says:

Looks like they fixed it, both versions are showing up as $2.99 on market.android.com

dougau says:

It looks like either EA or Verizon caved. Would love a followup story on WTF were they thinking!?!?!

CeluGeek says:

While I'm happy Bejeweled 2 finally made it to Android, and the game itself runs fine, this has to be THE WORST INSTALLATION EXPERIENCE ever for an app from Android Market.

If you purchase the app through 3G, you will not be able to actually run it because on first launch it inists on downloading many megabytes of media and, probably to appease the carriers, it refuses to do so over anything but Wi-Fi. The result is that you'll lose the chance of getting a refund if you purchased the app on the road. This is completely unacceptable! The app should come with some basic media, enough to try out the app, and then have the user download the rest of the media package when they have access to Wi-Fi.

Once the installation hurdles are overcome, the app is what we expect from Bejeweled 2 including the power gems, energy balls, and the multiple gaming modes. I was also impressed with the game's performance on my lowly Samsung Intercept.

jbdred says:

It is nice to see EA getting games on Android...but it would be nice if they worked.

I bought Need for Speed and it worked fine, after an update to the ROM i am using it now longer shows up in market that i purchased it and customer support states i need to contact EA.

I bought Worms and it will not run on my Incredible...

Love playing Bejeweled but have a bad taste in my mouth :(, not sure if i can bring myself to buy it.