Beautiful Widgets 4x1 Super Clock Widget

Beautiful Widgets, the popular clock and weather app from Level Up Studios, saw a significant update this morning to version 3.3.  This update brought several welcome changes, including the new "Super Clock" widgets.  Besides for the obvious new look, these widgets are hi-res, allowing them to be scaled without quality loss.  You can also swap out the weather icon with one that shows you your battery status, or choose from one of the new clock only widgets if you only care about the time.

Beautiful Widgets was one of my first app downloads when I got my Droid over a year ago, and I've loved using it ever since.  Full changelog, market link, and two more screenshots after the break.

New Features in 3.3:

  • SuperClock Widgets: Modular, Hi-res widgets that can be scaled without quality loss.
  • New Live Wallpaper: Rewritten in OpenGL with improved weather effects, new grass, and the ability to change the background image.
  • Hi-Res notification icons
  • Gingerbread notification icons
  • Clock only layout options
  • You can now display the battery level instead of the weather

 All three new Super Clock widgetsNew OpenGL based wallpaper


Reader comments

Beautiful Widgets sees significant update


The stock skin is butt ugly, too bad you can't use the standard clock skins. I hope spirelli-innocent gets ported for clock/battery, the battery is a real cool addition. For now sticking to small home clock with the lovely spirelli-innocent.

The LWP is meh, I don't care for it.

I actually think the 4x1 Widget looks decent with the stock skin (though I do miss my custom ones). For whatever reason, the app I use to take screenshots is compressing them too much. I need to look into that. As for the live wallpaper, I like it better than the old one, but I still like my traditional wallpapers a bit more.

I kinda go stuck with "Retro Date" and "Retro Clock"... I don't really mess around with Beautiful Widgets anymore like that.... maybe I just got a bit too boring... it need to switch things up a little.

In the notification bar? It's a custom ROMS. Right now I'm using Incredibly Re-Engineered, and it's amazingly fast. If you're rooted with an Incredible, check it out (I think there is an Evo version too). A lot of custom ROMS have the option though. I wish it was part of stock, since it's one of the first things every ROM ads.

Sweet. Hopefully they fixed the constant force close issue too. That is getting really annoying.


I've never understood the desire for a huge clock widget. I've got much better uses for my screen real estate.

Anyone know if it plays nicer with Launcher Pro? It seems that there was a well known conflict of some kind between the two and when I bought it about 2 weeks ago it gave me nothing but problems. (was buggy and seemed to slow down my Fascinate and my batter seemed to drain like crazy)

Currently using Fancy Widget+ without issue (and it's nice), but since I paid for BW as well I'd like to give it a non-buggy fair shake. That "Super Clock" is looking nice to me.

My recollection is that you need to choose it in the Settings menu which then prompts you to download it from the Market.

I kind of have a love/hate feeling towards this new update.
Just when I finally get BW to where I like it (especially with smaller home), this upgrade comes along and now everything is all buggy again! XO

But nonetheless, it's an interesting upgrade.

I love BW, but I wish they'd have a old school flippy clock like what comes on the Sense. Where you can actually see the flip animation.

Go to & download "Fancy Widget v1.3.0.apk"

It is an exact clone of the HTC Sense clock that the developer had to take down because he got court ordered to by HTC

I would love to see someone port the MIUI weather icons over to Beautiful Widgets...........I like BW so much better than Fancy Widgets, but those are some sick weather icons.

I'm digging the new open GL version of the live wallpaper. It's half snow/half rain here, and I just looked at the phone and not only is the rain running down the screen, it's accumulating in a puddle at the bottom that moves as you move the phone. It's way more entertaining than it should be lol.

I've never cared for or seen anything great about beautiful widgets. I am partially bias since I have the evo. The sense clock and weather widget can't be touched. I've tried bw with launcher pro and it just Didn't make the grade for me. Maybe someone can educate me on how to use it.

It's the ROM I'm using. It's actually a heavily skinned version of the SenseUI dock The Rom is called "Incredibly Re-engineered" and it has an Evo version as well.

There seems to be no email address for Level Up, so I can't ask a few questions (no trial version)

1. I have a need for display of seconds and 24 hour time. Can it do that?

2. If not, can the developer tools that come with the package allow for this?