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Beats Music for Android has been updated to version 1.2. The update brings some changes to recommendations, the Sentence, and the social system.

The new Tune Your Taste feature allows you to tweak what will show up in the Just For You recommendations. You can changes your favorite genres and artists in Settings. You can also view your Sentence history to see your most recently played songs from the Sentence. You can also make sure that you're following a verified profile when you see a the red check mark on the profile page. Improvements have been made to the player, with a number of bug fixes.

You can download Beats Music from the Google Play Store.


Reader comments

Beats Music for Android updated with verified badges, sentence history and more


Being a lover of Android I see no reason why I'd give my hard earned money to an Apple owned company.

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That's the great thing about an open market. If you disagree with a company's business practices and/or policies, you don't have to support them financially.

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I feel Apple will help the service as its not that strong right now. As far as Apple, well I'm not a fan either but you can't deny what Apple is doing and they want in. I will spend money on the service when it can offer more options than Beats...unless we, as T-Mobile users, can somehow vote to have this service be the next un-carrier move.

After Apple bought them I didn't think there would be another update for Android. I figured that would've gotten pulled off of the Play Store altogether since steve Jobs was going to destroy Android with every out of his soul before he died. Who cares google play music is way better and I only pay 8 bucks a month to listen to everything and anything

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