Performance enhancements and bug fixes also included in versionĀ

Just in case your device wasn't on the list of supported phones or tablets at launch, BBM has just been updated to support even more. Unfortunately the changelog doesn't indicate a complete list of supported devices nor does it say which were added in this round, but we're never going to turn down an update for wider support on a popular app.

The update also includes "bug fixes and performance enhancements," naturally, but again no specifics were given. If you were unable to install BBM before, hit the Play Store link above and see if your devices are supported now.


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BBM updated to support more devices, doesn't list which ones


Anyone test to see if it's tablet supported now?

Poster under: I can see tablets in coming support. There's rumours that the WP and desktop apps are coming. So why not include tablets?

I downloaded it to my Galaxy Tab 2 P-3100 with no problems with this last update, but no landscape typing yet, only portrait!!

yes its working though u will need to download to get it from another supported device....using shareapp application ...after then you ll disable the installation security...then you are good to go


I am using samsung galaxy tab 3 - 311 and i cannot able to install bbm.
Can anyone suggest any alternate method to imstall bbm.

Tej Ilindra

Here we go again. I can hear the stampede coming across the gate, lol.

Seriously, if they add support for tablets, then I will download it to chat with my younger brother. I might be able to convince a few friends to get in on the action, too, lol.

My guess... because if he's doing something on his tablet, he shouldn't have to pull out his smartphone to IM someone.
Ditto if he's working on his desktop/laptop, he shouldn't have to pull out his smartphone.
And we shouldn't have to move accounts from one device to another, they should just work on both without having to transfer or mess around.

This. When I get home, I rarely ever pull out my phone. I use my tablet for everything. I use my tablet for voice and texts over wifi and surfing the net, while I'm at home. This prevents me from using my minutes, and allows me to keep my phone charged, in case I need to leave in a hurry.

They need to implement tablet support and the ability to be signed-in to multiple devices at once. I don't care what anyone says: the inability to sign in to multiple devices is a shortfall, not a feature.

iMessage and Hangouts both allow you to be signed in to multiple devices. So should BBM.

I'm willing to give it a try. But, if Hangouts integrates Google Voice and implements voice calls into the UI, then that's, more than likely, where I'll be.

Still no Nexus 7 (and I assume tablets in general) support.
They are out of their mind. Even a "phone" version would be fine on a small screen tablet

And using the saveapk app from the play store, i was able to manually install it on my nexus 7 (2013) and it works fine.

I can't show the pic, apparently google plus links show up as spam.

This is BB we're talking about. If poor managerial decisions wasn't a core business trait of theirs they wouldn't be in the position they're in.

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This isn't a Whatsapp article. AC isn't deluged in whatsapp fans touting it as the greatest thing to happen to messaging. And Whatsapp isn't made (to my knowledge) by a company that has flushed itself down the figurative toilet in bad decisions the last five plus years.

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They never got BBM to PlayBook I guess it might take a while for tablets in general for BlackBerry

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Actually they posted that they're working on WP devices next, followed by tablets, and then a desktop client. Here's hoping it's true.

BBM was on PlayBook via BlackBerry Bridge. I loved that feature and I used BBM via PlayBook a lot when I was using a Bold 9900. As noted above, I didn't want to take out my phone if I'm already on my tablet; I could just keep my 9900 holstered.

Too bad BlackBerry Bridge wasn't further developed, it had a lot of potential...

No, it didn't, it meant you had to have a BlackBerry phone. Also meant you had to have a PlayBook. In the world of tech, two strikes and you're out. ;)

Well seeing as how other sites were asked to take down the invitation from their articles and AC never even wrote an article about it, don't you think it's supposed to be a little hush hush?

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So, according to your logic, AC could have written an article about said event, without posting the actual invite. Right?

... I guess, when you actually stop and think, that article would be pretty bare-bones, lol.

Doesn't really matter, now. Whatever is supposed to be announced/released, will be shortly. I'm just curious as hell, is all, lol.

I kinda like the surprise effect it has. No speculation or rumors going off like crazy. And the best part is knowing we'll see something new soon!

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Haven't really seem much elsewhere. I read a little bit of speculation in the forums but no other site has much on it either.

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I asked AC and Jerry over social media why they haven't said anything about it the other day (and instead have given us a slew of BBM stories) and Jerry just laughed.
My guess, this is a hush hush event and while there won't be a hardware announcement, the invited parties may be given information or (wet dream) hardware to review in advance of an upcoming official announcement. It IS exactly one week before the 31st after all.

If sites truly were told to take the invites down and AC is deliberately not reporting on this, I think the attendees being given some sort of sneak peek is a near certainty. Why keep it hush hush otherwise?

Yeah I can see the sense in that. The only sucky part about that is we won't see anything today! But that'd be so worth it though.

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Yeah, but with the end of October fast-approaching, it won't be long, until everything hush-hush is announced.

Still waiting for the ability to categorize my contacts and change the colour of the conversation bubbles. Other than that it's running pretty good and fast on my HTC One

I can't speak for the Android version, but you can in the BB version. Try going into contacts, hit the "... More" for settings, and add category. You can add as many as you like and move contacts in and out.

Yeah, there is no contact category feature yet, and it's quite slowing me down each time I have to send an announcement with broadcast message and I only want to send it to my classmates. Also, if the display picture has the 'zoom in' and 'zoom out' it'll be really convenient. Sigh, let's just wait. Hope this pie fully baked soon.

the save chat history bug (turning off by itself) is still there... and there is no contact list categories!!! IOS update has this feature. why not android???

Yeah.. me too.. I remember setting it to save the chat history but the last time I checked it's turned off by itself. How sucks. I hope they upgrade it soon.

You know, i was kinda excited a little when this was supposed to launch. However, now that i have it, i really am not digging it over hangouts at all. Not to mention that i am not sure if they will be here in 6 months, i dont want to convince my friends to use it just to have them shut down. Prob just going to uninstall. lol

I like to use hangouts and KIK, BBM has read states as good as and perhaps better than KIK's but doesn't have receipts on group messages. I'll be sticking with it longer and being able to configure font size (something KIK doesn't do) much larger would probably make me keep it.

I'm interested in knowing how some of you even have enough contacts TO categorize. I have just one. =/
Is running fairly smooth here with my one contact! The notification sound fails a lot.

SwiftKey'd from my Bohemoth Note2

I'm sure this isn't the case for all, but a surprising number seem to post their PINs to fish for contacts to chat with. What about? The awesomeness of BBM I suppose...?

BB is operating in an old, single device world. Until they allow multiple device sign-ins (ala iMessage, sadly) it's not enough for soon to be 2014. Most people have a phone, computer and maybe tablet. You can't confine it to phone only these days, sorry.

I've got it on my iPad. It's still stuck at setting up bbm. Although I've gotten the email and already set up my bbid

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Clearly not enough bug fixes as it still doesn't work on my Samsung S3......

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These people once had one of the most popular phones and operating systems in the world. Keep that in mind as I tell you my experience.

I have a common name, and often times my Gmail address is used accidentally, as idiots type mine in instead of theirs.

1) I download BBM
2) I enter my email into the input box. (I notice it doesn't allow for auto-complete, so the field is setup wrong)
3) I also notice the persistent notification. I can't close it. I have to force close it to close it? I'm not even logged in! I haven't even made an account!
4) I notice the screen just says to tap the button when the email comes... or go back to put it in again? What fucking kind of UI is that?
5) I wait for the email
6) A day later, I get the email and tap it.
7) The app wants me to re-enter my email again. Again, no auto-complete.
8) Okay, I go through account creation and it fails. My email is taken, which means their system lets you sign up for email accounts WITHOUT VERIFYING YOU CONTROL THAT EMAIL.
9) Fine, I'll reset the password.
10) I need to answer the custom question: "who is my girlfriend". I can't. So I do a full account reset.
11) I get the email and click the link to reset the account.
12) I set a new password.
13) I go back into BBM, put my email in again, and I'm told I HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE AGAIN.
14) I uninstall the piece of shit application.

I repeat, just so you know, this company used to make very popular cellphones. This nightmare of a signup process, in which I failed to signup, shouldn't exist. Viber, Line, Whatsapp and plenty of other fly-by-night chat apps have a much simpler signup process and a vastly huger userbase.

Think about that. I have to use an email to signup to signup for the app, and it doesn't even use that to check if it's taken. And if it IS and you need to wipe the account, which you can't tell until AFTER waiting in line once, you have to wait a SECOND time.

No. NO. NO. Unacceptable.

In summary: FUCK RIM.

no no no... no more RIM dude

Early 2013, RIM changed its name to BlackBerry Limited, because their Research is no longer in Motion, with their last product being the Limited BlackBerry - RB

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You're right about the email verification, I hadn't even noticed that. I could put in someone else's email easily. This from the platform where everyone's go to buzzword is 'security'.

What a joke.

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I just uninstalled BBM for Android. We need a poll to see how many people actually installed it and then found it lacking and uninstalled. I gave it 2 days, didn't see a need for it and blew it away.

A lot of you are describing an App that already exists. Mighty Text, it lets you text on your tablet, offline old android phone and FROM your computer. All with one account.

Try it, you won't be sorry.

@GearsBaby..working fine on my SIII including the update. In fact it was working well before the official release!

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@GearsBaby..working fine on my SIII including the update. In fact it was working well before the official release!

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