The "late summer" launch window for BlackBerry Messenger on Android is fast approaching, if not already here. And with beta builds already creeping out into the wild, it should come as no surprise to see support documentation also showing up online ahead of the anticipated release.

Designed to instruct new Android users on the ways of BBM, the docs cover the basics of getting your account set up, viewing friends' profiles and trolling CrackBerry Kevin. (OK, maybe not that last part.)

In any case, there're a lot of instructional bulleted lists and no screenshots to be found, so if you're after a peek at what BBM will look like on Android you'll have to make do with leaked screenshots for now.

Similar documents have also appeared for the upcoming iOS version of BBM. Hit the source link down below to grab both manuals, courtesy of our pals at CrackBerry.

Source: CrackBerry


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BBM for Android user guide appears online


Does it work independently or does it incur the £10 a month extra blackberry charge?

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It should just be like any other app, meaning no cost. All you have to do is make an account to use the service and then you should be all set. BlackBerry has said in the past that app will not cost anything.

That extra change was for all the extra services and the NOC usage. With the newer phones(Q10, Q5, and Z10) I don't believe that charge is still there(none of the carriers around me(in the US) changed extra for a BlackBerry as far as I know)

Wait what? So BB is losing ground in the smart phone area but their software will do what for them? BBM was nice when I had a BB but that was years ago. For the 6 people that still have a BB as their personal device I'm pretty sure they'll be excited to be able to add more than the other 5 users of a BB device but really, who cares?

Blackberry doesn't own the messenger software. BBM is a separate company and they let Blackberry use the software.

wkmccall - Please only post when you know WTF you are talking about. Spewing lies does'nt help anyone. BlackBerry owns and developed the BBM software. BBM = BlackBerry Messenger.

My HTC will indeed have BBM before my playbook... Ain't gonna lie I Love bbm but I still have a bad taste in my mouth over the playbook fiasco. Thanks for pushing me into the arms of HTC couldn't be happier :-)

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

I know exactly where you are coming from man.
I gave BB10 a shot. Then I was looking forward to it coming out for the Playbook. Hoping then that the old bridge features would be back. . No dice!
So I decided to switch to Android! Haven't looked back since.
All though, from time to time I do miss BBM. I will download it when it does become available. Worth a shot.

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The only BB device which I actually bought for myself and was not given through a company was the playbook... It was a great device in terms of hardware which is unlike BB device as it has a great camera video recording capability and 3 mp front camera.. But the lack of apps absolutely killed it.. Beautiful screen it has also... I still use it at times when I go walking around the park as it is easier to hold and walk while reading book or something.. My main daily tab is the iPad though..
Such as the game is nowadays, if you lack apps it's certainly the death of the platform.. BB handsets are heading that way also..
The only other time I bought a BB handset is when I got the, 9900 for my wife and it is absolutely a piece of junk.. From the OS to lagging like there is no tomorrow to freezing to the clock crap.. To not having enough apps to not wanting to use apps on it due to screen size.. Just junk.. Man.. I saw HTC one and bought it for my wife then I used it for a few weeks and bought one for myself as well.. There is no comparison between top end droid phones to BBs.. This phone can literally do anything I want to do with it concerning making it useable for just about every purpose.. The top end droids nowadays are on a different level.. Even Iphones are struggling to keep up and even catch up with droids.
There is no wonder why droids are dominating phones worldwide. I was never a fan of droids and I used to bash them until I got to know it close and personal. The only thing I feel what is keeping many iPhone users attached to Iphones is the fact that they have invested so much in the apps etc.. Otherwise, more would have flocked to droids. Yes, the IOS is extremely easy to use and they have loads of quality apps so they will be there to stay.

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when BB goes out of business soon where are all of the crackhead writers going?

let's do an AC draft. my vote is for Parsons and Sage who already use Android PT. send the rest to iMore and WPC.

They'll be hanging out with the last remaining WebOS holdouts hoping there OS gains traction and comes back to relevancy.

Hehe.... WebOS. I remember that little jewel of an OS that HP royally screwed over. Never again I say. Love having the most popular phone on Android. (SGS3, at least I think it was or still is till more SGS4's are sold. Dont quote me on this, I'm totally guessing and to lazy to do the research.) Love having the same phone as my family members and being able to do all the "gimmicks" with them. Touch phones to grab all their music and such. Other crap...

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BlackBerry will be around for awhile. The fact that the US government uses their phones and BB10 was just approved for use by govt employees. Which means they will all be getting new BB phones. Also they may not have many users in the US but I know when im in the middle east and other parts of Europe they all have BBs.

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Which parts of Europe are you referring to?
I live in Central Western Europe and travel frequently to the North and East.
Blackberry is as dead there as anywhere else.

Really every continent but N. America is heavily invested in BB.

That said, BBM has always been one of the best (if not the best) IM systems. If the cross-platform version includes the Wifi calling and Video chat features that are included on the BB10 version, then this could really be a must-have app across all platforms.


Last and most recent report has BB pegged at 2.9% of the worldwide smartphone market. Windows Phones have more

Google "Blackberry worldwide market share" and you shall see

Now, run the same report, but excluding N. America (worldwide is inclusive), and you will have a MUCH higher %.

I stand behind my original statement.

It may be a good device for governments but it's slowly dying as a personal device. They may be around for a while but it won't be the company as we know it.

BBM was good back in the day they should have release a cross platform app along time ago. Just use kik...

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Bbm was the best, hands down. My wife and I are stoked for this. My mom is in love with her z10 so now I can bbm her I guess.

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Definately going to give it a download. Hopefully will be quick running video chatting services too!

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can someone tell me what's so great about BlackBerry massager app?

I've never used BlackBerry before, but I'm wiling to try anything new.

Well, after a long, trying day...sometimes we all need a massage. It doesn't give as great of a massage as an android massage app, but options are always welcomed

Yeah also in the camp of why. Don't know anyone who uses a BB ergo BBM as well. So it would be a non default messaging app that would allow me to talk to others who use it? Or will it also talk to people using standard sms messages? As it stands to me it sounds like it would be akin to telling me you had a smoke signal app that I could use to communicate with indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

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The only positive of BBM that I saw when I was a Blackberry user was that it was integrated into the OS. You didn't have to know if one of your contacts had an IM app as it was built-in to every Blackberry. However, there's nothing proprietary about this functionality. I don't understand why people care about this app coming to Android unless they have friends in the dark ages who still have Blackberry and want to communicate with them.

The majority of users of this app are those in countries that don't have unlimited messaging and have to carry two phones and one of them being a BB for BBM. Now with the app coming out those who held onto their BB for BBM can finally dump them and use their Android or IOS device.

I'm not bashing it, but I STILL don't understand the point of BBM across platforms. Is it really that hard to just text someone? I mean we all text anyway, so why not just get the person's number? Personally, it just doesn't make any sense to me but hey if you REALLY need another way to communicate with someone then by all means enjoy BBM. I'll continue to text like a normal person

Some of us dont want the phone numbers we text showing up on our phone bill, nor do I want to give my phone number out to people, so instant messengers is all I use.

wooooo bmm i surely do miss it but since ive left black berry and ios and wp and now own a s3 mini as from today i will deffo give it a go some people wanna stop complaining and let it be =]

I hate to see any North American mobile device OEM tank, but it sure is sort of funny to see how fast "we don't plan to release BBM for Android" has turned into "please download BBM for Android."

I used to be a Blackberry user (as late as 2010), but I and everyone else I know who used BBs have all moved on. I think there is one lady at work that sends me emails that have "sent from my Blackberry" on the bottom, but she just upgraded to it from a flip phone a little while back, so I don't think she is a good subject for a case study of smartphone users.

I only used BBM because it didn't use my SMS allowance, but I also don't know anyone anymore who doesn't have unlimited SMS now.

I hope they make it somehow. Good luck, Blackberry!

There are still countries in this world where there are no unlimited plans. Even for SMS.

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We all have to remember that Blackberry is not just mobile devices. It is also a network and by making bbm a cross platform communication tool, they might be able to save themselves. Example: Samsung buys BlackBerry and together they become an even more unstoppable force. Samsung devices would be in every business.

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