Head of BBM at BlackBerry Andrew Bocking has sent out an updated statement about the launch of BBM for Android and iOS.

Hi Android and iPhone users,

This is Andrew Bocking, head of BBM at BlackBerry. As a follow up to our first blog post on Saturday, I want to take a moment to provide you with an update on the rollout of BBM on Android and iPhone.

Last week, an unreleased, older version of the BBM for Android app was posted on numerous file sharing sites. We were aware of an issue with this unreleased version of the BBM for Android app. This older version resulted in volumes of data traffic orders of magnitude higher than normal for each active user and impacted the system in abnormal ways. The version we were planning to release on Saturday addressed these issues, however we could not block users of the unreleased version if we went ahead with the launch.

We attempted to address the problems caused by the unreleased version throughout the day on Saturday, but as active users of the unreleased app neared a million – and accelerated – it became clear that the only way to address the issue was to pause the rollout for both Android and iPhone.

The team is now focused on adjusting the system to completely block this unreleased version of the Android app when we go live with the official BBM for Android app. We are also making sure that the system is reinforced to handle this kind of scenario in the future. While this may sound like a simple task – it’s not. This will take some time and I do not anticipate launching this week.

Thank you for your patience while we take the time needed to deliver the experience you expect from BBM. We will continue to provide you with updates here on and through @BBM on Twitter. We will notify everyone who has pre-registered on when BBM is available on Android and iPhone.

Andrew Bocking


Not this week, and no new speculative dates were given. I guess we'll know more when we know more.

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BBM for Android not coming this week


Noone cares. Anymore? That just killed whatever little interest I had in BBM. Read "little interest" as "morbid curiosity"

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Yea. I was going to try it. Now I just don't care anymore. They keep shooting themselves in the foot.

Editor in chief of

and no given any date soon? next month at least? Now that BB its sold, or tentative, its better to forget BBM on Android.. for any time soon at least

Sold for the value of its assets, too, as someone pointed out in another forum. A sad end but expected after a stream of bad decisions.

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Your English is pitiful. The blog said "Not this week", meaning to me, next week.
And whether or not the deal goes through with Fairfax means nothing, as BBM is going to be it's own desperate company.

To all you people out there that are saying "I was going to try BBM but now I am not"
Great! Don't! Do you really think that one person out of 60 MILLION is going to make two craps of a difference when it comes down to it? And that YOUR vote means squat? If you don't want to wait, then don't.

He looks mad in his avatar :p

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Just a point of fact here but "not this week" most definitely does not mean "next week". It just means "sometime after this week".

"Not this week" is so vague it could mean next year.

Yes, because he's the only person who's now lost interest (or just doesn't simply care about BBM), he's just "one person out of 60 MILLION"! 1!11...
Oops, there's another...and another, and another. Funny how it snow balls huh?

Since nobody else will say it...shut the fuck up. You're way too involved in this.

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Chalk it up as another one of Blackberrys hundreds of blunders over the years. It seems to me they're never ready for anything. Everything they do is met with "unprecedented" and "unforeseen" road blocks. At some point you think this company would have a shred of insight into the technology space on some level and be ready for even the most common of diversities.

They haven't made a deadline in 5 years. I sure at hell don't expect them to now, as they fire their entire work force and watch their stocks steady decline to zero.

Tbf they have made headlines, just only ones that say 'BlackBerry doomed?' and 'BlackBerry doomed!'

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Maybe its time to open up BB to open source and let their fans of devs and software engineers play with the os and develop on it, couldn't be worse than what BB is doing. If devs can tinker with it and exploit popular features and add new features it could open up a new fondness for it.

Oh, and a million downloads and the related data impact better not impact Blackberry as profoundly as it does or how exactly do they plan on handling 50 million downloads when this thing finally comes out? Get ready for a few U-bombs from Blackberry (unprecedented and unforeseen) when this app bricks 15 minutes after release.

We all know that was not the reason, there is something else, something deeper.
BBM currently has 60 MILLION users! Like 1.1 million would effect their servers.
It was either a problem with Google and the Play Store. Or they found a problem with their release. Either way we aren't getting the REAL story.

Please don't further the conspiracy theory that Google Play was in any way at fault, BlackBerry didn't even get to the point of uploading to Google Play. BlackBerry could have released on Google Play within minutes of having an APK ready, there were certainly fake BBM apps quickly taking advantage of BlackBerry's broken promises (that's a whole different topic, please enhance your filter for junk apps Google, anything that requires a rating before it will open can be deleted).

The real story is that the APK that BlackBerry had ready to release was flawed, and they either knew it all along and were looking for a scapegoat or they only realized it when people started installing the leaked APK. How a flaw of that magnitude escaped them until release morning, I have no idea, but it's classic BlackBerry. Never miss an opportunity to shoot yourself in the foot.

There were fake BBMs well before the release date being misses.
But I agree and I said that as well, that most likely it was a flawed release and since Blackberry decided to only Beta Test with Employees and Family, it lead to this.

Agreed. While there were fake BBM apps on Google Play prior to release, the vast majority of them showed up early Saturday morning. Even while they were being taken down on Saturday, slight variations were being uploaded simultaneously. I'm mainly using that to illustrate how quickly the "correct" BBM APK could have been uploaded by BlackBerry had they chosen to do so, since the primary theory on CrackBerry at the time was that Google was blocking it.

I'm confused why this matters. Back when my wife and her friends had BlackBerry, they used BBM to text for free. It might have been cool to have it on Android back then, but all of them use Android or iOS now. The only person I know who still carries a BlackBerry is not someone I would be interested in sending messages to.

I'm confused as to how people keep using this argument that no one they know is on a BlackBerry. BBM would be a replacement to whatsapp and Viper, etc. BBM is a cross platform app. I personally hate whatsapp as its so clunky and feels very 3rd worldly.

"3rd worldly" huh? Please enlighten the rest of us on what "3rd worldly" is like exactly?

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Another day another fail from RIM. BBM will be released when world war 3 is over. Such a fail company. I'm happy I went to android when I did.
Hopefully they do a huge 360 now that they have been sold for 4.7 billion

"Hello, this is Mr. So-and-So from RIM. I am in charge of BBM, and just wanted you to know that I'm an absolute moron and my existence is emblematic of the big-picture incompetence running rampant at RIM. Also, BBM for Android is not ready."

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LOL, I can't believe they're trying to blame android users for this. If they disabled the old version now, they could have done it before and avoided all these "so-called problems". I also didn't download the leaked apk until hours after they didn't meet their own deadline, which I'm assuming many other did as well.

Like many others, I only tried the app to see how it compared against other messaging apps out there, and it really wasn't enough to keep me coming back. RIM has nobody to blame but themselves.

Blackberry is a complete failure, it's a real shame to see how this stupid assholes drove the company to extintion. I used to be a proud bb user, but thank God i moved to android.

First there where little problems, we have waited for months. And then finally they give us a date, and again they fail. And to make it worse, they need weeks and don't even have a date now. BlackBerry team contains a team of f***in' amateurs, also Google with there easy acces to the store.

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The unstoppable force in the mobile computing business is, of course, French Canadian powerhouse Research in Middling Mundane Motion (RIMMM). This exclusive look at their next phone offers a sneak peak into how involved a carrier can be in the hardware design of a new mobile phone.

Former BB user for years. Glad I left. I know no one that uses BB anymore. Used to love my 9700. I know whole companies that left RIM.

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Wow, are all the commenters here long on RIM stock? I really don't get the level of vitriol. It's like they mugged your grandmother.

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Sell the pieces off, specifically do what they planned awhile ago. Separate Hardware and software

Its sad that their servers can't handle a million new users. What happen they once ruled the smartphone game with tens of millions. Must have downgraded the servers to only handle 100 people.

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You'll are a Bunche douche bags. Somebody has to say it. I mean you run a leaked apk that had issues which BB was addressing with official roll out. But instead of waiting forums got greedy posted the leak, folks got tired of waiting while BB was trying to address the issue. In the end they had to pull plug or have a bb outage. Those aren't pretty. You all need to relax when they get the bugs ironed out they you all created they'll release it. So grow up.

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Are you serious? Where did the app come from? Blackberry. Not our fault if the app was deffective, and most of the sideloads increased once they missed the time they announced so just stop defending their incompetence. They just weren't ready.

Android Device Manager got a nice little update to it. In addition to being able to locate or ring your phone, you can now remotely lock it. I don't know why I thought there might be a front page story about that, after all this site is bbmcentral, not androidcentral...oh...wait...

Pay more attention to things you know, should take both seconds.

There were several front page stories on the new device manager

Of course that would be 3 seconds more than it would take you, but anywhoo, would you care to share a link to the front page story about the Android Device Manager update that lets you remotely lock your phone. That part of the site is missing from my internet.

No joke. Ever notice how Talk Mobile (sponsored by BlackBerry) has the biggest branding at the top of the site?

It is shit like this that has caused to Blackberry to do like they did today and announce they are selling the company and going private (possibly closing down). Good riddance! Always delays and excuses! Never keeping your word on anything!

Hi Android and iPhone users and the 6 loyal BlackBerry users,

This is Andrew Bocking, head of BBM at BlackBerry. As a follow up to our first blog post on Saturday, I want to take a moment to provide you with an update on the rollout of BBM on Android and iPhone. The update is...I had dinner today. It was good..but left me a bit gassy. Oh btw last week I bought new shoelaces. That is all.

You know you care people. When it's available for download you know you still downloading it. Lol Cmon guys!

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I cant quite figure out why they haven't moved over to android OS and skinned it with blackberry 10 like HTC did with sense and Samsung with touchwiz...?
I reckon they'd do much better making qwerty phones for business people and button lovers with Android. Solves their app volume problem and brings them back into the mainstream with a decent OS.

The impression of the BBM to 1.1 Millions users will make blackberry sell more devices and at least the launch of BBM for android will never did


"We don't know what we're doing so we're kind of flailing our arms about while Pierre tries to find the off button. We totally expected use we only put an old P3 tower on it. When we can find a Core2 Duo we'll let you know. Sorriez."

"...but as active users of the unreleased app neared a million..."
I call BS. BlackBerry keeps using this number as if 1.1 million Android users sideloaded the leaked APK, but the 1.1 million number includes iPhone users that the app was LEGITIMATELY RELEASED TO in some parts of the world (or to people who changed their iTunes region). If the flaw encompassed both the legitimate iTunes version AND the most recent beta APK, fine, say so. But the fact is that only 5-10% of those people were using the unreleased app, and if 50-100k people using your "final beta" can bring your servers to its knees it was never going to be ready for a weekend launch anyway.

Also, huge communication fail on BlackBerry's end. You don't start coding to fix an issue AFTER your release time (on the last possible day that you could release without breaking your word) without at least saying SOMETHING. The vague tweets started hours after the fact. No wonder people were installing the leaked APK.

You took the words right out of my mouth. There is no way their excuses are the real reason this has happened, if you ask me, they found a flaw in the release, a big flaw. And had to stop. And you are right, maybe if they were smart they would have opened up the beta testing to more than just FAMILY and some friend of Blackberry Limited employees. And actually did a REAL WORLD test! Maybe then they would have go the feedback they needed to release successfully and on time!

Meh, oh well! Never used it while I had it installed on my Nexus device anyways. Its not like BlackBerry is going to be around much longer, so not really worth putting an effort into this buggy software. I feel bad for the dedicated fans out there, but really this ship is almost sank. To all those out there who think this can be saved, do yourself a favor and remember Palm. Same downward spiral story all over again. I'm usually more positive about these things. Sometimes you have to call it what it is and OVER sounds about right.

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Again, Blackberry may not much last longer but with BBM as a seperate company, it will last. That's a guarantee. 60 Million current users. and who knows how many Android and iPhone users once the release actually happens.

Somewhat I can agree with you, my problem is and it might only be me. Nobody I know uses it. I'm not a hater though by any means. I would love to see BBM and BlackBerry make it. Hopefully you are right and this all works out for BBM at least. Only time will tell.

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The Idea isn't who uses it now, it's getting people to use it Cross Platform. BBM in my opinion is an amazing instant messaging app, better than Kik or WhatsApp by far. It's just a matter of them not screwing it up!

BBM isn't a separate company. With BB dead and BBM only on BB, who would want to buy BBM? Especially after this weekend's failed launch? How would that company make money? I keep seeing BBM enthusiasts talking about spinning it off, but none has ever addressed how that business would make any money.

Andrew 'Blockhead' of BBM at BlackBerry..??

Oohhhh, Andrew Blocking, head of BBM at BlackBerry...

Now I get it. :-)

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I really get the feeling they simply don't get it.

After so many missed deadlines over the years, a complete lack of legit communication for many hours after the app they need to hit the masses with buzz doesn't hit at all, the message once it did arrive, and this follow up to it my 6-year-old daughter would see through, how are they not working around the clock to fix the supposed issue?

It's just PR black eye after PR black eye...and they're all self-inflicted, despite what they would have us believe.

I'm a former blackberry user and wanted so bad to give the company a chance but jeez, they just suck.

All the issues aside, come on BlackBerry sir, give the user base am apology. That speaks volumes about the company.

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So yeah.... if the Approved app would have been launched no one would have downloaded the unapproved app or would have at least deleted it and down loaded the approved one. RIM is so full of crap! So happy I got away from them in 2010. Even if they came out with something that just blew all the other phones away for the next 20 years I would not get another. RIM I am sure there is another business that needs the office space you occupy... please close up and take that crap in the corner with you. People have deadlines to make! MOVE!

Honestly, I no longer have interest in it now after what happened Saturday. I mean, I guess us who dowloaded the leaked version are to blame. But at the same time, it should have been out by now anyway ya know?

I'll probably download it when its officially released just to see what changes were made from the leaked version. But honestly, I have pretty much no interest in it now. :(

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I'm a former blackberry user and wanted so bad to give the company a chance but jeez, they just suck.

All the issues aside, come on BlackBerry sir, give the user base am apology. That speaks volumes about the company.

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Well either way, I feel I've been neglecting Google Hangouts. Hopefully they will add a texting feature to it and then it would be the perfect messaging app. (Not that it isn't damn close already) After that I wouldn't even bother commenting on or using BBM. At least we know Google gets it right most of the time!

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Had a care to try it and then they blew that now my interest is gone thanks a lot BBRY for killing my interest might just try again whenever it comes in the next decade

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Blackberry is a sinking ship. The company will not be in the consumer business for long... possibly 12 to 14 months.

Anyone who continue to support it will end up like the abandoned Palm/webOS supporters.

#BBM4ALL is another saying 'Hi, i'm blackberry and i have BBM. But i'm going to sell myself, do you guys want to see how many are interested on me especially with the BBMs?!'

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The app is going to quietly slide off into vaporware. It'll never see the light of day.

From a business perspective BBM on anything other than a Blackberry, devalues Blackberry,the same reason why iTunes isn't available on Android either. It's too much of a coincidence that the launch runs into problems at the last min, just a day before the company is sold and taken private. If it really was the servers it wouldn't take over a week to figure out. They just put out a press release to say not to expect it in the next week, basically saying it's on hold indefinitely.

It had to have been a stipulation of the deal to sell the company and let the new owns figure things out.

BlackBerry's infrastructure just wasn't up to the task and they're trying to save face. If it was just a problem with the unreleased APK (which was new enough to pass for the final version), fine, disable it like you clearly had the capability to do. There were fewer than 100k users on the leaked APK anyway (probably more like 50k, most of the 1.1 million users got it legitimately through iTunes). I'd be curious to know the following:

1) Why didn't they shut down access to the "unreleased" APK as soon as it became an issue? (they had that ability all along) Then they could have continued the iOS roll-out and released the Android version that they claim was fixed and ready to release on Saturday (yet for some reason, never showed up). How do you stop people from sideloading an APK that you claim is bad for your servers? Give them the proper version that you claim you had ready on time, but didn't release.

2) If it was only the leaked Android app that was the problem, as they keep insinuating, why did they discontinue the iOS roll-out, yet leave the 1 million+ iOS apps in operation. They disabled the 50-100k Android users completely. From that I'd deduce that the iOS app is fine, but they don't want any more people using it since their servers can't handle the additional load. The APK may not have had any issues at all, but it's a lot harder to allow some, but not all, public iOS users than it is to allow some, but not all, public Android users. This screams capacity issues.

3) Similar to #1, but why won't they release this "proper" APK (that they claim they had ready on Saturday) for at least another week? Either they're trying to improve both their iOS and Android versions (which would be fine if they'd admit it) and are just pointing fingers while stalling for time, or their infrastructure can't handle any more users.

If they'd be honest about the issue, I'd be the first to cut them some slack, but on top of everything else it's the lying and trying to blame Android users that bothers me.

The funniest thing is... all of the people on here ranting their buts off about BBM for Android or even the app its self... will be the first ones to download after the official roll out. Like the Notorious B.I.G. said "stop your blood-clot crying".

I think the delay is because of the sale of the company. The reasons they gave was pretty nonsensical, and point towards bad software design if they couldn't overcome a problem as simple as that.

As much as I love BlackBerry and want them to do well (that's the Canadian in me talking, I love my S4 and would never give it up.) They are always shooting themselves in the foot. Wasn't BBM scheduled to be out in the summer? It's almost October get your shit together...

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Its everyone who downloaded the leaks' fault because they cant wait like little kids. People need to grow up its just messenger for crying out loud...

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Hi Andrew Bocking, this is Mikey47, a commenter on Android Central and sometimes software developer. All you have to do is embed a version number in your BBM client that it uses to sign into and communicate with your BBM servers. On the server, if that version is not valid, you do not allow it to talk to the server. The trick is not to continue to use the same version number in multiple versions of your application that you build -- that way you can disable one and not the other.

You're welcome. My bill for $2 million (U.S. please, not Canadian) will be on your desk by the end of the week. The terms are Net 30 days.

Thank you!

They're probably waiting on the delivery, configuration, testing, etc, etc, etc on some extra servers to handle the "extra' load of activity. So mark Feb 29 2014 on your Blackberry calendar to try again! (Yes I know Feb 29 2014 does not exist - neither does a working BBM for Android or IOS!)

I have the BBM installed on my iphone and it works perfectly admit it was worth the wait I feel safe to send a photo by BBM whatsapp instead (I'm not fans of apple or android and blackberry not) just BBM and talk about work in my iphone and so far is going well it was worth waiting.

Huh? Did anyone ask for BBM on Android? Whats next a punch card reader app? RIM has one foot in the grave; BBM aint gonna save them. The bloom is off the rose...Offically!

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Anyone that owns a bb, I'd move to android or iPhone!! Just for the fact that bb will die if nowt people are buying there handsets!! Maybe bb is dead already... Yayyyy I hate blackberry so that would make my day!!

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I don't get the point anyway. If I wanted BBM I'd own a blackberry. WhatsApp already controls this market.

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It seem to me from what I have read ,blackberry is going to abandon the mainstream and go back to it's corporate roots ..(with a potential sale to Fairfax)...I would expect bbm to be binned .. where are revenue streams gonna come from ? I somehow doubt we will see a release on android or ios...
It simply has to many competitors to be successful...

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I read somewhere that Blackberry is planning to sell premium features such as video chat on BBM, while retaining those features for free on BB phones. All what may have changed since the private sale talk.

So those fake bbm apps are back on play store! Like Serzly wtf is wrong with google???

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Oh noes! Whatever will I do???? I need BBM to live!!!!

In other words: Meh. Might've been nice 2 years ago. Today, I couldn't give a damn what lame product Blackberry trots out. Time to stick a fork in 'em.