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Cali and Kevin sat down with Alex Kinsella of BlackBerry to discuss the companies plans for the future of BlackBerry Messenger 2.0. With BBM Channels having recently officially launched on BlackBerry devices, Alex speaks about bringing them to Android along with QuickShare, which will allow sharing of contacts and attachments, as well as integrate directly with Dropbox and Glympse. This will help to move information between yourself and friends with ease.

BlackBerry realizes that people love to get things done, and get them done quickly. The updates to BBM will allow for just that. Be sure to check out the full interview above to see all that they have to say about BBM 2.0 and what it will bring.


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BBM 2.0 and the slew of new features #CESlive


Precisely the question to ask! Cause BlackBerry going under is inevitable.

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They still have a chance, but they have to do something serious. I think they should just go SoS route and totally give up hardware to OEMs, any OEM. License the OS for free maybe...

Or just pull a Samsung and put there own flavor of android out on their own hardware. I'd give them a shot if I had real access to Google play.

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When did Samsung do that? Got a link?

If you are referring to Touchwiz, then you need to say "like all OEMs do" because that is just a skin.

On a serious non troll-y note, If they put Android on Blackberry they weaken the Software side of things a bit and they cannot afford that.

I'm not so sure apps are the problem, the OS sure isn't the problem, the OS is superior to my HTC One running Sense or currently CyanogenMod. It seems to me Android & IOS have both become a tidal wave of a trend that only time will tame. If underdogs like BB & Windows can keep heads above water they will have they're day. I personally see strong points in Android, Windows, BB & IOS, they all do a few things better than the others. Hopefully for BB opening up BBM will be just enough to keep floating a little longer

I too think BB had a nice product, and their OS is fun to play around with. What is the problem is the company itself. They have a track record of failing its customers, not meeting expectations, and being slow to change. When BBM eventually launched, I laughed because their delays showed me how the common BB owner felt: always left hanging!

Yup. Hopefully Chen and the new management team will execute better. Chen has made more major business decisions since he took over than the old-guard team made in 6 months.

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What's the big damn deal about BBM? Isn't it basically Google Voice, Skype, Facebook Messenger, email, etc...

It harks back to the ICQ days of messaging using numbers instead of email

Half my contacts could be using BBM and I wouldn't know because it has no discovery features.. Maybe I could ask them over hangouts or Facebook chat.. Wait a minute!..

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It's all the best features of all these different types of messenging into one. Especially with the new updates coming.

Why? It would be better for all of us if they did something amazing, then the competition would need to respond. I think Android and apple need a real third party to kick some butt.

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There will be plenty of competition and the ones who will succeed are those who have something to offer. BB with its new flavor wasn't it.

It's a good day when BB dies.. Survival of the fittest.. Letting the weak and sick die off strengthens the herd.. Now a new contender can enter the ring. the market doesn't need BB wasting resources and shelf space. they bring nothing to the table. it's a poor inefficient allocation of capital and the free market is sorting that out.

I'm not a fan of BB'S current state or BB10 personally but I don't desire their immediate death even though it might happen I want BB to just do SOMETHING like an "all in" if you will but I think this rests on marketing and BB10 and it growth

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I agree. When BBM was released to Android almost everyone I know downloaded it to check the new software due to the hype around it. However after a few days passed none stuck to it and instead continued to use Whatsapp to communicate.

i think that had to do more with how buggy the first release was. which is sad. i wanted them to do well, but i really don't know now.. it's gonna be hard after such a bad first impression to many android users.

It is only an app... use it or don't. Bloat is something you cannot get rid of. I know it is coming preloaded on one phone, but we have yet to see if it is removable or not

I'll stick with Hangouts. BB lost their way and are wasting investors' money. Investors that could be using their money to back devices we actually want. And why RIM/BB released the Z10 before the Q10 is beyond me.

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BlackBerry will do just fine. Everyone thought Apple was going to go under in the late '90s. Look at them now.

As for BBM, I'm really looking forward to it. Through time, I've noticed more and more people going back to BBM, I only have 1 or 2 people left using WhatsApp to contact me. Everyone else either texts or BBMs me these days. Hopefully they do fix the app performance issues and them following the Holo UX soon.

Apple very nearly did. Then Steve Jobs happened.

Unless something similar happens blackberry have no future.

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Partly. You also have to thank Microsoft for their 150 million dollar bail out of Apple.

Without that, Apple would have gone out of business, and there would have been no Apple for Steve Jobs to have returned to.

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Interesting how any mention of Blackberry quickly brings out the "Blackberry Must (or Will) Die!"

Sadly chances are high that they will, and in the consumer market, it is largely their own fault -- past CEO's have admitted that. However, for BlackBerry and anyone else - individuals or corporations - the past is the past. The only thing you have control over is the present.

Opinion (not fact)
I want Blackberry to succeed for 2 reasons.
1) they are a Canadian company, and when a Canadian company succeeds, especially in a ultra-competitive and aggressive market such as mobile technology, its good for the rest of Canadians.
2) the more competition in the mobile market, the better. Yes, let the fit survive, let the weak die off. However, what is happening is right now, pretty much there are 2 OS that dominate the market (meaning world market, not just the US). Apple, and Android. Broken down by manufacturer I'm guessing it would be Apple and Samsung.

Any market that's almost completely dominated by 2 contenders isn't healthy. There needs to be another contender. Windows Mobile is getting there, but needs a lot of work - I would imagine a lot of dollars getting it into the public eye and at least getting people to consider switching. Blackberry has a lot to offer, but from my (admittedly minimal)experience with BB10, the learning curve is very steep and it's still a very business/communication driven platform, rather then bringing more entertainment and personal productivity in as well (Apple and Android have done well to have communication, business, personal productivity, health, entertainment, and more into their respective app stores.

Again, personally Blackberry needs to come up with something innovative, intuitive to use (less learning curve), and is a solid solid product. Sadly, the last number of years they have worked on the innovation part but have always release products late and unfinished. THIS is what I think has driven consumers away from the Blackberry platform. Not so much the steep learning curve, but the fact that things don't feel complete and there are always bugs and the related stream of patches to fix them.

BlackBerry, you need to nail your next consumer product (if you release one). It has to be rock solid, bug free, and innovative. Marketing dollars will help, but if your product can't stand up to the big boys... you're wasting your money and driving your remaining consumer customers away.

More competitors the healthier the market. I think my device is very good on the entertainment side. Quad core GPU for all the graphic intensive Gameloft games on BlackBerry World. Lots of movies and music to buy or rent from BBW. Android support so I can download and install directly from various Android app markets (Amazon, 1mobile, Google). DNLA/WiFi Direct/Miracast, USB hosting, SD slots, QNX OS that integrates well with my car's QNX based infotainment panel. I love the flicking up typing on this too. My short stint with a Nexus 7 has confirmed a Google or Samsung device doesn't do anything better or worse. Both have pros and cons, but they both provide a good experience. Perhaps that is the problem?

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Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and call BS on this one, but you keep trying to convince yourself that your BB device even comes close to the Nexus 7, or any 2013 Android flagship for that matter. I remember the day I stopped making poor life choices and dropped BB.

All of what he said.. & by the way my Z30 kicks my buddies nexus 5's butt! :). Tried bugdroid with many phones x10, nexus s, s3. First blackberry and it is awesome!

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Clearly you are reffering to BB 0s 7 and clearly you have not used a a blackberry z30 look at the review at pocketnow and you will see he is right. You like your android phone fine but dont say something you no nothing about.

Love BBM, best messaging app ever, deleted Whatsapp the moment BBM was released cross-platform, amazing privacy, great voice/video calling, contact updates, channels... BBM is a world on its own, #ichoosebb, OS10 is so much better than my laggy hangy S4

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