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Now available from Google Play for smartphones and tablets, the iPlayer Radio app will shortly follow in the Amazon Appstore

The BBC first launched their iPlayer Radio application on iOS in late 2012. Essentially, a way to gorge yourselves on all the best BBC radio content national and local, as well as podcasts, in much the same vein as the main iPlayer app. Some 6 months on from that, the app today launches on Android for the first time, and will follow shortly in the Amazon Appstore as well. 

In coming to Android, the iPlayer Radio app has been made available for tablets for the first time. The UI has also been tweaked to better suit the Android user, so while it retains the same general look and feel of the iOS version, there are platform specific changes. Additionally, the Android version will make use of the notification tray to allow an easy return to the app. 

The BBC has acknowledged an issue with the app on the Galaxy S3, which it says it hopes to rectify soon. For more on this and the full run down on the Android app, hit the source link below. 

Source: BBC


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BBC launches iPlayer Radio for Android devices, including Kindle Fire


They actually said the S3 bug is a problem that Samsung has fixed, but certain UK networks have yet to send out. SIm-Free and o2 customers are fine, as the update has been rolled out already.

Running it here on my Nexus4 and it's great, and is way better than the iPhone version... Catchup and overtake...

Play store says incompatible with Nexus 7 & Nexus 4, apparently this is only available in the UK. Probably should be noted in article when an app is region locked.

It's compatible with both my Nexus4 and Nexus7, so it's defiantly not a device lock, but a region lock (Which is good, as my TV licence funds it).

Does anyone know how to change regions of play store?

bbc iplayer won't work in the states because we aren't in the region it says. Some people said to change region to get it but i don't see anything in settings to do it.
I'm guessing it is regional because of advertisements and UK ads don't do much for them to advertise uk stuff in the states.

I love BBC and all it shows, would love to get it on my phone here in the states.

Most BBC Channels are available on the TuneIn app, iPlayer has never been available in the US as far as I know.
I have enjoyed the BBC for probably 50 years now.