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Regular iPlayer app also updated with KitKat fixes

The BBC has updated its iPlayer Radio app for Android with support for the Playlister feature. When listening to any BBC radio broadcast through the app, users can tap the "plus" icon to add the current track to their own custom playlist, which is saved to their BBC ID account. Playlists can later be exported to music services such as Deezer, Spotify and YouTube, and Playlister also allows listeners to discover new music by following BBC presenters' playlists.

The update is rolling out through Google Play today, and in related news the regular BBC iPlayer app has also been updated with compatibility fixes for the new Android 4.4 KitKat.


Reader comments

BBC iPlayer Radio app updated with Playlister feature


Wish they would allow other countries to download the BBC apps, there is quite a lot of people who watch BBC america here in the states. Would love to get shows on the iplayer, and still haven't found a way to get around the regional settings. Can this app be sideloaded?

I've previously sideloaded the BBC iPlayer, you do have to use a VPN to actually use it thought. P.S. if someone can steer me to the APK of this, it would be much appreciated.