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The BBC continues to roll out improvements to its suite of Android apps, and today the broadcaster has published updates for its (UK-only) iPlayer and BBC Media Player apps. The latest iPlayer update adds in a "favorites" -- which was actually removed a few versions back -- along with improvements to image quality and loading times in the TV streaming app. On the BBC Media Player side, bug fixes are the order of the day, and on-screen buttons should now disappear correctly on Jelly Bean devices.

If you're in the UK, there's no reason not to have these apps on your device -- hit the Google Play link above to grab the BBC iPlayer app, or click here to pick up the Media Player companion app.


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BBC iPlayer and Media Player apps updated with 'favorites' feature, bug fixes


The BBC are a joke. I pay for my TV License and they develop a garbage of an app. The latest update force closes. Seriously they don't test before they publish it to the store.