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If you've rooted your Android phone, you probably have flashed a ROM or two.  Or 20.  If you haven't, you will.  That's how it works; you get sucked in and its too much fun to quit.  While Nandroid backups from a custom recovery are great for a full system restore, what about the equally important things like migrating text messages over to a new ROM?  Or all those bookmarks you've collected?  Or God forbid you lose your Angry Birds save with all gold eggs and three stars!

Android Central forums member PvilleComp has you covered.  He's laid out a very nice post that explains all the whats and hows of backing up your data, including whats safe to re-use and what isn't.  If you're new to the whole custom ROM game, or just were never sure what is safe to do and what isn't, this one is for you.  And you seasoned experts out there -- don't be shy -- you can jump on in and lend a hand if needed.  We're one big happy family.

Hit the source link below for the great tutorial.

Source: Android Central forums


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Backup and restore of your data when switching ROMs - a primer [from the forums]


Whenever I restored my apps using that, they'd force close upon opening. It was really disappointing loosing my Angry Birds, all three of them and me PewPew 2 game data. I moved back to titanium back up because of it.

If I remember correctly there's a dialer and messsaging file on titanium that you can restore for call logs and sms

My backup pro is great, used it just last night to restore my apps and data after loading a new rom.

The thing I hate though is the contacts and how google keeps every email contact you ever had and duplicate entries for phone numbers and automatically puts hundreds of them in your phones contacts. Going to you can clean it up, as I only want contacts on my phone that I will actually contact and no duplicate entries.

I wish the market would remember my free apps and automatically download after changing roms, instead of forgetting them too.

Agreed. My backup pro covers everything. You can backup everything on your device to your SD card or online. After a rom flash it let's you decide what to restore. The nice part is that as long as you don't do another backup and overwrite the data. You can restore an app or a setting anytime you need to. I've personally never lost any data, apps or even settings using my backup pro.

Wesley is right about the double phone book entries. Very annoying. If you use the option in my backup pro. It won't write them twice. Just uncheck contacts. It has worked for me several times.

Why do you need to backup or restore contacts at all, just let them sync natively. As for reporting free apps without performing a backup or local restore, you can use App Brain, it basically just keeps a sync'd up list... It's a bit un-intuitive in that it automatically creates a new list when you install it and login on a new phone/ROM, but you can just go to the site and switch to your old list or merge them.

So this is probably a novice question, but I thought when you install a custom ROM using ROM manager is asks you to back up? Should you be backing up some other way? Where does this backup go anyway?