An obscenely difficult tilt Android game launched today called Impossible Road. Basically, you have to guide a ball called “The Vessel” down an infinite, winding track without falling off the edge. You get scored based on how many checkpoints you cross along the way, though it’s possible to skip them if you fall off the edge but land further down the track. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. Let’s just say if you’ve ever played Mario Kart, you’ll have horrific flashbacks to Rainbow Road.

Impossible Road was a big hit on iOS, but it launched a year ago there; does it really take that long to port to Android? In any case, this news combined with the release of The Walking Dead makes it an awesome day for gamers.

Who’s picking this up? Anybody play the iOS version? What’s your high score?

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Downloading. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate you in about 20 minutes time.

youareme7 says:

looks awesome, totally in on this one

SpookDroid says:

Reminds me of the frustration I feel on Rainbow roads in Mario Kart...

keith2k1 says:


Clak says:

Mario Kart 64, Rainbow Road, oh god the horror. That damn hill....

estebancam says:

Can't make it past about 10 seconds of play.

The game is rightfully named.

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dj1994 says:

Not compatible?

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Hi dj1994. The developer here. Am having trouble with devices based on the Mali 400MP GPU, so I had to disable sales to those devices on Google Play until I am able to fix it. That's top priority right now. What device do you have?

benthe1 says:

Same issue with dj. I have the Sprint G Note 2.

I've tracked the issue down. Version 1.1.1 adds compatibility, will be landing in the Google Play store shortly. Sorry about the delay!

Warrenisit says:

Best developer ever? Seeking out what is wrong from the comments on third party sites and actively engaging with costumers to get it fixed? You're awesome man and I'm gonna buy the game because of it. Sorry if this is mushy but I'm a sucker for awesome costumer service.

A2theC says:

+1million Agreed!

TenshiNo says:

Could not agree more.

pixelsontoast for President!


yankees177 says:

1.1.1 is showing in store now, still cant download it with Sprint Note 2 just fyi

Hi yankees177, yeah was just waiting for it to show until I flipped the switch to let those devices download it. Didn't want users to download a bad version. Have just flipped that switch. Hopefully it won't take too long for the store to update!

A2theC says:

It takes them that long to care about porting, their "trusted/loyal" i$heep lose interest in most things after only a few minutes so it makes sense these people wouldn't have income after a while. Pursue the gullible first.

(This is a generalization about all mainstream developers, as if we all have (or even want) iphones and macbooks PFFFT!!</brain>)
Now I have a great deal of respect for dev's as a whole, I have family in the industry, but I really dislike how in the media and the marketing behind most everything in last few years that show us, the consumers, buying ALL Apple products, just as in Sony Pictures movies everyone has a Vaio or Xperia. I've used Macs in school and personally had a Mac G3 (given to me as they upgrade to G4, an x86 could have just swapped a few things out) that I literally never used, I didn't like how the interface worked, very 80s/90s feel. I do however like the way Apple's design engineers (if you can call them that) make beautifully crafted machines, but that is hardly worth paying two or three times for a machine with "incompatible" software and subpar specs for the price, example Mac Pro trashcan $$$$$ vs custom build would be MUCH better hardware. </rant>