AT&T Thrill 4G

Confirming news we broke two weeks ago, AT&T has announced on Twitter that the Thrill 4G (aka the Optimus 3D) will be available on Sept. 4. We've basically reviewed this thing every way possible in its unbranded form (see our first review, and our European take as well), and we took another look at AT&T's version a couple months ago. Still no price, but word around the campfire is it'll run about $100.

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AT&T, on Twitter, confirms the Thrill 4G is coming Sept. 4


and tomorrow the Samsung Galaxy 2 is announced tomorrow.... Good luck LG should have been released in July even early August

I see a lawsuit coming!!! The applications app is in the "exact" same place as on the moPho. Same with the camera app! I'm also pretty sure apple has a patent on the fonts used for the icons and background color....patent lawsuits flyin' everywhere!! WOOHOO!

It took it way to long. This phone would of been great if it was released 4-5 months ago instead of nearly 8 months after it was announced.

It is a day late and a dollar short at this point.

AT&T you screwed up this phone by delaying so long getting it out.

I couldn't agree more when this phone was first announced I couldn't wait to get it. But att took so long to bring this phone out I got to the point that I don't even care anymore. Why even get this phone when att will be dropping the GalaxyS II or the HTC Holiday any month now. They should have released it around the same time as the Evo 3d now all the buzz over the 3d phones is pretty much gone.

I pre-ordered this phone before the 21st of August at RadioShack hoping to get it right then and there. Little did I know that earlier this month that they have already pushed back the date towards September.

So Basically now I have a $50.00 gift card that will be used for the Galaxy S2 (Galaxy SII plus if it comes out fast.)

AT&T really don't know what they're doing. Even their version of the Galaxy S2 has a Qwerty keyboard which is off from what the original version was selling as.

Always a bad move when a company delays release... it's bad regardless of which industry. I've noticed posters in my local AT&T store sporting the Thrill for weeks now as if the decision makers of store marketing were surprised by the delay as well.

I don't necessarily think the 3D buzz is dead... and 95% of consumers will have no idea why the GSII would be better than the Thrill. I still think AT&T will sell a lot of these Thrills.

Personally? I'm holding my breath for the Holiday.. and sure am hoping they call it something different. Lawl.