AT&T announced this morning that it has turned on its LTE network in 3 new cities and also announced that several more will receive the high speed network by the end of the year.

Here are the new cities that now have AT&T LTE:

So if you're in any of those cities, congrats as you'll be able to take advantage of the high speeds. The places that AT&T announced will receive LTE by the end of 2012 are:

In addition, AT&T has expanded their service in Northern Montgomery County and Northern New Jersey.

It's great to see AT&T continue to expand its LTE network. Hopefully this trend will continue.


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AT&T turns on LTE in 7 cities, announces many more to receive it by year end


I live in Des Moines, Ia and we're not getting LTE so... Modesto is ranked the 110th largest city in the US. Des Moines is the capital of Iowa and the 109th largest and we probably wont get LTE until 2013 if were lucky.

And I feel Des Moines should have received LTE way before Modesto. Modesto is pretty crappy place with high unemployment and agricultural as it's main industry. To me LTE doesn't make a whole lot of sense there.

Modesto, CA has a large contingent of residents (commuters) who work jobs in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area. I'd say that the access is solely based on that, but the fact many more customers use the AT&T system than in Des Moines, IA may also be a factor.

Hey! We like our LTE phones here in Modesto too. We are also very close to Silicon Valley. Just sayin'.

I see Fayetteville, NC by the end of 2012..... Thats awesome, but my HSPA+ gives me 14mbps+ already..... Thanks AT&T!!!

Cool I see that Syracuse ny, that means. Most of Auburn. By as it, too Verizon covers all of Syracuse and Auburn and Ithaca

I was in syracuse last week and also at the auburn national guard armory and i didn't have any LTE service

none of auburn actually ;[ i'm not surprised seeing as how verizon had lte here when we were just getting 3g. and hspa+ 4g is silly, its barely faster than 3g, even in syracuse. i'm thinking of switching..

The words "many more cities" means absolutely nothing coming from ATT, compared to what it means coming from Verizon.

Keep in mind that VZW was the same when they first started rolling out LTE... Give ATT a year or so and they will be putting out releases like VZW is now...

Uh no. It was around 12 cities or so. AT&T is rolling out LTE at a much faster rate than Verizon was. Makes sense as AT&T doesn't have to design a bridge of sorts between two different cellular communication protocols.

I've noticed in the last couple of weeks some screaming 4G LTE speeds in and around the Philly, PA and Wilmington, DE suburbs. The best I got on my SGS3 was 50.28Mbps DL and 13.57Mbps UL last Saturday (09/01) in Delaware County - 30Mbps in and around Wilmington. Woo Hoo!

I'm already getting LTE in many parts of Nashua NH... if ATT thinks we need better LTE service, I'm certainly not going to argue :)

I attend grad school in Philadelphia and work in Wilmington, DE. For the past two weeks I have been getting flashes of LTE in Wilmington and have had a solid signal while at school (University City area). Nothing yet where I live, though.

I would jump over to AT&T from Sprint just for real LTE and in Houston TX, but data charges keep me on unlimited 3G and Wimax. AT&T, when I can go to you and pay the same for 43Gb of data as I would for 2Gb, I'll leave Sprint. Tmobile is almost there, but no tethering at all kinda makes Sprint's slower speeds have more value.

I'm shocked to see Modesto, CA getting LTE before Sacramento, but I'm thrilled to finally see Sacramento on the list. Data speeds here have been abysmal for so long ...

So who has the fastest LTE, AT&T or Verizon? This LTE technology is proprietary right? If so, does that mean that no phone sold in the Google Play store will work with it?

Is all of Hawaii really getting LTE? Or are they gonna roll it out like Verizon to where a couple towns in Hawaii get LTE and anyone not in range will not get it.. :( I don't live on the main islands like Oahu or Maui so we don't have Verizon LTE where I am. I have to go into the city to get it.

Hey Dylan... I'm on Maui and am surely hoping ATT will roll out here. It's weird though, because if you click on the HAWAII link in this post or you check out the other press releases out there they say "Honolulu" is getting ATT LTE. Not sure whom to believe.

Last winter I went to the ATT store here on Maui and asked the retail guy when he estimates LTE rolling out on Maui and he then already said "Q4".

Here's to hoping...

Good luck wherever you're at!

I went into the At&t store last week, i am on my 2nd phone (SG3 and Note2) which are both LTE phones. At&t is charging me for lte and swore it would be here Q4.

I went in last week to complain that I am on my 2nd phone with LTE and no LTE. Not only no LTE but my speeds in Wailuku are usually under 1-2mbs, same for my home in Wailuku. I work in the main business section of Maui and the speeds are terrible.

I bought a Nexus 4 to go with my Note2 and put a t-mobile sim and straight talk unlimited plan and get 12-14mbs down at home and work with no claims to having LTE as AT&T does... 10 times faster than my at&t...

Tomorrow is the last day of the year, they don't have much time left to turn on the lte... they actually told me that there is LTE in Kihei but I checked and see no lte there.

I'm waiting out my contract end and if there is still no better performance for at&t then I'm jumping ship.
Who would want to pay for these services that they dont get? Not me!!

No SLC on the list. I'm not surprised since we're ranked 134 on the largest cities list. It wouldn't be as painful if our data speeds weren't so weak. 1-2Mbps all day long whereas Verizon has had LTE for over a year and they get 20Mpbs speeds all day long.

Hello from Modesto! This is very exciting! :D I live in Ripon but go to school in Modesto. Hopefully the networks will clear up now.