Samsung Galaxy Express

Google Now, performance improvements and other features hit this mid-level Android smartphone

AT&T this morning announced that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is now available for its Samsung Galaxy Express smartphone.  With the update you'll get the "Project Butter" performance improvements, updates to the notification area and, most important, you'll be able to rock Google Now, with all its prediction and search capabilities.

You'll also get "Blocking Mode," which lets you turn off calls and notifications for a specific period of time. Plus, you'll get a new data usage calculator.

You can snag the update now by going to Settings>About device>Software update>Check for updates. You'll need to be on Wifi.

Source: AT&T


Reader comments

AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Express getting Jelly Bean update today


There are JB leaks for both of those phones. So, I would like to think they're working on it. But, I'm also a bit surprised they chose to update the Express before their supposedly flagship from a couple years ago.

yes, this is not the first time when a mid-range phone gets an update ahead of a flagship and that just sucks balls. where is Jelly Bean for i717 att Note-1?

Really?! The Note is still without and some entry level piece of crap gets jelly bean?! Really?!

The SGH i437 is no piece of crap. It's a powerful 4g device with a great design. I'm an engineer and its good enough for me. As for people who whine about the camera not being 8 Mp... well people who are serious about photography use cameras not smart phones to take pics as smart phones don't even have the basic telephoto lenses and filters you need to make good pics. This is a sleek affordable 4g device that is not too big and niche like the Note which cant even fit your pocket lol... Thrilled to be running 4.1.2 now!!!

my note fits in my pocket. you should get bigger pants. only kidding, don't let people that have never used your phone and choose to bash it bother you.i find all the sammies are good phones feature rich and good hardware. the s-pen is probably whats holding the jb up. my note runs perfect on ics it ran ok on gingerbread and when beans finally arrives everyone will start screaming for key lime. it does take a lot of time to write the firmware for every phone and some get done faster. i'm buying the note 3 the day it comes out and it will need an update rite away that's smart phones at the speed of light