Samsung Infuse 4G sideloading

My friends, our long national AT&T sideloading nightmare is over, it appears. From the Motorola Backflip to the HTC Aria to the Samsung Captivate -- and every phone in between -- AT&T locked down its phones so that they could only download apps from the Android Market. Security concerns, don'tcha know. Problem is, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why you might want (and/or need) to sideload. Take the Amazon Appstore, for example. Can't use it if you can't install non-Market apps.

That's no good, and we said so in a recent editorial.

But as our guys Andrew and Anndrew (the television series starts shooting this fall) just found out, the Infuse 4G (coming May 15 for $199) indeed allows "Unknown sources" for Android applications. Oh, happy day. Good on AT&T for making this one right.

Via: Binary Outcast; Thanks, Conan Kudo!


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AT&T re-enables sideloading on the Infuse 4G!


Did you get official comment on this? I find it highly probable that this isn't the final firmware, and that it will be disabled in the shipping version of the phone.

It's shipping in 10 days and in reviewers hands now. So I'm assuming if they haven't removed this feature already, it's probably there to stay.

Well the link says it's a retail boxed device, but yeah, even he leaves open the possibility that this is a one off thing.

Something has to give tho: AT&T cannot compete if they continue to block side-loading. Amazon App store is a perfect example, so I bet it's a policy change allowing side loading

The real question is if this IS a new AT&T policy, will they update the Inspire, Atrix, et al, to allow side-loading

Meh. With androids central's sideloading wonder machine, this isn't even a debate anymore. Need a third party app? tether and install. sideloading done.

to be fair, on first glance yes it does. Much thinner front facing metallic bezel than the Galaxy S, and 1 continuous glass surface for the front. The only thing Samsung missed from the iPhone was the home button.

But if you look closer there are some big differences. The sides of the Infuse have a dark polished metal trim while the iPhone has a silver one, plus the back of the Infuse is a matted finish. Much nicer looking than the iPhone imo.


I know, but this one, to me anyway, is a more blatant rip-off of the iPhone than any of their other phones.

How about some lovE for the Inspire? Side loading is a nice work around but kinda a pain in the a$$ when my wife wants new apps. Glad I have no problems with my iPhone but a happy wife means a happy life.

a little consistency please? AT&T cant keep playing favorites with their android handsets. if the infuse has sideloading enabled from the factory, then this hotfix needs to cascade all the way down to every at&t-branded android phone ever. ESPECIALLY the ones released this year. not fair at all!