AT&T this morning announced that it's turned on 4G LTE data in several more markets. If you're in the greater Tampa area -- Tampa/St. Petersburg and Sarasota-Bradenton, to be exact -- you should now be seeing faster speeds, provided you have one of AT&T's new 4G-capable devices. Same goes for Durham, N.C.

AT&T's current 4G LTE lineup can be a little confusing, as its website includes the iPhone and other HSPA+ devices, which aren't LTE-capable. For true 4G LTE on AT&T, you need to have the Samsung Galaxy Note, LG Nitro HD, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, HTC Vivid and Pantech Burst, or, the Pantech Element or HTC Jetstream or Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablets.

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AT&T lights up LTE in Florida, North Carolina markets


The Tampa Bay Market has been a favorite since the old AT&T Wireless days. We were one of the first to switch from TDMA to GSM back in the day. Now we just need a date for the Sony ION.

With ATT throttling their unlimited customers to EDGE speeds after a tiny pittance of ~2gb, I wouldn't see the point in getting an LTE device over an HSPA+ one, for instance. Thank goodness for Verizon's unlimited data being truly unlimited! :)

True for those of us with Unlimited Data, but if AT&T offered a Double Your Data promo like Verizon's then that would compete for newer smartphone buyers.

so you are telling me my samsung infuse 4G phone is not 4G? even though its a 4G phone dam it at&t dam it to hell with your hspa+ BS!!!

As if HSPA+ isn't sufficient...

Then again, I do have low standards what with being on Sprint/Boost and all (for now)...

I agree with you even on my old iPhone 3GS (which was 3G) along with my Galaxy S2 (using HSDPA+) I have more than enough overhead on either device to stream at least 1.5Mbit in most circumstances (roughly just under 200k/sec). With that I can easily stream either to my phone or tether stream a 1280x720 to my laptop and it's a very watchable stream from my home slingbox. Anything over say 3Mbit downstream is overkill for a wireless network unless you're doing "naughty things" on it that you would normally do on a home network. I'll stand corrected if someone can give me a valid reason for anything more than that.

I can easily VNC my home machines, stream very good quality audio/video. Only advantage to the LTE in general IMO is the drop in ping times.