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More Android 4.4 KitKat goodness is on the way to AT&T subscribers. Anyone rocking the LG Optimus G Pro should be getting update notifications. Changes include fresh status and navigation bars, a new full-screen mode, improved security, responsiveness, and battery life, Google Cloud Printer support, and all of the other good stuff you expect from Android KitKat.

The last KitKat updates we saw on AT&T for an LG device was for the G Flex, while the G2 got the royal treatment awhile back. Any of you guys using an LG Optimus G Pro get the KitKat update yet? Are you seeing notable performance improvements? How many of you with an LG phone are still waiting on KitKat?

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AT&T LG Optimus G Pro just the latest to get KitKat


Must be a staged rollout again. I tried to manually check for a software update and received an error message "Your phone is not registered yet please try again in 24 hours." Called ATT tech support who thought my G Pro running 4.1.x was the most current software available at the moment. Maybe tomorrow? Also phone was never rooted and bought from an ATT store.

I also have an E980 running 4.1.2 at the moment and i'm also out of US. Do tell me if you find a way to update to 4.4.2 without having to root and flash a custom ROM. Thsnks.

Have not gotten the update notification yet. But waited this long. I can wait a little more. Still loving my G Pro though.

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LGOG here, too, rocking that 4.1.2 "goodness". Kit kat can't get here fast enough

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Nice!! Hopefully.... But still nice! I got my moto x and now mu og pro will get kitkat!

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I became tired of waiting and ran with CM 11 a few months ago. I still love my G Pro. It's the first phone I've kept longer than 4 months. CM 11 breathed lots of new life.

I've waited so long for this update and yes this phone performs amazingly still since say one, battery life and all. I hope they also added the knock on feature like they did with the G Flex.

Very nice. Now someone make a flashable zip with root :-)

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I haven't gotten the notification for the upgrade either and says phone not registered when i check for new software updates so i went to and registered it, still have to wait til tomorrow to check again tho.

Ours great that lg jumped a model from 4.1 to 4.4. It'd move they didn't leave it to die

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I root it and install kk for the 988 version found on xda. Never a problem.

...and no knock on for this. Just knock off.

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Yup got the same error message too "device not registered" hopefully they will fix this soon its been a long time coming!!!

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I am non AT&T Optimus G Pro user based in India. When I try to check for updates, I get 'You are currently using the latest version for current OS.' Although I love my year old beast, I would love to see any update that makes it more powerful!

I've got a phone call with tech support tomorrow about this software update issue. ATT tech has tried to push an update to my phone twice without luck. Apparently the issue with the download is that it shows all the G Pro's are not connected to a data network (or wifi) so no popup occurs on our end. When manually updating the G Pro just spins its wheels but nothing happens. Will try to figure out what is going on tomorrow 12:30 Pacific Standard Time.

Keep us updated if you find a way! We've been waiting too long for this moment for it not to go smoothly

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From what I hear, the IMEI number of your phone is registered with AT&T (if you bought the ATT E980 through AT&T), so no matter what the current carrier, AT&T will push the update to you. I too have the phone now running on T-Mobile. Checking for an update with my T-Mobile sim card or with no sim car at all both results in the "Your phone is not registered yet" error message. I understand this is because the update is being released in batches, but I'm not 100% confident that is the reason.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I was able to get an AT&T rep to push the update along to my phone even with the "device not registered" message. I will try and reply/edit this comment once I get the update.

Try to contact AT&T online tech support live agent and see if the rep can push the update to you. My rep had me disconnect from Wi-Fi to get it to my phone then reconnect to wi-fi download it onto my phone.

Factory reset you will loose all your data correct? How did you go about saving everything before you did the reset?

Yes factory reset will erase ur items. I saved it under my google account I guess.

The rep had me reset it so it can get pushed through.

After the factory reset, did you still have to get ATT to push it to your phone? Or did you just do a software check on your phone?

I tried both. Did a factory reset and it didn't work so I called At&t and they did some provisioning and still nothing. The rep said the same thing, that the update is being released in batches and will not hit every body's phone at the same time. She said it could take up to a week for some people and others might get it right away.

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The rep I had both pushed the update to me and had me check to see if the update got to my phone correctly.

It took awhile for the update to be pushed to my phone from them so if u r doing the agent way, be prepared to wait. Awhile. Thank you YouTube.

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I had a bad feeling thats what had to be done in order to receive the update because i had to do the same thing with my samsung galaxy sucks losing all my apps and downloads everything else google will back up.

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When I tried to update LG G Pro E980 received a message " Your phone is not registered yet pease try again in 24 hours" I changed the date and again tried it several time but same error message. Any solution for update. My phone is unlocked to AT&T and I am using it in Nepal.

Spoke to someone at AT&T today and they said "They had to take the update back due to phones having complications downloading & running the update". AT&T doesn't know when the fix is gonna be available for the masses to download. A message will be sent to your phone when the updated fix is ready. That might explain why everyone kept getting the "your phone is not registered yet" error message when trying to initiate the update manually...

I still received the error "your phone is not registered yet" error. I call the ATT support. they said I can not receive the update due to my phone is unlocked. is that true ?? thanks

just talk to another tech support and he push the software to my phone. now is installing. it takes long time to download( about 1.5hr). if you guys receive the error, just call and talk to the tech support.

I think you have to register the phone with LG, does not matter about carrier. LG sends the registration to the carrier. Otherwise "it is not registered", get it? Not registered...

I just had AT&T register my IMEI and am getting the same "not registered" message. I asked them to push to my phone but, that is a no go according to AT&T. Chat message below.

Thank you for your patience! Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.
All AT&T Representatives are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.
Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Michael Ratliff '
Michael Ratliff : Hi, Albert!
Albert Cox: Hi
Michael Ratliff : I see you're chatting in about your kitkat update on your LG, I know how important the latest software is.
Michael Ratliff : There is actually a known issue with the update and user not being able to, we already have a team on it and expect it to be resolved soon.
Albert Cox: OK thanks, is there a way to push the update to my device?
Michael Ratliff : I don't have that option right now, that's part of the problem actually.
Albert Cox: Got it, can you verify my IMEI number is @#$%^&*()!@?
Michael Ratliff : Yup, that's what we have.
Albert Cox: Ok got it, so I have to standby until your ATT&T team can resolve on your end. Is this correct?
Michael Ratliff : Yes, it's an issue with the update from LG.
Michael Ratliff : LG/ATT
Michael Ratliff : I don't have an ETA yet either.
Albert Cox: Ah, understood. Thanks for your help.
Michael Ratliff : Thank you Albert, was there anything else I can help you with today?
Albert Cox: No I am good. Thanks again.

I just got off chat with att and they told me that they had 2 other customers with the same issue and when they tried to push the update through it caused more problems. I was also told that i needed to replace my phone as a possible reason its not working. Yet was told right after that the update is no available at all. It doesnt exist. So i set up a ticket for a call back in a week if i dont receive it within a week. I have also verified that my IMEI number is matching at&t as well as registered on both there and LG end. I emailed LG and they tell me that its at&t end that is causing the problem and vis versa. So if anyone can give me suggestions as to how i can get this update without factory reset as i have already done this with no luck that would be great. Ill keep checking in.

Hey good news i checked for the update and as of now it is actually downloading. So keep checking and make aure you reset your phone every once in a while. Thats seemed to help. It became available this morning but i was at work so i had to wait till now.

Keep trying, maybe it is a staged roll out. You can manually change the date on your phone so that it will let you keep checking. Good luck.

Just a little snappier. Notification icons are white now. No tap to wake. Nothing to go crazy about after the update.

I was also getting the "not registered" when checking for updates. I went to an AT&T store last night and got a new SIM card. When I got home I checked and it said that my software was up to date. I changed the date on my phone by 24 hours and ran the check again. It said that it was downloading the software and to check my notifications. There was nothing there. At around 5 am I got a notification that there was new software and I am almost done downloading (80% done). Give it a shot peeps.

My ogp said not registered yet all week, until today, checked my update and it was there, almost 800mb total, had it downloaded and installed in under an hour, Wahoo! Found the Google cloud print, newly designed clear ram widget, but haven't found any knock on feature, or anything really interesting???? What the ..........? Maybe I am looking in the wrong area?

Ok well my phone is unlocked and I still get the not registered yet and when I called t-mobile they said an att rep should help me so I called att and the dude was rude about it as if he was almighty god or aomething but long story short he couldnt pusthe update since I'm not serviced with them

I too get get the "Your phone is not registered yet please try again in X Hrs"
But the thing is, I Have registered my phone with LG. I'm looking at the confirmation i got months ago from LG, where they say "Thank you for registering your new LG Product.."

If they don't fix it soon then, I hope they release a downloadable zip version, that i can transfer to my phones internal storage.

After getting the "not registered" for 2 days in a row, I registered my phone with LG
I got the update the next day, BUT now I want to go back
The Quick Cover no longer works properly, no more - on when you open it and off when you close it,
Also screws up all my alarms and timers - they only last a split second before the Quick Cover being closed makes it go right into snooze mode or pause. I have tried ALL the settings - nothing changes it.
This update may be good for some things in the background (speed etc) but I have not noticed anything
BUT the main feature that is immediate in your face is having to take double or triple steps to get around the quick cover, I will probably have to take it off, leaving my screen UNPROTECTED

Battery life is HORRIBLE after update!! Anyone else has a similar experience? I recently bought this phone and was loving it for many things especially the battery life. Now I wish i didn't update it.

im having the same problem.. battery life sucks major ass and my phone stays in airplane mode 8 out of the 10 hrs i work a day.. and im down to 70%.. it drops fast idk wtf that is about..

Glad I'm not the only one with the battery life (or lack of life). It's crazy. Called AT & T, and they were absolutely no help. Said no one else has had a problem. He did suggest I just leave it plugged in all the time! Not sure what to do next.

yea, me too, battery life was great before update, now it Sucks, complained to AT&T they gave me a new battery, but I'd rather go back to the old software, Have you discovered any Fixes? Len

Same here...any fix for this yet? Please help us. My phone used to last 2 days and now it wont even last a day with full charge. On top of that, the phone is sometimes useless and wont function.

Also daydream function does not work and auto brightness is messy as well. but main thing is battery life, I wish I could go back to jellybean, this phone was amazing.

This latest update totally screwed my kb up! Backspace doesnt erase most of the time, I WANT MY LG KB BACK! I cannot change it ...i hate it! Kb is nonresponsive ALOT.

Battery life is worse! WHAT did u do to my lg optimus g pro? ??? Keyboard sucks! Doesnt respond...delete doesnt work. UNDO THIS RETARDED UPDATE! PLEASE!

Before when it was 100% at night and on standby when I woke up it would Stoll be 100%. Now it goes down to 90% in 6 hours without even being used!

I got this update last week (6/2/14) and it has made my phone incredibly slow. It takes forever to upload any app. Can I reverse the update or is there another way to speed my phone up?

I am having the same issues. It also freezes and some apps will not work at all. I got the update on 6/2/2014 and I am not a happy camper when I cannot even answer my phone or response to a text due to the home screen freezing. I rebooted and updated apps but it still freezes. HELP!!!!

I was able to update my Optimus G Pro to KitKat through a push update but now that I have updated my OS my phone is super slow. I may need to do a factory reset but I'll probably just get a new phone as its upgrade time again.

I upgraded to kitkat and hate it. New keyboard bar to small. Battery life that was wonderful is now horrible. Delay when opening or using apps. Hope they fix this or let me go back to JB.

Mine is unlocked, I am currently on T-Mobile. I used to get the not registered message. Now it keeps telling me my device is up to date. Although i must admit that its thought to want to update since the majority of the people who have seem to be very displeased.

So are you on the KitKat version or JellyBean version? Even I saw many negative reviews regarding the KitKat update. My concern is more on any future updates that might be rolled out and will be useful.

Don't know what all the negative comments are about. This has been an excellent upgrade and my battery life is sick. Granted, I'm not a streaming fan but I do tether all day and have a few push mail accounts.

I'd really like to know if anyone has been able to get the update without being on AT&T. I have an unlocked E980 and really wanting the update. :(

yes i have the lg optimus g pro on straghttalk an just got the update however first few days everything was good now cant send or recieve pictur mess now kinda wish i didnt upgrade

I am on a chat session right now with support guy. Here was the first response:
"When there is a software release, AT&T checks to make sure that none of the updated software interferes with their proprietary software, then once it checks out they release it. I'm checking now to see if an update is available for your device"
My response: "hmmm. Okaaaay..."

Support guy: "Okay, I am getting some kind of error and it wont let me attempt to push the update through."
My response: "uh-huh."
Support Guy: "The only other thing I can think of to try is to do a master reset on the device and reload the software."
okay, thanks, bye. We'll see if that does it. Needless to say, this is not ready even 4 months after this initial post.

BTW: I just bought this thing. Ya think they could have updated the OS before sending it to me a couple weeks ago.

UPDATE: Did FActory Reset TWICE. Still will not update the OS. Keeps saying that the server is unavailable and it will try again in 48 hours--um, no. NOW none of the apps (fitbit-banking-etc) will work bc they are all for 4.4.

See other comment--finally updated after many resets. It's pretty nice and fast and I am hoping it was worth having to reinstall everything and arrange my desktop folders, etc again.

Okay. After FOUR factory resets, it FINALLY downloaded and updated to 4.4.2. NOW I have to reinstall a bunch of apps and restore data/settings. But now all my other things (like fitbit sync) now work. It will SURE suck if we have to factory reset every time the OS updates. :-(

i am gifted with Lg optimus g pro At&T unlocked phone. I am not able to update the phone to kitkat as it gives messege your phone neeeds to be registered
Can anyone help me out to solve this issue as i m using phone in india.

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