Preorders start July 8

AT&T this morning announced that its version of the LG G3 will be available for preorder July 8 — yes, tomorrow — and hit stores July 11. It'll cost $199 up front if you do a two-year deal, or you'll be able to get it for $24.17 a month with zero down payment on AT&T Next 18. AT&T Next 12 takes it to $29 a month.

The LG G3, as you'll recall, features a 5.5-inch QHD IPS display at a whopping (but occasionally wonky) 2560x1440 resolution. It's got a 3,000 mAh battery and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor.

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AT&T LG G3 available July 11 for $199 on a two-year plan


I love that about LG. Too bad I already bought a Korean model, but at least I won't have to mess around to get tethering working.

$24.17 * 24 = 580.08. I'm gonna say its $580 and the last payment on the Next plan is $0.08 cheaper than the other 23.

The Next 18 plan means you can't upgrade your device until you've hit 18 months, where as the Next 12 plan allows you to do so after 12 months.

Yes. On a Next 18 plan, it takes24 months to pay off the phone. However, they will let you trade in the phone at 18 months, forgive the remaining balance, and let you get a new phone. I have several phones on Next 18 plans. It actually used to be 26 months to pay it off, but they shortened the term to 24 months and raised the payments a couple bucks a month.

So about 630 or less depending on sales tax in your area. Still expensive but not 700+ like some of these other flagships. I want it but I'm not sure if I will get it on the next plan or off contract. I have a Nexus 5 so I don't like any form of contract anymore but this device is something else.

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They will sell off contract but it will be still locked to ATT. You have to call their customer service to get it unlocked. Most of the times they unlock unless they have some exclusivity which they don't in this case.

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Thanks for that. I know I could also find a code on ebay to unlock it. I've done it a couple of times, but with new devices, they usually sell the codes for 30-40$ so I thought I may be able to save at least that.

At&t requires that you have service on the phone for 60 days before they unlock, even if purchased off contract at full retail. You can see the requirements at

I see. But, in theory, I could still walk into any ATT store, buy the full price phone without any activation needed and then unlock it myself?

Even that way, you're still going to have a few gigs of AT&T tracking and other bloatware garbage on there. I've head they DO track you and sell the info to third parties, via software they load on AT&T-branded phones. Not for me, when I'm paying full-price.

I'm interested in this too. When the M8 came out, I bought "unlocked developer" directly from HTC. Itdoes not appear that LG makes any direct sales on it's website. If AT&T does not sell an unlocked (and I mean not only SIM-unlocked but bootloader unlocked), then the only alternative is going to be off amazon or another retailer. I definitely do not want anything AT&T got it's grubby little hands on to fill with their garbage.

Wait 6 more months and it will drop more. We want it now, nobody cares about this after few months when new round of devices come out.

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Honestly, if you just wait 1 month, it will be $450 or $500 on Swappa. That's saving you about $150 to $200 with tax included.

But if you're getting it through an upgrade, by all means upgrade.

True just like G2 dropped - brand new was 450$ just in a month.
It still depends how popular this one will be. G2 went under the radar though.

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The wireless charging come from the circle case they have. Pre-order gives you 50% off of the circle case.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to deal with a huge flap that's permanently attached to their case, especially when taking photos.

Just for the record, the circle allows you to take photos without covering your camera. When folded back the flap's circle is where the camera is. Not that you might want the case any more than before now..

Right, but the Note 3's case allowed that too. The problem is, the plastic window attracts fingerprints and diffuses the flash, so dark photos get ruined and regular photos look blurry.

Flip cases suck if you like to take pictures. I'd much rather have a regular Qi back replacement.

No, you can't swap covers. I don't believe the US model has the necessary pins.

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Yes, you can swap covers. The pins on the phone match the international (non-Korean) version. The "circle" case has the Qi coils and I am sure there will be other replacement back options.

I think the wireless charging comes from the circle case. Here is the quote.

"For a limited time, save 50 percent on select LG premium accessories including the G Watch, popular Tone Ultra Bluetooth Stereo Headset or G3 Quick Circle Folio Case with wireless charging capability when you pre-order or purchase the LG G3"

Well this is a deal breaker for me. I'm deeply invested in QI chargers for my nexus5 and nexus7. Not sure I'm ready to go back to wired charging.
I'll have to wait to see if some new back covers come available for the G3.

Huzzah! I know where I'm going tomorrow but I just wish there was a way to get it without AT&T bloat I hate that stuff especially since you can't uninstall it just eats up your team and storage

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Disable, disable, disable, disable, scroll scroll, disable, disable, disable, scroll scroll, disable, disable, disable, disable, disable, scroll scroll scroll scroll, disable, disable, disable, scroll scroll, disable disable. YAY, all done!

I own the AT&T Moto X and they have some craps that do not allow you to disable. They also prevent you from unlocking the bootloader for their phones, and a lot of phones now required it for root. So there will be some bloats that you might have to live with on AT&T phone.

Yeah. That is true. But on my G2, the vast majority can be disabled. And the rest I hide in my app drawer, so I don't even notice them.


right, plus they're tracking all your usage and selling the information on your use patterns to other parties. THAT pisses me off...on a device I pay full price for??! No thanks.

Used on ebay, has a few nicks and back has some scratches but besides that it is great! Do wish camera was 8mp, but i takes good enough pictures. Probably buy a standalone camera. Well I have it rooted and running skydragon GPE rom. Great speakers, good battery life, beautiful aluminum design. I was going to get oneplus one but figured it would be a few months until I get invite. Well, only thing that aggravates me is I can't temporarily disable passcode without disabling lockscreen on stock android. Anyway to do this?

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Well they had one almost brand new for $450. That one was already sold within 3 hours.

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Yeah- the OnePlus is a complete CF fiasco from day one. the whole thing about breaking your phone and then maybe you'll be allowed to be invited to purchase a new one...for way too much $, at some unknown point in the future. and they're selling to geeks...with no microSD on board. sheesh...

Yeah, that's the only thing that bothers me. I really want to drive up to Pittsburgh to check it out, but what if I go there and I don't like the feel in my hands.. way to waste gas for nothing!

Most of us won't.. but are you willing to spend $245.00 more and purchase a Samsung S5 Prime device?
Check out this Unboxing of the S5 Prime (LTE-A) by Danny.. and his quick comparison of the screen quality of the G3 vs the S5 Prime.. It "might" shock you out of your AT&T purchase tomorrow.

The screen comparison shows nothing. It's cold vs hot colors.

Also, the S5 "prime" doesn't exist. It's just the normal S5 with the cartoon colors all over again.

Expressing your anger and denial to me Jonathan is not going to change the facts in that video.. Danny did not make it up.. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (LTE-A) is right there in front of your eyes.. and you can order RIGHT NOW this second if you so choose from 28 mobile.. and pay the Premium for owning what looks to be.. The Strongest most Beautiful Cell Phone on the Planet right now. The device is right there in Black and Gold and you are still saying it does not exist? Dude... you need to snap out of whatever denial universe you are in..

I may pull the trigger and pre order off contract. I like what I see and am hearing about the G3! I will probably keep my Nexus 5 to get "L" when it hits...what to do with my Moto X I still love that device!

I just got to play with this thing earlier. The display is very sharp but I cannot find any difference with 1080p compare to N5. A bit of lag when pressing the recent apps button, Laser cam is great though but same old same old software, I don't know if the smart notice is a good addition.

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Nope. I'm driving to the US on friday and getting one. I'm done waiting for the Canadian market to move. I ordered the GPad only from Hong Kong also. FTW!

I just freaking hope Tmobile doesnt lock the booatloader on this one as well. Im having a hard time selling my Z1s to upgrade to this.

And once again Verizon keeps their mouths shut. I'm thinking since I'm off contract I might as well head on over to AT&T. Plus my employer offers a 25% discount. Sick of Verizon's BS.

I saw a couple of reviews that expressed disappointment in the quality of the display. Oversharpening artifacts, lack of brightness in daylight compared to other displays, lack of contrast, etc. Too bad, because I was looking forward to picking one of these up. I'm going to wait to see if Samsung releases a Galaxy F or Prime, and how that pans out.