The AT&T LG G2 is a little more faithful to the original — but it's got a mountain of carrier apps preloaded

Behold, the AT&T version of the LG G2. This one is a little more faithful to the Euro version we've had for a couple weeks now — save for the mountain of AT&T apps plopped on top of it.

Physically speaking, this phone's nearly identical to our pre-production European unit — all the way down to all the plastic stickers protecting the edges. We mention that up front because when you first take it out of the box, the phone is going to feel like it was slapped together, with sharp edges and all. That's just the stickers attacking you. Take them off, and you're left with a smooth piece of glass and plastic.


The rear volume and power buttons are the same as well. But one thing we've seen added is a small pinhole microphone next to the camera housing. We'll track that down shortly. (It's possible it's missing from our pre-pro Euro unit because, well, pre-production.)

Software-wise, we're still looking at Android 4.2.2 with LG's custom UI — and AT&T's gone a bit overboard with its preloaded apps. There's AT&T Code Scanner. And AT&T Drive Mode. And AT&T FamilyMap. And AT&T Locker. And AT&T Navigator. And AT&T Ready2Go. And AT&T Smart Wi-Fi. And AT&T Messages (which hides in plain sight by calling itself "Messages"). And MyAT&T. And Mobile Hotspot. It's a bit much. (And that's not even counting the ones that don't explicitly have AT&T's name attached.)

And just like on the Moto X, AT&T has firmly planted itself in your navigation bar up top — just in case you forget which carrier you're on. Not a huge deal for us, but we know some of you are sensitive to it.

The good news is that after a cursory inspection, everything else appears to be in its place. The 5.2-inch IPS display is still magnificent. The Snapdragon 800 system is purring right along.

We'll have more from the AT&T LG G2 for you in the days and weeks ahead.


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AT&T LG G2 hands-on


Please stop being delusional. Definitely not the best ever. The best bootleg wanna be Samsung software.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

Please stop being an ignorant asshole. It's an opinion. Not a fact. For every person that you can come up with that says "Samsung is best", I can come up with one that will at least say "I don't like Samsung". For every person that you come up with that says they like the Note 3, I can find one that says they don't. Delusional fanboy.

Hmmmm .... been perusinng the comments here the past couple of days and have gleaned quite a bit of useful information. #1 - richardyarrell is a Samsung fanboy, that used to be an HTC fanboy, that was probably a fanboy of every other brand of subsidized device that any one given carrier may or may not have been offering at one point in time or another, all depending upon whichever device was deemed to be the "coolest" at that given time. Quit drinkin the damned koolAid Rich. Just a device based upon it's performance and merits, rather than whether you think it is cool.

I read your comments regarding the Optimus G Pro yesterday and quickly learned that you are a very uninformed person. I recently purchased the G Pro and I must say that I have absolutely fallen in love with it. I must also say, that before purchasing this LG device, that I had absolutely no use for LG devices whatsoever. I have owned Samsung, HTC, Nokia, you name it, over the past few years, but never, have I ever, bashed anyone else for what their choice of device may be. This is the United States of America, for now anyway, so get off your high horse and taste a few other flavors of ice cream, flavors that you have never tried before, I guarantee that you will find one or more that you will like.

Back to the Optimus G Pro, the simple facts are, it has a removable battery, it has a MicroSD slot for additional storage, it has 32 GB onboard, it has 2 GB RAM, it has a 5.5 inch screen that I find to be far superior to AMOLED and it is all wrapped in a smaller form factor that the Galaxy Note 2 and .... this is a BIG and, A 3140 mAH battery is installed out of the box and ZeroLemon is already producing a 9300 mAH battery with back cover if a user decides they want more juice while on the road. It doesn't matter to me if it ships with Android 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 as I tend to root them out of the box and can run anything on it that I choose. Which, if fact, is what I have already done to my G Pro. But looking back, the stock operating system on this G was far superior to anything that I have ever experienced from HTC or Samsung. Right out of the box this thing simply screamed, imagine how it is now with CM10.2 on it.

Looking back, the only regret that I have is not waiting for the AT&T version of the G2 as I think I would be just as happy, if not moreso, due to the Snapdragon 600 processor that it has within.

Grow up and get a life, and quit bashing other folks for their opinions. I am not bashing you for yours, I am only bashing you because you are bashing others. Now, feel free to bash me a bit if you feel the need to do so.

Not sure the best ever, but, it does seem like a damned good device, and the price for what it is, is excellent. For the money both on contract and if bought off contract its hard to justify the Note 3. Essenitally very similar devices. Now if the Nexus 5 is based on this phone, I can see myself buying it.

Yea I noticed that first. However, I then thought about the build material of the phone and completely was turned off. Also the software looks terrible.

build quality alone is not determined by materials, HTC One has premium materials but horrible build quality, look around for complaints on gaps seems and so on when it comes to assembly of the device. LG and Samsung also seem quite smart in considering repairability.

The reason AT&T is in the corner is so you know you are on the network. If a different call tag is showing you are roaming. ;-)

Exactly. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. I think that the anti-logo nonsense needs to go. They made the product. They get to design it with their own logos.

Posted via Android Central App

That's what I thought too... is this phone also have the removable battery like Samsung S4 or Note3?

Looks like Touchwiz when you see it on screen. However, tbis UI is much nice than touchwiz to me in person and also much more customisable. I hate Touchwiz but this I like a lot.

Oh no you mean I have to have the att logo looking at me all day? How dare carriers do this to my phone.

Posted via Android Central App

I realize this comment is probably posted with a side of sarcasm, but look at how the logo is symmetrical and lends itself to the design of the phone, and then go look at Verizon's model. If Verizon put their brand on their devices with a little more care about what the end result was, people wouldn't complain as much. You have a circle under the volume, power, and camera oval (an exclamtion mark... Snake you've been detected!), we get a logo (the verizon checkmark), "Verizon" spelled out for us next to the checkmark, a reminder that we can access 4G data speeds, and that our 4g data is LTE (which simply means that the NETWORK has the capacity to be expanded to LTE-Advanced, not the capacity of the phone to access those expansions)... and thats just the back. Why can't we just get the Verizon check? It's not the branding we bitch about, it's the way they do it.

Yours truly,

Common Sense

As long as the battery is as good or better than my S3 it's all good! I'm guessing it'll be at least slightly better.

If we are talking battery, the FCC doc said 2100, I know it is just a prototype that they sent, but that could be ballpark

I saw a demo on Phonedog and it appeared that Aaron was able to uninstall all of the AT&T apps. Can you confirm this is possible? Not disable. Uninstall. It would be a first for Android, if true.

Sprint has allowed bloat uninstall in the past. Especially with their evo line up.

Posted via Android Central App

Nice! Thanks. It's about time we could uninstall that crap on AT&T. Doubt it will become a trend, but I'll take it.

ATT is my carrier. Bloatware is one reason I am driving the Google edition S4 and will wait for the next Nexus.

They have gone too far along with Samsung. A subsidized phone is not worth all that bloat to me and if I did get one would root and de bloat!

Posted from my bada$$ GT-I9505G

Odd placement of that hole assuming it's a noise cancelling mic. People buying the device may want to hold off on a case, as all that I have seen that are available so far do not have a cut out for it. I'm interested in a follow up on what that is (/poke Phil). The hole shows up in the phone diagram in the manual but it's not labeled.

I actually just noticed that. Not sure how I missed it before (other than it being a tiny pinhole). Thanks!

Can the bloat be removed? I'd rather buy it unlocked or the T-Mobile version and slap on a straight talk att sim. If that works.

Posted via Android Central App

By rooting yes. Not everyone is down for that though. A root method is already available for this AT&T variant for those interested.

Wrong. All the ATT Bloatware is removable stock. This is a very good UI. The more people get a hold of it the more they will be shocked. It's the most customisable OEM skin I've ever come across and I've had them all. And again, yes, you can uninstall all the ATT bloatware.

So I'm guessing the back mounted buttons are going to make using the phone in a car dock a major PITA.

Posted via Android Central App

how is a physical feature going to be solved by software? All the software in the world will not help you put it in a standard car cradle.

Not to mention volume adjustments, but I am sure that can be solved other ways.

I am not knocking the phone, just correcting the above comment

root is available for the att G2 (on xda) so bloatware can be frozen, e.g., with Titanium Backup. not ideal, but the best we have right now. i can confirm that you can disable, but cannot uninstall the carrier bloat. my att G2 is sim-unlocked (paid for that) and i'm using it on T-Mobile with 4G LTE access (albeit a weak signal in my area).

this is my first LG device it's a viable alternative to the S4 and HTC One (or HTC Butterfly S in my case). ringtones, notifications and music via the G2's speakers is not as loud/clear as it is on the HTC One/Butterfly S in my opinion. one thing i miss so far is the Sense 5 email/text/phone integration where you have a "centralized view or your interaction with contacts". didn't realize how much i used it until i started using the G2.

The LG G2 site says that the video has "zoom sound". I wonder if the pinhole is in any way part of that? I like the white version but only T-mobile is offering the choice.

Also from the LG site, it says that battery capacity varies by carrier. I am guessing that means between countries? ...not carriers in the US?

I'm guessing the location of the volume rocker and power switch is not an issue for anyone.
I just can't get past that, a horrid idea in my opinion....oh well.
It will be interesting to see how the case and car dock manufacturers deal with this.
Not sure how one would adjust the volume on a car dock if the back is covered.

Just played with this today... It's absolutely gorgeous. The volume rocker and power button on the back feels so natural. The screen is beyond beautiful. LG has stepped up their game.

Posted via Android Central App

the reason why i rooted my S4 is because of the freaking At&t apps... its like they try so hard to make us use their apps, which is annoying. anyway G2 looked awesome but with my past history with LG(lack of updating) i am going for note3 or n5.

This looks awesome...I can't wait to play with one in the store. Tempted to get one. Wanna see the Nexus 5 though.

I bought this yesterday and it is simply a wonderful phone that kills every other phone that is out right now. I have had a Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4 and now this phone. I am blown away with it.

Same here. Got it yesterday. It's definitely better than anything out right now for sure. And this UI....Reviewers so far are doing a terrible job at underselling this LG UI. It's more customisable than any other I've seen. And all these people carrying on about the ATT bloatware...I came straight home and uninstalled all of it with no problem. I hate touchwiz and I'm not a fan of AMOLED. Also I have a Nexus 4. This to me is a better phone, and a better UI than both Touchwiz and vanilla 4.3 Android. I'm pleased.

I got my G2 Wednesday the 11th. I was originally gonna get a GS4, but my upgrade wasn't available until September. Boy am I glad! I'm coming off an original Galaxy Note running 4.1.2. I liked touchwiz okay, and I wasn't sure how the LG UI was gonna be. I agree with nytrus113, the LG UI is totally being undersold! It's like touchwiz, but smarter and VERY customizable. The AT&T apps were easy to delete. The screen on this is beautiful, and it's the same screen height as my GNote's screen, just narrower and in a small well built body that's a joy to hold. Knock on is fun and useful. The buttons on the back are great, as I don't use a case and my GNote's side buttons were always getting pressed in my pocket. The buttons on the back are not hard to get used to at all. The battery life is seriously impressive as well. My only little disappointment was thinking the bottom had stereo speakers, but that's okay. It's still a major improvement to have a speaker on the bottom/side than the back. I'm loving this phone. Super fast. Super gorgeous. Super Experience. Oh yeah, the camera app is loaded with useful fun stuff, and OIS really works for taking great pictures.

Oh yeah, this may be of some interest to some of you, hopefully. I found a great app called Current Widget, and it allows you to know how many milliamps your phone is getting from your charger/cable. You can plug in different chargers and cables and see which ones are really giving your phone the proper amount of milliamps for fast charging. Well made app, and it works great on my G2.

Going to buy G2 your opinion..changing from samsung note2... after long wait for update

Posted via Android Central App