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AT&T has announced that it will start taking pre-orders for the LG G Watch on Tuesday, July 8 for the price of $229, and that it will begin showing up for sale in its retail stores on July 11.

AT&T will be the first U.S. wireless carrier to sell the Android Wear-based smartwatch, and announced that folks who purchase the LG G3 smartphone from AT&T will be able to save 50 percent off the price of the G watch for a limited time.

The LG G watch is already available to purchase via Google Play. It has a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, a 1.65-inch 280 x 280 display, 512MB RAM, 4GB of storage and a 400mAh battery.

What do you think of AT&T becoming the first place in the U.S. to purchase the LG G Watch in a retail setting?

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LG G Watch available from AT&T July 11 for $229


Wow, if Sprint offers this 50% off if purchased with a G3, I will be returning my Google Play order to purchase through them.

It works with other android devices too. I have a nexus 5 but still bought it. Well, im getting a galaxy phone next time around anyway so it worked out for me.

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I read the story and saw accessories. I guess I didn't think of the G watch as an accessory.

Posted via Android Central App

It would actually make a fair amount of sense, as far as I understand these things. One core could be dedicated to input from all of the sensors that are packed into these watches, similarly to how the Moto X has a core dedicated to always-on audio input.

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But these watches don't function the same as a phone. In a sense its not processing much and there's no heavy graphics going on.

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I am thinking of getting pebble, can get one for $80 on ebay and battery life will be much better and can read screen in sunlight. Might get asus watch if it costs $150 or less.

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All providers need to do this for any smart watch that is released 1/2 off if you get a phone by the same maker

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As long as AT&T keeps their grubby paws off the software and doesn't load it with bloatware, great!

Posted via My Nexus 5.

Yes, the LG G Watch will be available to purchase tomorrow, but the LG G3 is only available for pre-order tomorrow with it being in store Friday.

This story overlooked that.

The square watches aren't appealing. That Moto 360 is what most watches look like and it has much less bezel.

AC App via Nexus 5

I still don't see a point to getting an Android watch when I already have an Android phone...I guess it is because I don't have a watch. Never had.

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