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AT&T Locker is a service not unlike the offerings from Dropbox and Google Drive, and it has actually been available for some time on Android. The app has just been updated in the Play Store to add features, and has also launched on iOS today as well. AT&T is really pushing this cloud storage service as a way to store and share media like pictures and videos, but it will work just fine with any other types of files as well. You can manage files via the Android and iOS apps, or on the web. AT&T is positioning the service as not just a storage center but as an easy portal to share the media out to other services like social media sites and via e-mail.

As is par for the course, you'll get 5GB of free storage, and decent pricing options if you need more -- 30GB for $3.99 and 100GB for $9.99 monthly. If you're interested in giving the AT&T Locker app a look, you can find it at the Play Store link above. We've also added the full press release for you after the break.

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AT&T Launches Cloud-Based Photo and Video Sharing App


AT&T Locker Offers Five Gigabytes of Free Storage

DALLASNov. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Never lose a photo again – AT&T Locker, a free and easy-to-use photo and video sharing service for AT&T* customers, is now available in the App Store.  AT&T Locker users get 5 GB of storage for free – enough for up to 5,000 average sized photos.


AT&T Locker provides users the ability to upload images and video to secure online storage and quickly share on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or e-mail.  Users can create and customize albums for photos and video on the device or online from a laptop or home computer.  Customers can also store music and other files in their AT&T Locker storage. The app is compatible back to iPhone 3GS.


Users can make sure they never lose a photo again with Easy Upload feature, which allows you to automatically upload the photos on your device to the AT&T Cloud. With AT&T Locker, users can choose to upload new photos and video via Wi-Fi, wireless or both. Customers can manage those photos and share them through the app on the smartphone or on the AT&T Locker web page.  AT&T plans to incorporate additional features in future versions of AT&T Locker.



"Customers use smartphones to capture special moments in their lives.  That's why we designed AT&T Locker to help you store those memories," said Mark Collins, senior vice president, Data and Voice Products, AT&T Mobility. "With Easy Upload, every photo and video is uploaded directly to AT&T's cloud, which can be accessed safely and securely anytime from a customer's smartphone or the Web."

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AT&T Locker

Requires compatible iPhone 3GS or higher or Android 2.1 or higher smartphone, or internet access from computer.  You must enable the Easy Upload feature in order for your content to be automatically uploaded to the AT&T cloud. Download and usage from wireless device may consume data. Service intended for US based customers only. For terms, see


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AT&T launching cloud-based storage service


The only way I'd EVER use this is if it didn't go against my data allotment. Almost seems like "double dipping" to charge for the service then charge again for accessing it.
Also explains why they never offered the Dropbox promotions.



I could see this really taking off *IF* the carriers didn't ding you for the data usage from their own friggin servers. That would be a sweet deal.


These guys are the last bunch I would trust with my data. These guys installed a back door directly to the NSA long before it was legal.

I wager that if you wait a week or two those guys at Estrong will come up with an interface to this facility just like all the other cloud storage offerings, and then you won't need the AT&T client.

AT&T: We hate that you use our cellular data! We've limited it AND we try to force you to use WIFI as much as possible. But here's a new service that guarantees you use more cell data!

I just don't get it. The biggest problem, data usage aside, is what's the point of a carrier-proprietary service that doesn't seem to be any better than the free competition? Google and Dropbox are better, carrier and device independent, AND probably have better apps and desktop support. That's before you even consider other apps that will save/retrieve from DB/GD.

And this is why AT&T denied AT&T HTC One X users their 25 GB of free dropbox storage (I see someone else mentioned it).

I know some got it but I tried just about everything short of flashing to an international version and no dice, nothing other than AT&T has opted out of this deal...

The other options seem better. Looks like this is limited to ATT. So, if you leave ATT, you will need to download all your data and upload to something else. With dopbox and other options, it follows you.. much better option, I think.