AT&T Sideloading

When we broke the news that AT&T is pushing updates to older Android devices to finally enable sideloading, and with the Infuse 4G being its first phone to sideload out of the box, we naturally assumed AT&T will continue to leave its future phones open. And that assumption has been confirmed, as Ma Bell went straight to the developers to inform them of her intent to no longer lock out sideloading on future phones.

Again, props to AT&T for finally changing its stance, even if it took the Amazon Appstore not working to make it happen. No matter how you slice it, it's a win for the customer.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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The A-hole is acting nice?! That’s rare.

Lyanheart says:

Now if only they would unlock the wifi tethering...

Root my friend...

scuttlefield says:

I hate them a little less.

jumper809 says:

Still no update for my Inspire 4G... :(

mjforte says:

Why is anyone with AT&T anyway? Their prices are high, no unlimited data, their network sucks and they're just now allowing installs from outside the Market.

XEOD says:

Its all about preference. AT&T may not be the cheapest but for me it was the fact that Sprint's customer service sucked (was a Sprint customer for 10 years). Verizon was to pricey and had choppy coverage in my area (tested service for 3 days before returning), and T-Mobile coverage was just plain horrible almost nonexistent (also tested for 3 days before returning).
I have to say, no ones prices or coverage (in my area) was better then Sprint, but after they pissed me off and no one was willing to resolve my issue I left.... AT&T for me has shown that they are liable and have provided me with great customer service. Again like I started this reply, its all about preference....

andyl620 says:

Traditionally, AT&T/Cingular had the best service across Missouri, though US Cellular did really well in certain parts of the state, too. Verizon and Sprint were the worst so far as coverage goes, and that remains true to this day.

That said, I live in Iowa now, and Verizon has the best coverage, with AT&T struggling to keep up. I still have AT&T, though, because of the wealth of rollover minutes I've accumulated over the years.

So yeah, it all comes down to preference. Verizon is not king in all markets, despite what you may have heard.

rocketcuse says:

I left Sprint for AT&T for the iPhone 4 years ago. Even with the iPhones my Family plan was cheaper than any other cell company in my area. After Apple said the iPhone 3G would not receive the full benefits of iOS4 and grew tired of Apple restrictions, I moved to Android (much happier by the way!).

I stayed with AT&T because I got to keep my same monthly plan AND my Unlimited data plan. The biggest reason, AT&T is what works in my area. Not Verizon. Definitely not T-Mobile. Sprint was pretty good service, just not good customer service when you have billing issues.

My phone has been rooted, running a custom image, so sideloading wasn't an issue. But who care that they are just now allowing it. the point is...AT&T finally listen to it's users and are allowing for things like sideloading to happen.

icebike says:

When will they push an OTA update to all the phones already in customer hands?

They sold a boat load of locked down Captivates that they could fix when they get updated to Gingerbread even if Samsung hasn't figured out how to do an OTA update update yet.

Bignick84 says:

Some people do have unlimited data with AT&T. Also, they have good service in the DFW area. Just because they aren't good in your area, doesn't mean that applies to all markets.

planoman says:

Ditto on the service in DFW or all of Texas for that matter. I have a personal Captivate and a company Verizon BB and ATT wins hands down for coverage, speed and quality in Texas. Which is really all that matters!

cbn4forums says:

I was about to root my Atrix so that I can have this capability... when is this coming to Atrix and other newer phones?

SDiederick says:

I guess I have to say thanks to Amazon the most.

lmf1030 says:

ATT could not stop the android craze...They were so one sided with the iPhone it just didn't matter. And now rumor has iPhone 4g wont be out till late fall giving the Android market more room to prosper during this summer.

crxssi says:

Why only their "future" phones starting with the Samsung Infuse? Is there some reason they have to hold onto such stupid practices with their already-released phones? Or is that just an admission that they will never update any other phones???

njr says:

It can only work on Android 2.2 or higher so they are updating the Captivate, Inspire and Aria this week. They are having technical issues with the Atrix but that is next. All phones from now on will have it

jonthedon says:

i received the update about an hour ago. i now have the unknown sources option... does anyone else have it?

fldude99 says:

How did you know you received the update?

jonthedon says:

I didn't know. I checked for a new update and it said your current software is up to date and then it prompted me that I wouldn't be able to check again for 24 hours. After an hour I went into my Ápplications folder and the option was just there

jumper809 says:

Did you manually update it or did it do it on it's own? What region of the US are you?

jonthedon says:

It didn't on its own. New York City

pckiller00 says:

I manually checked for updates yesterday, said my phone was up to date. Was checking my running apps on my phone and noticed the setting for unknown sources was there :D Must have updated on its own..Inspire 4G in NC!

TodoInTX says:

I just bought an Inspire last week. I still cannot sideload apps. I checked for updates but it says it is current already.