Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD

If you've been holding out for AT&T to release the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD you can now give up the dream and move onto the Samsung Galaxy S III. As confirmed by Samsung's Ryan Bidan, the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD has been put to rest on AT&T due to the fact that it just doesn't make sense to release the device now that the Samsung Galaxy S III is out there.

Although Bidan stopped short of confirming that AT&T would see a release of the Samsung Galaxy S III, at this point it's pretty much assumed or in Bidan's words it'll be coming to "the fastest HSPA+ and LTE networks" in the country. That doesn't leave a whole lot of options and surely, AT&T will want to fill that gap.

Source: The Verge


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AT&T and Samsung kill off plans to release the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD


If you really want one, you can import it. Just make some Canadian friends, because it's on Bell.

Only AT&T can announce a device, make people wait for it, and then just cancel the hell out of it...

All that money they make from charging arms and can thank that for this.

Blame Samsung for its Phone Of The Week release cycle.

They keep repackaging the same old same old, then every once in a while they come out with some major development like the the SG3 and make all their other models obsolete even before they are released.

For once AT&T is doing the RIGHT thing, by not releasing a phone that would be obsolete the day it came out. You really don't want this device if you can get the SG3 for the same price.

Here's an example of why no LTE in the GSIII makes no sense. Samsung can make their own LTE chips, and use it in their own phones, with their own processors. Samsung makes the LTE chip in the Galaxy Nexus, which has a TI processor too, so it really makes no sense why Samsung's own quad processors won't come to the US without LTE. If Qualcomm wont make the LTE chips in those phones, Samsung will make their own. Cheaper in the end too if the chips are manufactured in the same general area as the phones themselves.

Wait, wait, wait...

You do realize that Qualcom does not have a single Fab, right? They don't make chips, they simply license designs to other companies who have fabs.

This is the exact same thing as Samsung licensing the TI chipset and making them in their own fab. TI has their own fabs, but probably Samsung can make them faster.

If they can do that for TI, they can do that for Qualcom.

The problem is nobody has LTE in a single chip right not other than Qualcom, (not even samsung) any every other solution requires two power hungry chips.

That problem won't be around long. Ti and Tegra have Single chip solutions in the pipeline.

With luck, something better will be out before ATT is ready to let it's customers have the SG3

Well this sucks! I can just see that us Skyrocket owners will get left behind for updates and other stuff much the same way as Infuse owners did (yeah I was one of those too).