Pre-orders for the 7-inch hybrid device to begin this Friday, Apr. 12

The ASUS Fonepad is one of the few smartphone/tablet hybrid that's actually marketed as a dedicated phone. And although we weren't blown away by the device during our hands-on time at MWC, at least it won't cost too much when it comes to market. TechRadar reports that the 7-incher will sell for £179.99 -- just £20 more expensive than the 16GB Nexus 7, though that tablet lacks the cellular connectivity and expandable storage offered by the Fonepad.

The Fonepad is powered  by a 1.2GHz hyperthreaded Intel Atom CPU, with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean running the show.

Right now Carphone Warehouse has a pre-registration page up, and it's reported that from this Friday, Apr. 12 pre-orders will begin being taken for an Apr. 26 launch. Other official retail partners include and UK supermarket Sainsbury's.

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Source: TechRadar, Carphone Warehouse


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ASUS FonePad arrives in the UK April 26, priced £179.99


I hear it's a pretty amazing phone - knocked out the iPhone 5 in the first round of Laptop magazine's online poll ;)

So let me get this straight - this is an actual, honest to goodness, full 7 inch cell phone, and it sells for around $250. This isn't a fire sale, clear inventory of a failed product price, it's the initial retail price - as in Asus has priced it where they're making an acceptable profit.

Can someone explain once again why 4 to 5 inch cell phones need to cost north of $600?

Antennas and signal booster cost a lot of money which is why phones are more expensive than a wifi tablet, especially when they need multiple for different frequencies in the mhz. I forget who, but they just came out with a multiband lte antenna that will be going into production and that will bring down cost for phones and be able to work on multiple carriers and frequencies. Also carriers mark up is about $200 on a device. It would be cheaper if you could also buy it from the company not the carrier

The price is pretty stunning, then again the Nexus 7 is only 200 and it just missing some radios and a better camera.. I'm guessing the profit margin on phones is rather large. I don't have a problem with that though.

"I'm guessing the profit margin on phones is rather large. I don't have a problem with that though."

Funny, I do. I have no problem companies making a profit, but beyond a point, it just becomes greedy.

I've often brought up the point comparing what $600 gets you in a full notebook to what it gets you in a smartphone. Every time, someone (or several people) jump to the OEM's defense claiming that they're barely making a profit at all. Seems not to be the case now, huh?

best purchase i've made where tech is concerned. for me does it all. not so much worried about using it as a phone but put a virgin sim in unlimited data,sms, and 150 min talk, 12 a running around looking for hotspots etc