Google Treasure Maps

The end of YouTube is just the start of Google's April Fool's Day 2013 fun. Up next we've got Google Treasure Maps. It's, ummm, Google Maps done up treasure-map style, having been scanned from William "Captain" Kidd's lost maps. 

There're are more than a few easter eggs in this one, and the whole thing is one big puzzle. The San Francisco Bay Area is a good place to start, but they're spread out globally as well. 

Explains Google:

When Dr. Marco Meniketti, an independent archaeologist, confirmed that this was Captain Kidd’s 315 year-old map, we were very excited. However, as seen in the video, the map contains a variety of encrypted symbols and is not readily decipherable. We need your help to decipher these symbols and find Captain Kidd’s treasures; therefore we’ve decided to digitize the map and make it accessible to everyone.

Just head to Google Maps on the desktop (doesn't look like there's a mobile end; Google shows something in the video, but, well, watch the rest of the video) and start scouting around.

We've got the Google Treasure Map video after the break. Have fun!

Source: Google Lat Long blog


Reader comments

Arrrrrgh - there be booty buried somewhere in this Google Treasure Map


the nexus 4 has its power button on the right side of the phone , this one has it on the top, nexus 4 has its camera closer to the right edge as this one has its closer to the speaker. Although google/youtube seem to be using a lot of apple products in the Aprils fools videos so I wouldn't doubt this being a ock off of an iphone.

Doesn't look like an iPhone either... And a lot of companies use Apple products, this was probably just shot at employees desks, with the equipment they use being visible.

Whatever it is, that device is weird looking. Its definitely running Android, but the screen doesn't go all the way to the bottom of the device ... The navigation keys are set up higher than the bottom of the glass screen's edge. In the next scene the guy flips it to landscape mode and he's covering that empty area with his thumb... No markings anywhere ... What is it?

Edit: At 1:13 you can pause it for a good view.