Android and iPhone

Android's ranks have grown over the past few months, that's for certain. We've bolstered our numbers with former members of the CrackBerry Nation, with iPhone faithful, the patient Palmsters and the long-suffering (OK, let's just call 'em "really, really patient") Windows Mobile users.

Any regrets? It stands to reason that one or two of you (and we know who you are) are going to defect back to the realm of Apple. And while we hate to see you do it (again, we know where you sleep), we'd like you to steer you away from some of the more nefarious sites out there, and instead point you toward our pals at TiPB, who have a handy guide for leaving the newest and greatest operating system and switching back to the OS that just got multitasking, doesn't let you have wallpaper and for whom tethering is still mainly a pipe dream. Anyhoo, check out TiPB's Guide for Switching from Android to iPhone 4. And tell 'em Android Central sent ya.


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Are you deserting Android for iPhone 4?


Android 4 life.... Especially if it remains intuative and continues to grow and improve like it has been. I will buy the phone I feel has the best OS with the best hardware. Right now Android has the best OS and has the best phones. If another company was able to make a better OS then I would definitely jump ship. Android = best OS. WebOS = best UI. iPhone = worst fanboys. ( and I hate fanboys) WP7 and Blackberry = old school and outdated.
I have a feeling the Google will just keep improving it's OS and will be the ultimate king by years end, as far as phone sales. It is already the king of the best OS.
So hell no, I will never buy a Nazi phone from the Nazi company, Apple.

Phones like EVO 4G or Incredible from HTC sometimes make change with all that issues.

But I think MOTO is there with best quality phones.

I've thought about it but I won't... mainly due to Flash and Google Nav, neither of which Apple will have anytime soon.

Those two features are killers

I use BlackBerry (work), Android (personal)and iPhone (personal). Since my iPhone 4 has already shipped, if it gets here before Android 2.2 official OTA release -as I predicted it would- I'll be retiring my Nexus One for the foreseeable future.

I think you will be back when FROYO is released. iOS4 will be behind FROYO. You will have to wait until next software update to catch up by then Gingerbread will be making the scene. Its a tough choice you have!

Seriously? Abandon my Droid for what's little more than a mild OS makeover and a hardware update to last years standards? No thank you. Congrats on getting a flash on your camera, I guess.

Exactly, not to mention the growing number of current iphone owners upgrading to software OS4 who are having major issues, with the upgrade.

I've been there.
Not going back.

Apple would have to invent teleportation to get me to walk back into jail.

iPhone/iPod Touch has always had the lock screen wallpapers. The homescreen wallpapers (behind the icons) is only allowed on the 3GS & iPhone 4. Anything older doesn't work, even if it's iOS4.

Yeup that's right. Updated my iPod (2nd Generation) yesterday and it doesn't multitask or have wallpapers. It sucks. Thank god the update was free

Need you guys to convince me to stay. I don't have my D-Inc yet and I'm seeing the iPhone 4 which is also quite amazing. Long time Blackberry addict (and user of the D-Inc finally won me over, only to see the iPhone 4 come out before my Inc is delivered. So why stay? - I need reasons like Flash and Google Maps Navi.

I have an EVO 4g w/ sprint. I pay about 69.99 and get a 20% discount for being a student. I get unlimited data. I've had the phone for 8 days and i've used 1.6GB. I have no idea how you use less than 200mb. WOW.

I'm in a similar position. I owned a Nexus One for a few weeks a few months back and really enjoyed it, especially how fast it was and how good the screen was compared to my iPhone 3G. I returned it as I read that a Verizon version was 'just around the corner' (this was March), and as Verizon has better service in my area, I decided to wait for it.

After waiting and waiting and Google finally canceling the Verizon version, I looked at the Incredible as it was similarly-specced. Though the Sense UI makes me gag (I know I'm in the minority on this), I eventually decided to get the phone when it was back in stock. After waiting and calling my local Verizon store repeatedly, at the beginning of June I eventually accepted the fact that the phone was perpetually delayed, and that I would have to just bite the bullet, place my order, and wait.

Initially when the iPhone 4 was launched, I was pretty sure that I would stick with the Incredible, as it would have better coverage, Google Voice, and free Google Navigation. However, the early upgrade pricing that AT&T is offering, plus the new tiered data plan (I use under 200MB most months) means that the iPhone is cheaper than the Incredible would be. This, coupled with the build quality and the camera quality of the iPhone 4, coupled with the fact that I currently have an all-Apple ecosystem, has been causing me to re-evaluate my next choice of phone.

I owe it to the Incredible to at least give it a chance, but I have to say that the iPhone 4 makes a very tempting choice.

And you see I have no real problem with your line of reason. I choose Android because it best suits my needs. If you or anyone else chooses an iPhone 4 because it best suits your needs than more power to you. I just want people to make an informed choice. And despite the feature differences, not everyone cares about Google Nav and the like on Android, just like not everyone cares about iTunes integration and the like on iPhone. So I for one say well done sir on weighing your options and finding whats best for you no matter what you choose. Kudos.

No way that I would switch. I just picked up my EVO today after having a pre for a year and I don't see how they could possibly out perform this masterpiece.

If it ain't on Sprint i'll never own it! I will not switch carriers for a phone i'll just suck it up and besides I just switched from the Pre to get the Evo, which I love.

It also has four strikes against it, smaller screen, on AT&T, higher prices and bandwidth cap.

I have nothing against Apple I just never owned anything Apple but i'll admit it's a good looking phone.

been using an iPhone for almost a year and i'm never going back. Android homescreens and personalized sms tones, apple can never beat that

Nevah again, sucka.

I had an iPhone 3G and will never go back. Blocking of the Google Voice app was the final straw. Android FTW.

Go Dodgers. Go Lakers. Go Android.

I've been thinking about it and Steve Jobs got to me during the WWDC. I like my Hero and all, but Canada isn't getting any of the good Android phones (Desire, Incredible, EVO) and I just absolutely hate lag. And HTC is pissing me off with the 2.1 update AND the Hero might not get Froyo.

I feel a little naughty for being a part of the 8% who will desert Android.

iOS is very nice and the phone is sleek and well put together, but I just can't go back to Apple. I was a loyal Apple ][ user for years, but when that series was discontinued and Wozniak left, the magic left for me.

Apple ][ FOREVER!

And I'm patient enough for android to develop a sleeker, nicer user interface. But function over fashion for me, and the rate androids OS innovates will slow and the UI will develop further.

That being said, I bet a jailbroken iOS 4 device will be pretty sweet.

Until Android receives a decent video editing app, I won't even consider it regardless on how many megapixels the camera has (and FYI, the iPhone has about a dozen video editing apps, including iMovie).

Looking for a reason to switch, but iPhone 4 keeps calling my name-O.

Well, first off, I don't really see a need to edit videos on your phone like iMovie, but that's just me. That being said, however, Google did just come out with online video editing for YouTube, so I wouldn't be surprised if similar (basic) features are soon ported over to Android as well.

So I take it up until now that you haven't used an iPhone either since it didn't have a video editing app. To be honest...since you have yet to even try the video editing app on the iPhone it sounds like you just made something up to have a knock on Android. Have fun with that new last gen smartphone of yours. I'm sure video editing should it come to Android will be much nicer on 4+ inch screens.

The thing is, google is just a few good UI-designer hires away from having everything iPhone has. Apple on the other hand has an AT&T exclusivity contract for who knows how much longer, needing to scrap mobileme and start from scratch to make a decent cloud offering, not to mention a massive business model shift (away from the closed app-o-sphere), in order to catch up to the areas where android already has the lead. Did anyone watch the WWDC iPhone demo and find it extremely boring by Steve Jobs standards? I thought the iPad was much more exciting than the iPhone 4. I mean, they gave 10 minutes of stagetime to a FarmVille demo. Remember this is at a developer's conference, not a teenage girls conference. This is a slightly faster iPhone 3gs with a nice screen, and little more, offering a couple mildly cool features like FaceTime that are hamstring by the need for a wifi connection and even if they weren't handcuffed to what is now the worst possible carrier for bandwidth-demanding applications like video chat.

I bit my nails a little on the day of the stevenote, but in the end, all of the reasons i picked android over iPhone remain. It's available on my carrier, it has google voice and navigation, it lets me easily subvert the carrier's desire to charge me for tethering, and most of all i can install whatever the heck i want on it. None of that has changed with the new iPhone. And now that I've used an android for a few months, to be honest, I think I'd STILL pick it over an iPhone even if there was a Verizon iPhone 4.

I'm glad there is an iPhone though. If they weren't facing stiff smartphone competition from AT&T, do you think Verizon ever would have allowed smartphones with such an open, hackable OS onto their network? Android lets me get around their tether charge and their text message charge and in some cases their voice minute charges. Doubt that ever would have happened if it weren't for iPhones.

Never had a Iphone. Never will. disappointed how long updates seem to take (if ever) But not disappointed enough to switch. The fact I can root (if I want to. Haven't yet.) & install any Rom is very exciting to me.

I'm not going to say the iPhone sucks or any of that, because I think it's a great device. But after WebOS and just now experiencing the highly tweakable Android, I just cannot go to a phone that is going to tell me what I can and can't do. iPhone just seems too...simple after experiencing WebOS and Android.

Plus the Pre and Evo are mountable drives as well - a must for me, but that's just the start of my list.

I might consider an iPad if someone else buys it for me :-) but have no real use for an iPhone. I have a 3G iPod touch and it's a great little music and games doodad. In other words, a nice toy. My Incredible, on the other hand, is a great handheld computer that happens to be a pretty darned good phone too.


I switched over from an iPhone 3gs. LOVE THE PHONE. It's quick, it's big, it's fast and it has features that should have been standard on the iPhone. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. My screen is lifting and since there are shortages, I cannot exchange it. It's EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING.

My 30 days are almost up and it's looking REALLY BAD. I need a phone for work and I sold my iPhone so I'm going to be stuck w/o a phone until I can find an evo. I've been calling local Corporate Sprint stores daily but it's really annoying.......

Makes me want to switch back over to the new iPhone. I miss ALL THE FUN GAMES, NONE OF WHICH ARE ON THE ANDROID MARKET (biggest setback for me). TOO BAD I LOVE THE SCREEN on the EVO.

If games are a concern just get an ipod touch. I have an ipod touch and the moto droid. I use my ipod for games and music and my droid for everything else. I might get rid of my ipod and get an ipad next year though...

LOL! if you work in an office. you need a gaming device. As for an ipod touch....the point is to carry around 1 all-in-one device. Right now, the iPhone is better at that.

ALSO, MUSIC SYNC!?!?!! WOW!!! Took me like 50mins to sync 6gb. DEPRESSING.

Check this I have 3 EVO and 1 ipod my son uses it, so I did his update for the ipod and my friend has the iPhone 3GS, and I am explaining to him how to use the new version. This is so funny, It proves that iPhone people are clueless on how to use any gadget, they just to open phone and run with it, no idea how to really maximize what they have. Android user explaining how to work iPhone, my friend loves the multi tasking and folder creating i said i was able to create folders long time ago before you even knew what the concept was, and multi tasking have that to. You are not telling me nothing new here. He had no comeback lines. Had to share this with you.

First year i didnt preorder an iphone! Im not going to say the iphone sucks, but Android is a helluva lot better. The new design for the iphone really does nothing to entice. They changed the "retina" display or soon to be called the magical display instead of changing it and making it large or larger then the EVO. Facetime is going to be this years MMS. And they speak of multitasking like it was just invented. Apple thinks there ahead of everyone else when they appear to be a few steps behind. Adding magical to things do not make em better. Prediction all the pre-orders go out, and AT&T will have a huge system failure and crash!....Plus the iphone on the nations shittiest network AT&T C'MON!

I do not have anything against Apple. I loved my iPod Touch and would have bought an iPhone if it had been on Verizon. But it was and is not... I got a Droid... and I love it!!!

I've been waiting for the Dell Streak to get released in North America. I can't even lie, the iPhone 4 is tempting but looking at the restrictions I would face with the carrier, I decided against it. Plus, at this point, I've figured out everything I could do with an Android device that the iPhone does except for the HD video recording but I could just use my real camera for that. Plus, Froyo is looking much more delicious than an Apple right about now!!


The only Apple product I'll ever own is an iPod. I love my Eris(even if it is archaic compared to the Evo, N1, and DroidX) and can't wait to see where Android goes over the next year or so

The new form factor I like. Don't care anything about a front facing camera as I don't see myself using video chat, especially if it's WiFi only. The main thing I like about the new iPhone is the new screen. When I start seeing really great processors matched up with a 3.7-4.1 screen on an android it will be time to upgrade. Not to mention I really dig how all my stuff is on the cloud and I can go from phone to phone and not lose anything, and did I mention wireless sync....yeah I think I'm staying put on Android.

Wallpaper, multi-tasking(kind of), and folders are all in IOS 4, but come on.....welcome to 'last year'. The new stuff coming from the various Android phone makers in the next year will make the new iPhone look dated well before Christmas. Droid Does.

I may someday. But the FIRST thing that has to be done is, the iPhone be allowed on other networks. AT&T seems dead set on not allowing people to use these devices the way they are meant to. If I want to Pandora 16 hours a day, I should be able to. No data caps. 2nd, Steve Jobs will need to die. Not a death threat. But he has to go. He thinks he knows best for me and what I should do with MY equipment. While his company made it, it should be up to me how I use it. The iPhone is like buying a car, then the maker of the car saying you are not allowed more then 2 people in the 4 seater car at one one time, you cannot go over 50mph even if the speed limit is 75mph (Is top speed in parts of Colorado), and you can only listen to 4 radio stations. Plus you are not allowed to put on seat covers or fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror.

You could not give me that piece of crap from Apple !!!! And especially because its on CRAP AT&T

I was all set to buy an iPhone. I had been dragging my old Centro kicking and screaming through these last few months. Then AT&T decided they didn't want me as a customer with their data caps (I use 3GB in a "slow" month).

Now, The Killer App (Sling) is available.

There is no contest.

Have been seriously pissed with my N1 lately...then had to update my wifes iPhone this eve. This involved plugging it into iTunes. Constant locking up, had to give up, lost purchased music.

Did I mention I have zero patience for this Apple crap. Wow am I seething with a burning hatred for that fruit company.

Love my Nexus One and am looking forward to 2.2

OMG - Looking at the screen and now the update has failed. WOW.

Thank god it wasn't just me. My wife is mega-pissed as she lost about 700$ worth of music and video, and Apple wants her to come see the 'geniuses' (lawl) that work about 70 miles away....AND bring her laptop with the latest backup on it.

Closed source DRM bullshit can kill even the best hardware eventually.

I wouldn't think this poll on an android website is going to reveal much. I love android because you can set up you're phone how you want without restrictions. If you are a mac user the iphone wins hands down. It only makes sense. Keep up the innovation Android.

Seriously a whole lot of people are going to be disappointed on iphone launch day. They cut off all of the pre-orders due to the volume of sales they had. Just like any other apple product they don't make enough and people will be waiting until "the next shipment comes in." I personally love my N1 and everything that android stands for. Apple can kiss my @$$.

wheres the option for Never going BACK to the darkside....

came from the iphone, never going back....

Switched from an iPhone 3G to HTC Incredible.

Couldn't imagine going back. Iphone seems like the dark ages now. They have to start picking up the pace. Android has swamped them.

Why would I want an i phone? droid phones have the i pod beat in every aspect except battery life. As a consumer if your stupid enough to buy an obiously lesser product then you deserve the specs use your head. im a leader not a follower. You can argue carriers if you want but atnt is still not better then sprint verizon or t mobile. apple is feeling the effects and im glad there smartphone monopoly is over. the choices we now have are amazing. If you run out to get the new i phone with the same crappy camera same crappy os with a few minor changes you are truely a sheep. apple is having to play catch up and add some customization to their phone since they never had any. i have a droid now and am patiently waiting for my froid x.

I'll say a few things... First, the HARDWARE for the new iPhone does look nice. It's got enough processor and doodads to keep me satisfied for a while, and the 3.5" screen is good enough for me as long as the resolution is good. But as many have said here so far, Android is far superior to the IOS **** that they're serving those people. They market well, and people listen, (I did once or twice) feeding people just enough to make them NEED to purchase the next years model to keep up with their (INNOVATIONS)... known to us Androids as last years features. Think about it, MMS took forever, but the jailbreak community had it up about 8mos earlier than the "genius's" could. Video recording not possible on a 3g? Yes if you're jailbroken, and before the 3GS was available. Backgrounds and themes? Folders? Lockscreen notifications? Alternate carrier(s)? The list goes on. These are all features that should've been available in the original version of the phone. PERIOD. But that would've kept Steve's cash cow from developing.... I've played around with my deactivated iPhone 3g the last couple of days, and I think the ONLY thing it might have a leg up on Android is...the soft keyboard...until the Droid X comes out with a true multitouch version. BTW, that 3G was tethered to my DROID, on a non-crippling not capped data plan.... I'll stick with GOOGLE. Wonder how that Facetime's gonna work out in 2011 with a 2gb data limit? Oh yeah, they'll charge you extra for that...

I have a Nexus One I just received today that I am in love with and I get an iPhone 4 on Thursday. So I have the best of both worlds. I would never give up either phone.

I've never had an iphone and I've never been interested. I think I'm a permanent android user at this point.

Yes, that is a valid point. That is my reason for not switching. Like my Dinc better than my Blackberry, but I would switch for ease of use and App store right now.

There should be a new poll: If the iPhone came to your carrier, with the same data plan you currently have for the same price, would you desert the Android phone in favor of the iPhone?

I'm not a huge fan of Google's web applications (other than search, of course), but I'm really loving Android 2.1 on my EVO 4G. I loaded iOS4 on my wife's 3GS and it's nice, but the overall it still feels like an iPhone and while the new hardware looks nice I prefer the level of customization Android provides and I love the 4.3 size of the EVO. I'm happy with my choice.

I deserted Palm and webOS to switch to Android when the Sprint Hero was launched. But I've switched back to webOS now. I'd be very interested in the iPhone 4 if it ever came to Sprint, though.

Hell no. Especially not with what I'm reading about the upgrade problems they are having. Its not even about the problems. Its all the procedure they go through for an upgrade. I happened to look at TipB and see all that crap about what you need to do to prepare....check device compatibility...back up data...WHAT!?!??! And they talk about Android being fragmented? With Android having all sorts of different models have any of you had to check device compatibility to get your update? No!!! just comes to your device if its time for your device to be updated. The so called ease of use and experience has really turned into a myth perpetuated by iFools that can't stand that Android has left the iJoke in the dust. Hell Apple may have come up with these problems just to stay in the news cycle because in the next week or so their launch will be drowned out quickly by Droid 2, Droid X and Galaxy S news.

If apple had all of androids amazing features I wouldent even think of swiching they don't meet my required intenligence standards in a phone ha

To all the abandoners, e-mail me if you wanna dump that Nexus One for reasonable $$$, if you wanna sell out -- fine with me, I need an N1!

Naaah.. never gonna go for iPhone 4. That crap sold at 42,500 INR in india.. and desire (in grey market) costs 27,000 INR.. I am happy to have N1.

If you get out of apples little box and into the real world with an android why would you want to jump back in to jobs little world. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. The new iphone has some nice upgrades but its still the world that apple gives you.

I was tempted to get an iPhone till I have the HTC incredible in my hand and my friend 3Gs iPhone aside ...the iPhone look compared to the Inc like a toy gray screen even difficult to read the list goes ......................... I have the Inc speed +Android freedom

I was tempted to get an iPhone till I have the HTC incredible in my hand and my friend 3Gs iPhone aside ...the iPhone look compared to the Inc like a toy gray screen even difficult to read the list goes ......................... I have the Inc speed +Android freedom

why the hell would i leave an open source phone for a closed one that is just NOW getting SOME of the features of an Android phone?? that would be incredibly STUPID!

As soon as Apple comes up with an app that projects realistic holograms of Pole dancers....I'll join

I've never been into Apple's closed system and ways of doing things. I will admit thought that they make some pretty darn sleek products. I'm waiting to see what hPalm has up their sleeve to see if it will be worth it. Until then, I have been assimilated to Android (new EVO user). Resistance is futile.

Just relocated to a city with worse AT&T coverage than whence I came, and replaced my iPhone 3G with a Motorola Droid. Loving it so far after about 3 weeks. The iPhone was great too, but the Droid seems more flexible and, most importantly, is available on Verizon today, not in an abstract future.

I'll pass on the iphone 4. Android is about having no boundaries or restrictions with your device. I've had my Inc for almost two months now & i'm loving it like McDonald's.

If I had the money, I would probably buy an iPhone 4. But since I just got the Desire, which I am very happy with, I am waiting. Its a shame to see how bad the Android Market is compared to the Apple Appstore..

Anyway, I installed iOS4 on my iPod touch 2nd gen and have to say... IT SUCKS. I have no multitasking, I have no WALLPAPER SUPPORT... Apple is nasty. "Want a wallpaper buddy? Buy a 3rd generation iPod, iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4. Muahaha" Which btw, the difference in processor speed between the 3Gs and my iPod touch is 75 MHz. But whatever.

Anyway, the homescreens were sooo boring. There is no homescreen actually, just all your apps. And me using AMOLED WVGA screens for a while, was horrified by that LCD HVGA screen. Pixel terror!

But, with the iPhone 4 the hardware has been upgraded. The screen should stand its ground against AMOLED, the A4 chip is great, good camera.. and the main point is, facetime is going to be huge. All normal people are going to be like 'Woah dude you can ACTUALLY MAKE VIDEO CALLS WITH ZEH NEW IPHONE". And it is going to be great. I can already imagine some situation with friends, family etc. Hope the wifi only limitation goes away fast.

So basicly, I know I must buy an iPhone 4 someday, but because of the lack of being rich, it will not be soon. In about a year, probably. Till then I can hope that Android OS (for the most part the Market) keeps growing and maybe will be able to confice me not to go to lord Jobs.

I like how people always say "fanboy". If you say that you are one for android. The new iPhone is very nice and if you haven't ever owned a iPhone shut your mouth because you are talking out of your ass. Android will continue to evolve but sorry people apple still lead the way in the ease of use catogory. Just the way it is. We'll see what gingerbread looks like. Typing this on my iPad using the rooted incredible wireless tether. Best of both worlds.

As long as Google and Android developers continue to make strides, I'm staying put. The iphone 4 didn't "wow" me. Apple simply caught up to the pack with this release.

too many weaknesses for apple/iphone

Screen is small for continual internet/video/photo/gaming use
no flash and other features
apples policies
restricted to ATT
slow to update compared to google
lack of choices
and a host of other issues. I'm off the apple bandwagon

I won't knock Apple products. They are gorgeous and the IOS UI is more elegant than the UI for Android. And one of the biggest reasons for staying with Verizon (unlimited data) is going away when they install data caps. However, I love my Droid Incredible. I love the open source OS and apps like GoogleNav and Google Voice. It is unfortunate for iPhone users that with over 200,000 apps to choose from, not one is the free Google Voice (so sad). Love my live wallpapers, my OTA updates, the innovations in Android, true multitasking, my blazing fast processor, changing my battery, and the gorgeous pictures I can take - btw - I have no problems making phone calls either. IPhone 4 has its good points, but I will stick with Droid Incredible and Android (where the future is) and cheer the competition that has made both systems better than they otherwise might have been.

just curious cause i blog about productivity and seem to find that there are a ton of apps that are well designed and functional compared to a limited amount on the android.

if we are using it for work wise (not social, chating and those sort of stuff) android seems to be lacking pretty badly.

you have tons of todo list competing to out do one another and they are all great and you have apps that covers areas like tracking pregnancy and budgets very well.

i don't seem to get that impression for android.

if its really truely an open platform i find it puzzling why there aren't alot of leading android site reviewing great applications.

Been there, never going back. I did however pre-order an iPhone 4 for my wife as she's an Apple fan (Macbook Pro and all).

As for me, I admit I'm a Google whore cause they give me what I want and how I want it. The Apple mentality of "we know what you want and best for you" just doesn't fly with me. Not to mention, my Nexus One is just too damn sexy to give up, even for any other Android phone.

No offense to anyone here, but I just don't understand the logic of having two phones as some of you indicated.

This poll may be a bit biased being that it is ANDROIDcentral that it is on. If The same poll was on an Apple fanboy site it would be reversed.

I don't think I could ever abandon my robot....also if I tried I am sure my Droid would try to kill me in my sleep...

This is definitely a biased poll if you ask what you prefer. Since we all are on android central, it pretty much means we all have or are getting an android phone. I love my Dinc but If I knew the Iphone was coming to Verizon, I'd probably switch. I'll never join the dark side of AT&T, but I might join apple. Yes, I know there are things that are better on android, but there are some things the iphone does better too. Apple app store is much better (I know the market is growing, but at this moment Apple apps are more available), even though their battery cannot be replaced, it still surpasses the life of my Dinc, is sincs with my mac flawlessly so I can watch my itunes movies. Any of you who don't have music or movies on itunes are kidding yourselfs. I shouldn't have to pay $4 for an app for my phone to be able to sync with itunes. Hopefully, a future version of android will do this, but it's these little simple ease of use features that would make me convert. I'm not bashing android, as I love it so far, but given the question would I switch, yes, but only if it were on Verizon. The thing could get me a beer from the fridge, wipe my butt for me, and take care of my kids, but if it were still with AT&T, I'd still not be able to make a darn Phone call!

Ummm you do know there is more to life than iTunes? I transfer my data wirelessly to my phone via ftp when on my network. As for movies you actually PAY for movies through iTunes? Again this is where Apple has you sucked in hook, line and sinker. Digital copies and converting existing movies using Handbrake or even VLC takes no time at all.

See, now there you go. Obviously there is more to life, but I don't want to spend my time researching to find it! I have no Idea what VLC is, I'm not a techno dork, and for the first week, I was boxing up my Dinc to send it back. The EASE OF USE is way better on an iphone and all apple products. The learning curve is hours instead of days. Now that I've figured out most of what I need, I like the Dinc, but again, I would've prefered right out the box no how. The setup for emails and contacts was very easy on the Dinc, but learning how to set the thing for silent running at work, well that took an app (profiles from iamjosh) from the market. I'm NOT bashing, just pointing out why so many go to the iphone despite a lousy network. I use handbrake to put many dvd's on my itouch (which I had long before the android). Now you say more to life than itunes, but I've been using it for so long, I don't WANT to change. I don't pay for movies (apple does not have me sucked in) but with all the Blue ray movies I have bought, they have come with a digital copy. I would be more than happy to receive instructions how to put them on my Dinc (I usually just drop and drag into the sd card like it did with my BB). However, aren't the digital copies DRM protected? That is why I dislike Apple and like Google, but at the same time, things just work with apple without me having to "figure it out". I want things to just work, I just don't want to be told you can't do this or that. That is why I stay with Droid, but understand why many would not.

For international users in Korea,Singapore, Spain and all, the carrier is not a problem and in places like this iPhone is overwhelming because really the app store is making people more fun and more productive.

I love my Evo and android. I don't think I would consider going to apple instead of my evo but I would consider having it in addition to my android. I love the open nature of android and how, with rooting, you can do virtually anything. I anticipate great things in the future with the personnel additions that have been made recently, and I don't see apple or Steve Jobs making any radical changes. I plan on getting an iTouch which will satisfy my needs for an iphone. My main issue with iphone is the shitty network it runs on.

The iPhone 4 while a nice device is nothing to ooooh and aaah over. The hardware finally caught up to last year. The OS is still playing catch up. Granted it has some new features but is still a long way off from Android 1.6 let alone Android 2.x. Unless you easily cave to peer pressure or are a metro-sexual obsessed with your image there really is no reason to switch from your Android of choice to the iPhone 4.

its not revolutionary but really folders for apps make certain sense if you use it long enough.

i can forsee android following them in this area.


droid 4 life!!!! the iphone 4 looks cool but i hate the over hype and how they make the phone seem like a major break threw in life itself. The all white backgrounds and 20 min video i'm all over that stuff. Dont get me wrong i have a mac laptop, but in the phone game i have to go with the droid!

check out my blog..all photos are taken with my motorola droid!!!

Why heck would I trade down to an Iphone???

At the rate Androids keep progressing/improving the Iphone will be obsolete the day it comes out.

The only reason I had an iPhone 3G was that it was the only thing of its kind at the time. It's good in that it drove competition which is largely why Android exists today. However, crappy network and availability of phones now on better networks that can perform on par or better don't make it the only high quality business/media phone anymore. Yes I know BB is tops in business, but their consumer development has not kept up with competitors. Android is the best of all worlds at the moment. And because of that, iPhone is becoming one of people's choices, rather than the only choice for a great smartphone.

Since when is multitasking an upgrade? My old G1 has been doing it for over a!!!! DROID>>>>>>>>

Giving some serious consideration.
My first Android experience is the HTC Hero on Sprint.
Now, I'm loving the Sprint deal, but my Hero is feeling a little behind the times. It lags a bit, even tweaked and overclocked.
I'm definitely needing something with a faster processor.
BUT, there are SO many new androids coming out.
The EVO really isn't doing it for me. I'm not sure I need such a huge screen. The Droid X looks nice, but the screen is the same as the Evo. HTC Incredible ? Maybe...
I agree with someone else's comment. iPhone needs to jump ship. If it went to Verizon, I could see myself switching between iphone and android year on year, as I get a corporate discount with verizon...
I just don't know.
I used to have an iphone, and I did enjoy it, but even with my Hero, I can do everything. I have Skype on it, Google Voice, Google nav (and I have used this ALL OVER New York...perfect)
So that's me. I'm on the fence.