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At this moment in time it's only our cousins over at WPCentral who get to enjoy the best Xbox Live mobile experience from Microsoft. But according to a recent job listing, that could be changing in the future. 

The job posting itself requires 2 years of mobile application development, and more specifically experience of Windows Phone, iOS and Android being a big plus. 

Is it that surprising really that Microsoft would want to get Xbox onto Android? Not hardly. Market share alone would sight that as a positive step, but it would be a bit of a kick to the Windows Phone platform. Either way until we see something on our Android devices we'll have to treat it with a pinch of salt, but there's a lot of people who'd be excited to see this. 

Source: Microsoft; via Liveside


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Microsoft preparing to bring Xbox Live to Android?


Microsoft cares, that's who

And as the saying talks and...BS walks.

Keep this garbage away from Android. The creative minds that brought you Bing as bloatware will now lock in another piece of crapware.

Bing as bloatware? Its xbox live, a service to unifies people's gaming experience. You don't like it..don't use it. There are millions that love it.

Doug... This is NOT optional if you want to play the game in question. There is no opt out specifically if you have DLC. If it were and Live didn't have the power to delete saved games it would be great. I'm a PC gamer, I don't need a service or app to unify my gaming experience and if I do Steam is better.

How much do you have to pay monthly for this unified experience again (on Xbox).

How much do you have to pay (money and time) to keep your PC updated in order to play the latest games over the lifetime of a console?

Well since you asked, considering that I currently game on a Gateway P-7805u that I bought in 2009 and it runs anything I throw at it.... none.

I prefer gaming on a PC for a number of reasons not the least of which it has more games and I prefer a mouse keyboard interface for playing. I can understand why some like console gaming but I am not a fan. Also I have lost partial use of one hand and with my trusty Razr left handed gaming mouse I can play any game I want on my PC and still enjoy other features as well. Plus the mod community is much better on PC.

Also I run Steam for most games so updating is no different than console etc the manufacturer cannot push patches that limit my experience (Sony I'm looking at you) or make me pay for network services (MS I'm looking at you). There is no downside for me whatsoever.

Other than the initial financial outlay for your PC and peripherals of course. I am not saying one form of gaming is better than the other. I am simply pointing out that a PC user scoffing at the cost of Live is being rather hypocritical when a console is by far a more financially sound investment.

If I choose to upgrade my PC guess what I am paying for upgrades that I'm getting. If you buy a bigger hard drive or peripherals for Xbox you are doing the same. The difference is I do not have to pay a fee for a service that is built into my hardware already. That is a huge difference!

The comparison is MS charging me to play games over my network card that I have already payed for. You as an Xbox player have to pay a fee for something you already own. PS3 users and PC users do not.

Also, PCs do alot more than an Xbox can do so If I upgrade a PC chances are it is multi purpose as well.

I don't game on a PC because it is more financially sound, I do it because it is better to me. Better graphics, sound, peripherals and mods. Plus I control the whole experience.

Like there hasn't been a single PC game that hasn't charged you to play(WOW or EVE for example). And they charge you per game. Microsoft charges you to keep your personal info safe(Sony I'm looking at you)

Really Spanka? You are comparing a monthly charge for an MMO to MS charging you for using hardware you already have???

Those that play MMOs do so because they are buying a massive content immersion that cost loads to sustain. You can't play WoW on an Xbox console but if you cou guess what, you'd be paying $15 a month PLUS that crazy fee for data coming in over your Xbox through a network card you already own.

Again, not a good comparison.....

Stop while you are ahead. You have NO idea what you are talking about.

Let me point out a few things:
1) I and the entire Xbox community don't pay to use our Xbox's. It works just fine without LIVE.
2) We the community can CHOOSE to pay for the SERVICE that is Xbox LIVE.
3) I just renewed and the cost is $40 when you renew online. Not the $15 a month you claim.

How is the cost any different? Can I buy WOW and go home and play it without ANY additional cost? No, but I can play the Xbox I already own without LIVE fees.

I agree. Xbox Live is just an addon service. You can choose to use it or not.

WOW can be played without a fee, you just need to play it on a private server with limited update and less enjoyable (or enjoyable depending on people's preference).

I had no interest in becoming part of this discussion until you threw out that your laptop could handle any of the games out as well as a console and i just cant believe that based on the specs of the machine you listed

Processor 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P8400
Memory 4GB, 1066MHz DDR2
Hard drive 320GB 7,200rpm
Chipset Mobile Intel PM45 Express Chipset
Graphics Nvidia GeForce 9800M GTS
Operating System Windows Vista Premium (64-bit)
Dimensions 15.8 inches wide by 11.8 inches deep
Height 1.3 -1.7 inches
Screen size (diagonal) 17.0 inches
System weight / Weight with AC adapter 9.1/10.5 pounds

of course you could have accidently put out the wrong model number, or you could have upgraded your machine (which in 2009 had quite the price tag on it) but to be honest with you, i still dont feel it would match up with the benchmarks of a console. This is neither here nor there for the topic of the comments but i couldnt help but not sit out on this discussion after seeing the specs for this machine

I used Steam quite a long time ago but don't you need a little program installed on your PC at all times that connects to Steam to validate the user/PC before you can fire up a DLC from Steam? I had to cut on my PC just to verify I still had that program on it and I do.

Last re-up for 12 months of LIVE was for $40 so $3.34 a month.

The horror.

And LIVE has never deleted a save on my 360 or my windows idea how it works on PC

Also to ALWAYS have a choice.

If you don't like LIVE don't buy a game that uses LIVE.

Yeah it sucks you can't play it, but its your choice to play it on a service you hate.

Be a strong consumer.

Doug.... don't know if you own Arkham City... but Google saved game issues and you will see that all platfrms have this issue due to LIVE not the platform.

Also, I never said that it was breaking the bank for your fee but pointing out that you are paying for a service that should be free. If I was a console gamer I'd prob go PS3, I mean you don't get a fee and you get a Blu Ray player bundled. But that is just me. Sony the kings of DRM are no angels in this story though. Just saying that Live is too intrusive and MS should not be charging you a fee for something that you own freely.

What you are actually paying for is the stupid infrastructure for their Live environment. Your NIC card would work just fine without Live and you could play the games as intended by the developer is MS was not pimping Live.

p.s. I am a fan of MS just not Live or Xbox....

Doug.... don't know if you own Arkham City... but Google saved game issues and you will see that all platfrms have this issue due to LIVE not the platform.

Also, I never said that it was breaking the bank for your fee but pointing out that you are paying for a service that should be free. If I was a console gamer I'd prob go PS3, I mean you don't get a fee and you get a Blu Ray player bundled. But that is just me. Sony the kings of DRM are no angels in this story though. Just saying that Live is too intrusive and MS should not be charging you a fee for something that you own freely.

What you are actually paying for is the stupid infrastructure for their Live environment. Your NIC card would work just fine without Live and you could play the games as intended by the developer is MS was not pimping Live.

p.s. I am a fan of MS just not Live or Xbox....

You aren't paying for the use of the Xbox. You are paying for the backend network infrastructure that supports unified, consistent online play.

I used to be a PC gamer but abandoned it after I got tired of constantly updating my computer to keep up with games. Console gaming is much more affordable, even if you factor in the "outrageous" $4 a month Live service. Additionally, console games are extremely optimized since the hardware is a known quantity. Plus, you get to enjoy gaming sitting on your comfy couch instead of an uncomfortable task chair. I've never looked back.

You need to chill out lol, no one is forcing you to get this app if it were to release in the Android Market. Microsoft is actually doing a pretty damn good job of making it user friendly and bringing everything a console gamer does into one. But what the live services represent as a whole allowing the user to stay in contact with FRIENDS

Oh ok... let me not have an opinion here because you are ok with it. The whole point is that a non Xbox gamer does NOT need Live to stay in contact with friends or to game. Live would be fine if it did not mess with local data.

This is a valid criticism. Get over yourself.

Based on your own search results you posted in this comment section, this problem also appears on the Steam forum making it more than just an Xbox problem.

And if you are such a PC gamer, why are you playing this on Xbox to begin with?

Are you reading any of my posts? I AM playing it on PC, I have said his several times and have also said that this is NOT a platform war issue that some are making it but a Live issue. The issue is LIVE not PS3, PC or Xbox. Whatever you game on is a personal choice but Live does not care and will screw all three platforms equally as proven with a simple Google search.

The original point on this ANDROID forum was that I am not excited that Xbox Live is coming to yet another platform as it is broken already in part on the three it is currently on...

Somehow this became a war on the platforms... not relevent. Broken Live is relevent.

Fix Live MS so it does not delete save data. Stick to community aspect and posting achievements.

But isn't this like Google maps on ios or like Apple...oh wait, Apple doesn't share anything with non-Apple usres.

You have iTunes on your android phone?

My aunt (who has an iPhone) got me an iTunes gift card for christmas so I "can use it on my phone". I haven't figured out what I'm supposed to do with it yet.

Am I the only one here who actually uses Xbox Live? I would actually enjoy having that Xbox Live app on Android. Since they're picking the pockets of Android phone manufacturers, the least they can do is give us an officially supported app to interact with our Xbox friends.

I do and have been waiting for them to release something for forever. There were so many limited apps out there that either used only public information or wanted your login information (ick). It will be nice to have an official app.

Although, unlikely we will get Arcade play (although a silverlight app for this would be nice too) just having the messaging and market on Android would be great.

MS does a lot of crappy stuff, but XBL was a great innovation for consoles, and its moving to Android is a wonderful admission of the failure of Windows Phone 7. :)

Count me in. I currently have the Xbox Live Statistics app to at least get some kind of Xbox experience on my phone and can't wait for an official app. Correct me if I'm wrong, but having Bing on your phone replaced your Google search, correct? Like the Samsung Fascinate? I can't see an Xbox Live app replacing anything or being as disruptive at the whole Bing/Google search thing (as long as it not bloatwear that I can't delete).

Well, Bing as an app is just an app. Verizon/Samsung struck a deal with Microsoft that allowed them to install Bing instead of Google search as part of the OS. Hopefully this wouldn't be the same kind of deal & would just be a Market app akin to the iOS version (though hopefully they build it from the ground up & don't create a sloppy port).

Great... the intrusive Xbox Live profile system follows me to Android too? First my PC games are invaded by this garbage and now Android too? After the Arkham City issues with saved games etc being bound to this horrible profile system I have had it with Xbox Live. Hey Microsoft, here is an idea, why not keep Xbox Live for users that have an Xbox?

From now on I will not be buying any game that forces the use of Xbox Live until they give me full control of my local save data.

Fed up... get a clue from Steam and start over. The cloud is a great idea but only if local data remains king. Anyone playing a game on my PC should have access to DLC etc installed on that machine. And I should NOT lose saved games after a reinstall or profile change due to stupid hash settings from Live. Live you suck!

I have control of my local save data...yes i need to be logged in to my profile to access it...but thats the whole point of LIVE...if you don't like it, don't game on it.

No one is forcing you too.

DougB541... You don't get a choice on whether to use Live if you want to use DLC etc. Apparently you need to Google Arkham City saved game issues before you start typing next time.

You DO NOT have control over your saved data. If you reinstall the game or want to use a seperate profile OR hell, just randomly, Live can corrupt or delete your saved data. Try it, I dare you....

Microsoft may have lost your data but you should aim your frustration at the developer. BF3 allows you to choose where to save your data making the point that MS is not requiring cloud storage only. From the looks of it, I would say its up to the developer to choose to hard code cloud storage only. And yes, MS is not perfect but at least my personally information isn't being compromised like Sony.

thats why live is shit and origin isnt.

id rater see origin on android with games,than live managing my games on my android,apart from that,the social side is a warm welcome of live.

Microsoft may have lost your data but you should aim your frustration at the developer. BF3 allows you to choose where to save your data making the point that MS is not requiring cloud storage only. From the looks of it, I would say its up to the developer to choose to hard code cloud storage only. And yes, MS is not perfect but at least my personal information isn't being compromised like Sony.

I am with you. I like XBL on my Xbox, but it would be a crappy PC experience. Really I don't do much PC gaming these days just because DRM is too crippling. If I play on PC its usually Steam or DRM free.

I think MS is trying to tie the XBL success to Windows and Windows Phone, which does not sound like a good idea. Have a feeling Windows 8 is the next Vista.

Xbox live is the best product of it's kind. You mouthbreathers are ridiculous. I use live daily, it's a fantastic service. Microsoft has a long history of getting things right. Just look at windows 7 after vista. And XP came after ME.

With all due respect are you high? First of all Steam is far superior as it does not bind your save games to a login within the game. Example, the thousands of people that bought Arkham City recently and hve experienced issues with saved games corrupting or being deleted due to Xbox Dead.

Why, Microsoft? Why do you think I would want you managing my saved games and telling my PC (or console) which games can be loaded or not?

Steam blows Live away... it keeps you up with your buddies and saves your stats blah blah for those that care about that. BUT, it does not mess with local data and saved games. And before an Xbox fan boy mentions anything about cross platform play, IT DOES NOT EXIST. If I have Call of Duty on PC I can't play with console gamers anyway so who cares about Steam being PC only.

Fortunado, by the way, I love Windows OS and am a dedicated Windows user. This has nothing to do with intrusive ass Live.

If you ever play a game for 10 hours and then have Live delete your games you can tell me how great it is...

I use steam and Xbox live daily and I enjoy them both. They're both different services with different purposes. Steam is good software but it's not without issues, and it crashes about as much as I've ever seen major software crash. I still find it highly convenient and useful. Also your negative experience is tied to the GFWL service which is somewhat of a PITA, but not representative of the whole picture of Xbox Live which is a fantastic service which I subscribe to.

I own all the major consoles worth owning and play pc games regularly. I like having fun, I don't hate a particular service because of the company that owns it, I support good products that make my life easier with my money.

I am a fan of Steam too, but your saves are linked to your Steam Profile. They have just been doing digital distribution longer. If you were with Steam from the beginning they had their own struggles with these things which are usually DRM related and publisher demanded. I have lost data and been unable to play games on Steam more than XBL (and games in that day were done in hundreds of hours not a couple hand fulls), but I don't play any XBL/Windows Live games on PC. DRM is the core of this problem: not any particular service.

Steam got popular enough to have clout with publishers to control DRM, but there have been defections and some do not release games on Steam anymore now that more competition exists. In fact, many major publishers do not release any patches or DLC on Steam at all (i.e. EA, Mojang, etc.).

Also, Steam launched all their social features AFTER Xbox Live and definitely used XBL as a model.

Saved games on Steam are not bound to a single profile in the same way. With Steam I can play the game offline or online, with or without Steam etc. I always have access to my saved games regardless of what Steam is doing.

Case in point, Skyrim. I have it on PC via Steam. Sure, Steam will recognize my stats but I can play Skyrim regardless of whether or not I'm logged into Steam or not and will always have my saved games even if a visitor wants to play a new game etc.

With Live you cannot do this. If someone wants to play a game outside of my profile DLC will not link also If I reinstall Arkham City which uses Live it can delete or corrupt my games. Not the same experience at all. And not flexible for sure. Steam can do this with no issues.

You mean the Steam that randomly informs users "this game is currently unavailable" or the Steam that currently informs users "steam support is currently unavailable due to high traffic"?

Steam is not without flaws... but I have never had this issue in the 5 years I have been using it and have never known any of my friends who have had it. Also, guess what, Steam does not own your games rights, you can just go offline and play.

Again, Live will and can delete your saved games whenever it chooses on ANY platform. Check the forums for the thousands that are pissed about this right now. Happened to me twice on Arkham City, once on Fable 3 and to my cousin twice on Arkham City.

I'll take the service that does not slave my saved data to it and delete it... try starting Arkham over twice after you spend hours in gameplay and you'll change your tune.

Wasn't Fable 3 out before Xbox cloud storage? I am prompted for my storage location(local or cloud). I can choose either. Why don't you just save locally and fix the ONLY problem you seem to have?


I don't think you understand the issue. I have actually taken the hashed saved files and copied them to a different folder as an experiment then move them back after changing profiles or losing the saved data and this will not work. Live puts meta data on your save files and will corrupt them in these instances.

If you would take a few minutes and read about the issue perhaps you would see what I mean.

Save data files should not work like this. They should load regardless of any profile such as in games without Live. It is helpful for the profile system to connect you with friends and store your achievements, I get that. But not at the expense of my saved data being locked down or lost. Steam does not do this. This was ALL I WAS SAYING.

This has turned into an Xbox vs PC gaming discussion....

I admit I didn't read up on this but neither did you apparently. This issue appears on PC as well. Steam's own forums have this issue appearing multiple times.

Are you high? I have had Live for over 10 years and have never personally experienced or heard of Live corrupting game data. I am sitting next to 2 guys right now that use Steam and are laughing at your argument. And before you start trying to get techincal we are all hardware/software technicians. For gaming I only use console. One guy uses LIVE and Steam and one is PC only. Live is currently the best service of it's kind.

Do the games you play ever charge for server access. Example... WOW charges $15/mo. for server access. I am not sure if this is still the case but that works out to much more that $49.99/yr.

And while your spending $$$ upgrading your CPU, GPU, Mobo, RAM, heatsink, CPU fans and running 3DMark tests to check your FPS I know that I am running a smooth 60FPS on a level field with every other gamer on LIVE.

List your specs...we'll give you a few games that your PC surely won't handle.


"Better" is an opinion not a fact.

1. The saved game issues are real on all platforms. Google it dammit.

2. Stop using Wow as an example. The developer is charging a content fee for a service. If it were on Xbox you'd pay WoW and also MS to play the same game. There is a difference.

3. I have not upgraded my machine and it plays everything. It also does more than your Xbox can do and trust me if my P7805u cannot play it (that I still use for most of my gaming) neither can your Xbox.

Glad you are a tech, so am I but this is not a pissing contest it is an opinion forum. You obviously need to read up more on how Live handles local data before you comment:

I had no idea either until I had issues recently when I bought Arkham City and Fable 3 because I do not normally use Live.

"2. Stop using Wow as an example. The developer is charging a content fee for a service. If it were on Xbox you'd pay WoW and also MS to play the same game. There is a difference."

So they are charging me for content? Purchasing the game wasn't enough? If it were Xbox we would just buy the game and pay for a universal service to connect those like devices no matter what game we were playing.

"You obviously need to read up more on how Live handles local data before you comment:"

In your search results, The first hit says "after I changed my gamertag." 4th says "Steam." I thought this wasn't a Steam issue. Did you read your own search results?

Final comment on comparing WoW or an MMO fee to Xbox Live fee....

1. WoW is a game... Live is a service and not a game.
2. Live, PSN and Steam are comparable services on three seperate platforms. Two of these are free and one has a monthly cost (if you guessed Live you are a genius).
3. If WoW or any MMO ever came to Xbox which it won't then you would pay Blizzard a monthly fee to play the game. Remember DC Universe online? It was for PC and PS3, both paid a monthly. The developer chrages the subscription not MS.

As for reading the post with the saved game issues, I actually spent 4 hours reading dozens of forums the first night I lost my saved games to Live and if you spend more the the 3 seconds you used to make a bad point you'd see that there were tons of people who like me just had them deleted. The point is though that Live should not be deleting games PERIOD. It should be posting achievements and connecting friends.

Exactly, "better" is an opinion thats why everything you are saying is simply your opinion but you are acting and talking like everything you are saying is fact. We get it, you don't like xboxlive and you have your reasons for feeling that way but looking at the bigger picture, no one else gives a shit. Like you said, steam has its flaws and so does xboxlive so don't act like your opinions are fact and what everyone else is saying about xboxlive is garbage because all you are doing is making yourself look like a fanboy and an idiotic one at that.

Microsoft has a much longer history of getting things wrong. You must not have lived through the windows 3 and earlier era. Then windows 95 hit and was supposed to save us all and instead it was a disaster.

Sign me up! I hear far too often "You should have called, I would have got on Xbox LIVE." I would definitely use an OFFICIAL notification app with the ability to send messages. I have a buddy using a 3rd party app now to do the same concept. He loves it but I personally am not fond of giving an untrusted developer my LIVE credentials.

This is enhancing my gaming experience by making my LIVE friends that much closer.

This could or could not XBox Live for Android. It could also mean, they want people with knowledge of game programming on Android to possibly create better games for Windows Phone.

Who knows, who cares.

This would be awesome... I am confused why people who won't use it are so against it... Where were you when that air penguin game came out... I think we all know that they posted this because everyone knows that xbox fanboy flaming blogs RULE!

There is nothing like xbox live on PC, and that sad ps3 online experience is almost as dumb as the PS 3 balloon controller (almost)... And to the dude that has made no changes to his PC since 2009... Either you are lying, spent $12k on your build... Or are still paying star wars galaxies... assuming you don't lie... And discerning that you are to cheap to pay for xbox live... What server are you on... Maybe we could hunt banthas together.

This would rule... Xbox live forever.... Wahooooooo!

Flame on

XBox Live doesn't interest me much, but I can see how others would be able to take advantage of it.

Now, if they brought Zune to Android, that would be a different story...

Amazing to see the vitriol toward an app. Xbox Live is a great service. No one is forcing this on your phone (unlike a WP7). I really don't care if they bring it to Android. It's like Gamecenter on iOS. But if it integrates the XBOX companion app to Android, that would be awesome. Full control over your Xbox through your phones wifi.

This might just keep me on Android a little longer. I really enjoy Android but been thinking about getting a WP7 phone because of MS/Xbox gameing.

PC gamers: get over yourselves. Most people don't want to play hardcore games on their computers. The majority of people play them on consoles, and people with consoles wouldn't mind having an official app that connects Xbox Live.

I would also really like it if Sony would make their app available outside of Europe:

And if you're just upset you spent $1500+tax on a laptop with 1-3 hours battery life, when you could have got one with 10 hours for $650+tax, that's your problem.

Wow so many people on there high horse that don't get that the openness of android is a two way street and if you don't want to use it you don't download it, no where in the post does it say it will come preloaded, get over yourselves, and the douche "PC Gamer" spokenwordd, You are not the only one here running a rig That can run a 5760 x 1080 display people like you give Pc gaming a bad name, with your Golden Haired God behavior ....

Good lord, he's just pointing out that Live is buggy and sucks as a cross-platform service. And it's going to continue to suck. It's not about PCs and consoles and all that jazz, hell, Teso Dos Bichos was the one who started the idiotic PC vs. console flame war.

You guys really just suck at reading sometimes.

ITT: a bunch of noob gamers on consoles (the same ones that think cell phone games are the same as handheld console games)

Nice thread!
For my two cents worth, I play my games on xbox instead of Ps3
Because of Live. I own both, but the experience on Live is superior.
Worth every penny IMHO.

Hoping we do get an Android app...look forward to it!

I find it funny that people use things like this to bash something they don't like because the rest of their stuck up friends don't like it, If you don't use it or like it, nobody cares! Keep your crappy attitude to yourself and whine to your mother or someone else that *might* care. Buncha babies...