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Apple has put up a new web page (and sent out an email blast to spam folders everywhere) praising the iPhone 5 against the competition. Plenty of Android fans are going to debate every single word Apple says until we're all blue in the face, but what I can see is that Apple is finally taking the competition seriously, out in the open, in front of everyone.

When a company wants your attention, they bash the competition. See all of Samsung's ads from last year as an example, or the "I'm a Mac" ads from Apple. Android OEMs are pulling out all the stops and bringing us features we didn't even know could be done in both the hardware side (HTC's new microphones have me excited) and the software side (the way dual-camera video chat looked in the Galaxy S4 Unpacked event has me itching to try it). Apple wants to take your attention away from all this. Ads like the web page they launched today try to do just that.

But getting your attention is easier than keeping it. To do that, Apple will have to ramp up on software changes, and take a few risks that they haven't been taking for a while. That's great news for the face of mobile, regardless of which side of the fence you're on. We all scream "copycat" (and Apple has been quick to call up their lawyers) when one company brings something we've already seen on some level from another. But when one company does something great, the rest do everything they can to deliver something just as "innovative" (I'm starting to hate that word) of their own. Since we're the ones buying, we all benefit.

Make no mistake -- Apple has some of the best people in the business working on what's next. The worry that phones like the HTC One, the LG Optimus G Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are going to steal a little more thunder than they have in the past is good for us all.

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Apple's new web page talks up the iPhone as expected, but in reality it's good news for everyone


Definitely sick of the word "innovative".
Should be interesting to see what Apple has in store for the 5s. Everyone is pulling out the big guns IMO. HTC One awesome, S4 awesome. Excited to see what Motorola has in store and of course the next Nexus :)

The irony is that I'm on my second NFC equipped phone, and still can't make payments in Australia.

If Apple put NFC in the iphone, maybe it will spur the competition into using NFC, not just shipping devices with it.

I think Apple will have to make this year's iPhone a 6. I think whenever they have the next iPhone event planned internally, they need to have answers to the high end Android market then. And not a few months or a year after that '5S'. They need to play catchup right now.

If you look at almost every one of Apple's ads, their "innovation" doesn't come from Apple itself.... it comes from the apps that 3rd party developers make. Look at the website here as an example... is anything shown that iOS in itself can do? Is anything shown that APPLE on its own created? No. Just what apps do. That's not Apple. Those are developers.

I see that as a consistent theme in their advertising. They use apps in order to win, which is fine, but when one looks at Android manufacturers, they distinguish themselves by doing things that nobody else does. BlinkFeed and build quality for HTC, the countless Samsung software innovations for the Galaxy series, the camera and hardware style of LG, etc.....

Apple uses apps. It is because iOS is no longer innovating. I hope that Apple has something in store that is different for iOS 7 because as of now, I just think they are afraid to change the platform.

Apple gave up on "innovate" they are going with "Litigate." Apple seems to have Their R&D run by lawyers now. The 4S copies ten features of Android, they are just letting Android develop for them and then steal it because Android is open.

Google needs to License Android out to Sammy, HTC, Moto, LG, etc, etc for like $1 to close it up so Apple doesn't keep stealing features.

Software wise, Android is moving so fast, beyond any of our imaginations.

I am very, very curious what functionalities the Snapdragon 800 will unlock in smartphones!!!
It's hard holding out, but I think it will be worth the wait for the Snapdragon 800! I really do.

I really don't think there will be anything ohhh or awww about the next IPhone. Look how long they took to bring a 4in screen to market.

IPhone people are like Obama supporters, they both have very, very low standards. IPhone people don't care what Apple does they just blindly get it, just like Obama supporters don't care what he does, they just blindly support him.

And iphones are black and white, and have bad signal, hard to read, and expect all the control- just like Obama...

You're on to something.

Its not just software wise, look at the hardware too. Android is the only one with 1080p screens, quad cores and 2 gigs of ram if i'm not mistaken. Android keeps whooping ass and apple cannot stop it. Now they feel threatened by the S IV release.

Software wise, Android is moving so fast, beyond any of our imaginations.

I am very, very curious what functionalities the Snapdragon 800 will unlock in smartphones!!!
It's hard holding out, but I think it will be worth the wait for the Snapdragon 800! I really do.

I really don't think there will be anything ohhh or awww about the next IPhone. Look how long they took to bring a 4in screen to market.

IPhone people are like Obama supporters, they both have very, very low standards. IPhone people don't care what Apple does they just blindly get it, just like Obama supporters don't care what he does, they just blindly support him.

Yeah, that tickled me. Also touting 8hrs talk time as "great battery life". The HTC One managed 16.8 hours of talk time in a recent test on androidauthority.

8 hours talk time.

HTC One:
16 hours talk time.

Agreed, Apple better come out swinging with the iPhone 5S. But I'm sure the only upgrades will be a bump in the camera, and slight processor upgrade. As a long time Mac user, and Apple fan, I hate seeing Apple lag further behind. But their laziness in the end might end up costing them.

Exactly. I loved my iPhone 3GS when it launced and missed it a little after an erroneous Blackberry upgrade but since then I've been impressed with Android's progression and thoroughly unimpressed with Apple's. My upgrade is due 5th April this year and nothing can turn my eye from the HTC One. Not even Retina and 8 hours talk time.

I don't care about the ppi's. I just can't figure out the attraction to the Retina Display. I have an iPod Touch with it and an iPhone 4 and, IMO, it's not that great. It looks very flat to me and lacks depth. I don't really know how to explain it other than my old thunderbolt looks better to me, as does the screen on my Toshiba Thrive, and especially the screen on my Note 2.

Yeah I don't care about the PPI count either. If a screen is good then a screen is good. At one point, PPI wasn't even a talking point for smartphones or amongst the media when they did reviews. Apple did make people more aware of it, sure, but they did it with marketing, and not really facts. Apple needs to answer all of these other manufacturers who have taken their 'Retina' standard and smashed it to pieces.

I have to agree. Fanboyism is retarded; and this is coming from a person that used to frequently use the word "isheep" to describe users of Apple products. Now, the majority of my friends use Apple products lol.

"lets you do so many things."


The problem Apple have is that it isn't a hardware battle anymore, it's an OS battle, yes all thee guys talk about quad-octo-mega-super core processors and HD displays and cameras, but the reality is that iOS is very easy to use, works very well but is far too a) expensive and b) boring, and unless Apple can figure out a way to change that they will not be number 1 again.

Can imagine apple changing the look a bit to satisfy those who claim its a bit old hat, only to howled at by the thousands who where quite happy with it as it was. See Windows 8 on laptop.

Agreed. Apple ran itself into a corner by not making any significant changes to OS like Android has been doing. Now majority of iOS users are brainwashed that it's the easiest OS to use (and why wouldn't it be if it only launches apps by clicking an icon). The problem is, it's going to be harder to compete. I can't imagine any significant changes to iOS being accepted by iPeople

iOS are basically the same as it was 5 years ago, at that time it was awesome but it feels quite boring now.

I love Android. iOS has its merits as well. But this. This is why I can't stand to use iOS anymore. It has received new features over the last few years which is great. But is looks exactly the same as it did on the original iPhone. It is in desperate need of a face lift.

iOS is "smart" technology dumbed-down for the masses. It's for those that are technologically challenged. Extra settings and customization are just too much for them to handle.

If this turns into a software battle Apple wins walking away. The difference in hardware is what keeps Android alive.

Apple and their overpriced, under acheiver iphone products is dead. Their advertisement doesn't even make sense. How can u do more with the iPhone? It can only do one thing at once. The iPhone is so limited it's boring d technology. That's why I, and so many people have dumped Apple for the more modern and useful multi tasking Android phone s.

I am still curious how an over priced, proprietary piece of crap "Lets you do so many things" Oh wait, that's the people out there that have absolutely no tech knowledge what so ever and depend on Apple and their iTunes, iCloud and other iBS.
The same people that spend $500.00 on a device, and then 3 months later spend another $500.00 when there is a newer version. The same people that don't realize that Apple is screwing them for expandability by NOT incorporating a MicroSD card slot like EVERY other phone out there! The same people that don't realize even though they paid for their songs on iTunes, that because Apple has DRM encryption on their songs, even though purchased, they still can't use them ANYWHERE else but on an apple product over iTunes, unless they know how to kill the encryption, but these are the same people buying music...enough said. And yes Apple got rid of the DRM, but previous purchases still have them.
I could go on, and on! But I have said enough. Apple enrages me, and it's nice to see the world is FINALLY starting to smarten up and go elsewhere.

I am a total Android fanboy, but I respectfully disagree. The iPhone is not $500. It's $200 on contract and Apple releases a new iteration every year, not three months. I agree with the microSD card bit however.

Man, iTunes songs have been DRM-free for 4 years now, and it's mostly thanks to the pressure Apple put on the music industry. Any song purchased after march 2009 can be played on whatever device you like (my GS2 and my Nexus for example).
ICloud is free and VERY useful and SD cards have now disappeared from most Android devices (to the noticeable exception of Samsung).

I love Android but Iwould really like to see Apple revamp iOS. I'm curious what they would come up with. And The hardware is overkill for what iOS has to offer (other than maybe games)

"Maybe because it lets you do so many things" right because you can have LIVE WALLPAPER and widgets, NFC, third party keyboards, it can attach ANY file to an email, FULL Automation (Tasker), custom home launchers.
You keep blinding yourself Apple because that is how you will fall. =)

It's like Apple just now realizes they have competition? I am very happy with the iP5, but that's partially because I am so vested in the Apple ecosystem. I also recognize that with each iteration the competition has moved forward faster than Apple. It is not hard to imagine a time in the near future where those ecosystem benefits may not be enough to keep me. I don't really care if the next iPhone hardware hits it out of the park -- although not releasing a larger screen iPhone would be stubbornly stupid -- but iOS 7 and iCloud need to step up in a big way. A few bells and whistles wouldn't hurt either. Temp and humidity sensor? Cool. Siri on steroids with blatant copying of Google now functionality with predictive context? OK, that would be interesting. File sharing that makes me leave dropbox. Hey, why not? And so on.

I think of Apple in a car analogy. I can imagine an Apple car without cup holders. We shouldn't drink beverages and drive right? Simple is better. Well, we all like our cup holders in our vehicles and many wouldn't buy a car without a cup holder. iOS needs some cup holders in addition to all the real deal goodies under the hood and in the drivetrain. And as a highly social species, we can't help but be intrigued at how many SUVs there are on the road, even if we don't really need an SUV with back seat video screens, third row seats, and the ability to drive over a house. Simple can start to look boring, while those SUVs look like a lot of fun. We like fun (and choice) too. This is how I see Apple right now.

Apple iPhones are so Popular... Just watch any TV or Movie and you'll always see an iPhone in action!
Samsung is seen in lower income/poor areas due to it's price (plastic doesn't cost much). See what I mean.... watch any show and start counting how many iPhones are featured!

So, you joined Android Central just to bash Samsung products? Wow, that speaks volumes about your character lol. Welcome, anyway lol

So much fail in one comment. I don't buy a product just because it is whored in front of me on the television. I like to think I have more self control than that.

I have seen people paying with food stamps at the grocery store with iPhone in hand on multiple occasions, never seen one with a Samsung..

Did we forget how often u would see BlackBerrys on tv shows and movies? Talk about being popular. Then bb struggled. Maybe Apple is following?

the problem with Apple that there so 5 years ago ..Android has simply past them by with better software and better phones period.

Exactly! the iphone years ago was awesome. Best mobile experience On earth back in 200X, but for years I have found Android better than iOS. I love my Note 2. :) Fantastic phone. I hope iOS makes a comeback because I think the more OSs out there, the better for US! that means more innovation and more competitive market!

iPhones look so toylike to me now, and any decent Android phone could do more for less. Hell, my old EVO Shift did more than the 4 and better too before storage issues crippled it. The LTE eats the 5's lunch too, Siri be damned, which I would play with for a weekend before forgetting about it, because it's a toy.

And that crap Retina display is an advantage? Who writes Apple's copy these days, IngSoc?

I really like "only iPhone has the Retina display". Technically only Apple uses this buzzword - what a smart way to get through.

iPhone is faster with a dual-core processor than basically any Android on the market. Top camera, great build quality, best app store, great screen, OS updates that most models receive on a consistent basis, no lag, etc....., and Android customer service is not even in the same universe with Apple.
I use both platforms, and while Android is fun to use and tinker with, IOS is just a smoother, more fluid OS and UI. Android still has too much lag and stutter, considering the 500-core processors and 50gb of RAM being put in them now.
I would like to see Android come up with a system similar to iCloud backup. If I switch iPhones, all that I have to do is an iCloud or iTunes restore, and my new phone is set up EXACTLY like the old one. Not possible with Android.

Lag is no longer a valid argument with 4.1. Also, 4.1 can happily run on a dual-core processor with 512GB of RAM. I don't know where you got the 500-core processor from, but that would be cool if real. More cores, the better.

Lag is a valid argument with any Android. The introduction of the S4 even showed some lag and stutter.

start with all your jailbreak tweaks and mucking with springboard and whatnot and you'll see your lag kick in after a few quirky repo installs. Been there done that. Oh and Titanium Backup trumpts iTunes restore by a mile.

Good luck with a restore if you screw up your JB and you're forced to upgrade to a new iOS version (that may potentially be un-jailbreakable). OR....just backup SHSH blobs etc etc etc. It gets very complicated and simply retarded. Android a very basic nandroid backup and/or titanium backup and you're back up in minutes.

I was just having a conversation today with my girlfriend (she lovingly listens to all my nerdy rants) about how I wish apple would make a phone that makes me want it. She brought up a good point that I would never want one because of the lack of android's openness. This is no fault of Apple's. There are pros to their closed off approach. Just my personal preference to have the ability to customize almost everything about my phone. But I just wish that they would bring something on the software side that was different than their old grid of apps, something new and refreshing, something dare I say better than android!. I don't like android just for the sake of liking android. I like it because its always changing. Its fun to use. When I have the time I can fool around with it, but when I don't it just does things I want it to do with ease. For now, in my humble opinion, Android is worlds ahead of iOS but it would be nice to have at least a sliver of jealousy at some point.

iOS causes rage in me. I wish I were not joking. Makes me want to start throwing things because I get so frustrated with it. Believe me, I've tried...two iPhones and iPod Touch, but I just can't deal with it. To me it's like trying to watch a movie with only a "stop" button on the DVD player.

I would also add that Apple apparently still has not figured out Bluetooth. Bluetooth does not work properly on any of the three iOS devices I have, and on the old iPhone 3G it doesn't work at all. In fact, of all the phones I've owned over the past 22 years, the iPhone 3G is the only one that has had hardware failure of some sort, and it suffered multiple failures. Even the three Blackberry Storms I had did not suffer from hardware!

Hate to say it but I'm leaving unlimited data away from Verizon, I'm heading to AT&T I'm not sure what new Iphone is heading out (already tried the Iphone 5) & the only choice left is the HTC ONE. Opinions appreciated before the beginning of the month.

The One looks to be a very nice phone. It certainly appeals to me more than the S4, and if it ever comes to Verizon, I will strongly consider it. As far as Android goes, I think that you have made the right choice, unless you want to wait to see what the Moto X-Phone brings. I think that it might be the Android "superphone" that everyone is looking for.

There's good reason people choose iPhone over Samsung, I have a GS3 on Verizon and a iPhone 4S. My daughter jumped ship 4 months into her contract that how I acquired the GS3. The 4s is my daily driver for the following reasons.
1.i actually still use voice calls and the GS3 has poor call quality, people say I sound horrible.
2. Bluetooth in my Ford with the GS3 is horrible, not even usable.
3. WiFi on the GS3 can't hold the signal in my house, drops constantly.
4. The GS3 craps the bed every time it has to switch from 4g to WiFi, the other way works fine.

The GS3 is so advanced it fails to be able to perform the simple basic functionality that most people need. Keep innovating Samsung.

You need to take that GS3 into Verizon. Most people I know with the GS3 have NONE of those problems. iPhone is simple, but boring. And believe me, iPhones have their share of "issues" too. If your phone is having problems doing what it is supposed to do, no matter what OS/brand, then you need to have it fixed. Do you really think 30 million people would put up with those kind of issues?

Since I have to keep it your right I should try to return it for a replacement. I think it's still on 4.1.1 so maybe the coming upgrade will fix it.

I have to say that you got a lemon. I have a GSIII on AT&T and while the call quality isn't the best, it's still on par with the iPhone.

The bluetooth never gave me a problem using a few MotoRokr sets, my laptop, and my girl's Mazda built-in. Flawless.

Wi-fi has always been flawless as well. I bounce between a few locations every day, and it always connectsand stays on.

No problems switching to wifi from 4G either.
However I did get some dropped calls going from 4G to 3G and such.It happens. No phone is perfect.

The Samsung is a great phone, hands down. I'm not a fanboy either. I have an iPhone 2G, 3 and 4. A Blackberry 8310, 9000, and Storm. A Samsung Galaxy S1 and S3, and a Nokia Lumia 920 on WP8 (which I think is absolutely fantastic, and a breath of fresh air in it's approach).

Android 4 life. Even my parents are switching back from iphones. Theyre slowly starting to lose customers as people are realizing theyre paying for mild upgrades on a "new" device. Apple stop being so traditional and create something totally new. That would really help apple compete. Im on my note2 and in my opinion its the best device android put out

Full Disclosure: I am an Android Fanboy and proud of it. But…I do own and love an iPad, I just loathe the iPhone.

Ok, here is my take on this issue. Like a lot of you have already stated, Apple needs to step up their game and make a product that goes with the times. In 2007, the iPhone was definitely innovative, so why does it look the same in 2013? Where is the incentive to buy one? It’s boring! Very boring. iOS looks almost exactly the same because Apple wants it to look the same – it’s very strange. Here are my top five issues that Apple needs to address to make themselves more competitive in future device releases:
1. Bigger screen. The iPhone 5’s screen is an embarrassment in my opinion. As all other manufacturers are making phones with larger and winder screens, apple decided to make the 5’s screen look like a candy bar. Once extra row if icons…Really? This needs to change and change quickly. When I run into people with iPhones, and they see my SGS3, they seem mesmerized. They hope that Apple will eventually release a larger screen. Hey Apple: larger screens are here to stay – get on board.
2. Customizations…Enough said.
3. Removable battery. Is this such a big deal? Hey Apple, make your phones with a removable battery. A lot of people are on the go and are unable to be around a desk or vehicle with a charging cord. It’s kind of ridiculous that you don’t offer that (considering it’s a MOBILE device) – shame on you.
4. Get rid of the proprietary connectors and join the club with the rest of the world by using USB. Nobody cares about your Lightning connector and you make it difficult and expensive to replace a cable. Wake up.
5. Expandable memory. We all know why Apple doesn’t allow for expandable memory. It’s the same reason they use the proprietary connectors and cables. It’s greed, plain and simple. Apple jacks up the price of memory within their phones to force consumers to purchase memory from Apple themselves (embedded in the iPhone). If they allowed people to purchase their own memory cards, that would open them up to increased competition and lessen profits. Once again, they are very greedy and it shows.

I could go on and on, but what’s the point. Apple isn’t perfect and neither is Android. But, Android seems much more powerful now than it has been in the past. Android phones are far superior both in functionality and audio quality. I recently read an article that the iPhone 5 has major audio quality issues. I actually experienced it first hand when a friend called me from his iPhone 5 and it sounded like he was in a tunnel. (there is actually a website devoted to Apple iPhone voice quality) Apple has made a lot of mistakes and has taken a lot for granted. Furthermore, the camera app on the iPhone is horrible compared to the one on my SGS3.

The only thing for me to determine is whether to wait for my contract to end or pay full price for the Samsung Galaxy S IV. ☺

I got an iPhone 4 for my wife because it was free on contract. She had a Samsung fascinate and hated it because it was a bad phone. She likes it simple and barely even uses any app. She is not into high tech so I think this free phone fits her nice.

I think when it just comes down to it. Apple rested on their laurels way too long. I don't think people except for the Apple faithful (and some of the tech media) are buying into their slogan of "innovation" anymore.

Android has caught up to them and surpassed them imo, and some people who would normally of bought Iphones are now looking elsewhere. By Apple sending this email out, this tells me that they're concerned.

Not that they won't continue to sell Iphones by the millions. But it signals that it's now a level playing field.

Curious that their page says retina can only be found on apple products. I read that while holding a Droid DNA.

I have a Galaxy Note II and an EVO 4G deactivated on my SPRINT account. I now own an iPhone 5. Why. Because I got sick and tired of apps not working on Android, and working just fine on my gf iPhone 4. NHL game center.. NFL mobile. Especially Rhapsody. I gave up a sweet GN II Just so I could get apps that work. Thats just my take.

Lol @ the message. "maybe it's because you can do so many things". Their marketing department has taken a dive lol. I enjoy my 4s but that ad sucks.