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Google today has updated a couple of its apps -- Chrome to Phone and Google Docs.

Chrome to Phone, which was rolled out alongside Android 2.2 Froyo in 2010, is a slick little service that lets you send links from your computer directly to your phone. No e-mailing, no ... whatever -- just click "Chrome to Phone," and it zips from big screen to small. Today's update brings an "updated look and feel," fixes crashes when copying text and adds support for landscape.

Google Docs also got a sizeable update today. New is the ability to make any file available for offline access, and your'e also able to manage content while offline, including seeing files that are out of date. Such offline content will be synced while over Wifi, and you can star and rename files without a connection as well. And nearly as important is a further improvement to how GDocs looks on an Android tablet -- not the first time it's gotten a makeover.

Snag the updates in the Android Market, or at the links below.

Download: Chrome to Phone, Google Docs


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App Updates: Chrome to Phone gets new look, bugfixes; Google Docs goes offline


Google Docs goes offline?

Paddles! Charging! Clear!

Dammit Phil, a little warning next time. Phew. ;-)

I know in the firefox addon "Fox to Phone", which uses the chrome to phone app, you can have different "phone accounts" or profiles. Then you would choose which one you want to send it to.

I can't comment on the Chrome browser though as I don't use it since the ad blocking isn't as good in my opinion. I would assume you would set that up in the add on options though within the chrome browser.

Thanks. I'm hoping they add a feature to pick a device from the same profile. Kind of like in the android market site.

Chrome to phone is still outdated compared to other Google apps. No action bar and the app icon is kind of low res. Plus they should update the phone model used in it...

Why would you need an action bar, and who even looks at the icon?

Install it and forget it. Its there when you send something from your computer to the phone and you don't have to launch anything to make it work. It just works.


When I saw an update for Chrome to Phone, I thought they had finally added the Phone to Chrome functionality.

Damn. It is taking them forever.

I spent a long time finding a good app just for that functionality and now use 2cloud. You'll have to install the extension on your computer as well as the app for your phone. Easy to set up and when you want to send a website to your computer you simply enlist the share feature in the browser and pick 2cloud. When you open chrome next all the links will automatically open.

Anyone else getting the broken "Error: Unable to connect" on C2P??? Been like this for awhile now..

Yeah, I'm getting that too. If I use a different gmail account, it works. I can't get it to work with the gmail account I've used with it forever. Very annoying.

Am I blind or did they take away the ability to upload files in Google Docs? I see "New" to make new but cant find any "Upload" option