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New nightly system will deliver fresh builds every 4 days

The Android Open Kang Project has reached two very important milestones. After less than two years, user downloads have now exceeded 1,000,000 -- this makes AOKP second in popularity only to Cyanogen. This is an incredible feat, especially for users that can remember flashing AOKP during its humble beginnings of early Ice Cream Sandwich builds.

The second milestone is actually a Milestone -- Milestone 1 to be precise. AOKP JB-MR1 Milestone 1, which represents the first stable build based on Jelly Bean, is now available to download. This is great news for those that do not like flashing experimental nightly builds or that have an aversion to bugs. In the past, sticking to Milestones usually meant waiting many weeks or months between flashes. Thanks to Team Kang's new one-milestone-per-month policy, milestone users can now have almost as much fun as the nightly flashaholics.

Speaking of flashaholics -- those that love staying on the cutting edge of AOKP features should know that Team Kang is doing away with their traditional builds. Instead, nightly builds will be created automatically by the AOKP BuildBot every 4 days. This means more builds to flash, but it also means these builds will be posted in untested form. Going forward, users must make sure to follow the first three rules of flashing (backup, backup, backup) because there is now a higher chance that the a posted build will be broken.

If you'd like to get push notifications of new builds and/or support Team Kang member Sethyx, AOKPush is now available in the Play Store. Join us for discussion the latest builds in the AC forums, or hit the comments with your feedback of the first Jelly Bean Milestone.

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AOKP hits 1 million downloads as first Milestone is released


I installed AOKP back on ICS build 14 and I haven't looked back yet. This is still the only ROM I run on my gnex and my Nexus7. I even installed it on my 71 year old dad's phone and he loves it. If you use it, don't forget to donate. These guys put a lot of effort into making our devices kick ass. Show them some love.

Congrats to the AOKP team. I used to be a huge backer of the project, used it on my G-nex exclusively back on ICS and 4.1. but as soon as we got 4.2, i felt Android was inching ever closer to that "works as is" for me.

i am on the latest M1 release now, and it just feels bloated. WAY too many settings in there that i just dont use. surprisingly it is still really quick and smooth tough. might try holding on for a few days to see how it works out....but i have been super happy with CM lately and even Mmuzzy's almost stock build.

its an exciting time to be part of android. when the custom ROM's start to be put aside (by me) for more of a stock ROM. not sure if it's me, or andorid.

I'm right there with you. I loved rooting and putting custom roms, but once I got the Note 2 I rooted and that's it. Haven't had to do one factory reset! It's kind of refreshing...

Been running CM10.1 since 4.2 came out since AOKP seemed to have slowed down. I may have to switch back to AOKP now.

I've been running CM 10.1 on my Nexus 4 for a while now, but I'm always open to checking out other ROMs. I flashed this one, and immediately was greeted with a force-close. After rebooting, wiping the cache, and trying again I've still been getting it. So for now, until I do some investigative work, I'm going to stick with CyanogenMod.

I would choose AOKP for the simple reason they allow the stupid crt animation to be disabled but I cannot find an official build for my gs3. Maybe they don't support it? The sprint version anyway...

Disable CRT, disable IME switcher (when using SwiftKey), Nav bar colors (and widgets). That's how babies are made.

Can somebody tell me what the actual differences are between AOKP and CM?

I looked through the AC forums and the AOKP forums and didn't see anything obvious that provides an explanation of that.

There pretty close the same. For awhile cm didn't have allot of features more pure rom. Aokp is more customization features so it takes skittle a little more time to set it up.


So, is AOKP using the CM code base and then patching it and adding additional stuff to it? Or is AOKP a completely separate source tree from CM?

Thanks for your support everyone! We are very proud of reaching MS1! Before joining the team AOKP was my ROM of choice and now that I'm on the team I'm very more biased! :P
With AOKPPush you'll be getting messages about our builds and also about test builds us maintainers build :) And if you subscribe to our "Fun" feed you'll get all sorts of messages from the team!

It's amazing what these guys can do. They make stuff so good that people are actually unlocking bootloaders and voiding their warranties just to install it. Why is it that teams like AOKP are able to build better stuff than companies like HTC and Samsung, who are in it for the money? And I think the guy from CM works (or used to work for Samsung). They should be putting that shit on all their phones, instead of TOuchwiz.

Honestly, I LOVE AOKP for the customization options that CM doesn't have, but the MR1 Milestone build IMHO is equivalent to a M Nightly build of CM10.1. The ROM is very stable, but my phone ran slower, almost to a degree similar to stock TouchWiz. Also, some games, mostly emulators, have decreased quality and introduced lag throughout when running on this ROM.

I've moved back to CM10, but I'm still skeptical about using AOKP again. I know it's slower than other JB ROMs, but since this is the first AOKP JB Milestone ROM, I'll give it a break (and perhaps another try).

I've just downloaded and installed the new MRI milestone 1 AOKP Rom! Where is the performance control settings in the menu I cannot find it? I have a galaxy s3 Verizon 4.2.2 Did something go wrong during installation? Do I need to reFlash or redownload the zip? Somebody help me!!! I do not see the tools section on the settings!!!

I have a galaxy s3 by Verizon 4.2.2 can I overclock my device with a aokP milestone 1? I cannot find the Performance Settings!!!