According to a recent survey by Changewave, Android has overtaken the iPhone as the most desirable smartphone on the market. Building on their December 2009 report, Changewave now reports that of those who are buying a smartphone in the next 90 days, 30% prefer Android. Which is more than iPhone. To be fair, the survey lists that 29% of users prefer iPhone but hey, whether you win by an inch or a mile, you still win. And 1% more than the vaunted iPhone is a win.

Android has grown significantly since the onslaught of amazing Android devices. Since September, interest in Android has grown five-fold. Ah, to remember the good ol' days. [electronista]


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Another survey says Android will soon take over the world


Once the iPhone OS4 is released and the details of the next iPhone model are confirmed (and if the rumoured specs are correct) watch the iPhone share rocket upwards again. If the next phone has the resolution that's being suggested and the iPad processor it will put the next gen iPhone at the top of the most wanted list once more. Quite an achievement for a single manufacturer.

iPad processor? didn't you read? it's the same damn CPU they used in the iphone clocked to a faster speed. and they are still using the same GPU too. Apple better come out with something more revolutionary this time.

Love it!

The Apple Hipster Douchebags actually think Apple is actually going to come up with an Android Killer...

Dream on.

He he, dream on indeed, if you think Apple even want to compete with some of the crap phones on Android.

Dude, you need to *catch up* to 3GS before having any thought of being the OS to beat.

Oh how does it feel that the iPad sold 300000 in ONE day compared to 135000 Nexus Ones in 74 (SEVENTY FOUR!) days.

Yeah, I said the iPad, you know, that device you haters say is shit, useless and will never sell.

Laters deluded.


That included presales from weeks in advance. The iPad is a tablet, not a smartphone. The Nexus has had nearly 0 advertising besides a link on Google and some news coverage. Stop drinking the Apple Kool-Aid.

It's sad that Apple has so many people fooled, I guess you will never learn that Apple are all about software. Why do you think the last iphone versions have been rehashes of the first. Same will be true for the next so-called version. I can tell you this, the next version iphone will not compare to the HTC EVO, not even close. Apple is trying to sue HTC for one single reason, they do not want the EVO coming to the market.

I think that Apple is almost ignorant to what is going on. They really don't believe that Android is a much better phone (Much like you don't believe because you more than likely have never used one) Apple will again release a sub par upgrade to the iPhone and it will dissapoint many. They want to keep their huge shares on each iPhone sold. What they need to do is redesign the OS. It works great but it is getting stale and old, Android eats Apples lunch when it comes to this. Running one task at a time isn't going to do it anymore. Android will only go up and Apple can only come down. This last few quarters has shown that. It will be all Apple can do to keep the high shares they have now. The people that were going to switch providers for the iPhone have already done so and Verizon now has a great lineup of phones (Android phones) that consumers are eating up. Add the HTC Incredible and the Nexus One to this lineup and Apple/ATT wont be able to keep up. I haven't even started talking about the "GOD" like phone that is the HTC EVO 4G. No matter what Apple releases in June it won't be anything like this phone and I would bet all my belongings on that. Apple is in trouble and if they try to hide specs like they did last upgrade (all they said is that the 3Gs is 2X faster than the 3G) Plus I read today that the iPad only has 256 mb RAM then that means more than likely multitasking is not in the iPhones future. 256 wont do it now a days. Apple has a huge up hill battle and I really think the main battle has already been won. Android has made a huge name for themselves and it will simply come down to Apple's control that will turn people away to greener pastures. The days of billions of dollars each quarter and doubling their share in the market are gone. Android will succeed and Apple wont be able to hold off an onslought of new Android phones with better specs every month while Apple force feeds minimal upgrades once a year.

Love it. About time...Hopefully this will make the 4.0 os a better one...which will make the next Android OS better. Innovation is what I love.

Well, at least we know Android has high mind-share. This doesn't mean much if Google does not continue to bring updates and manufacturers put out great hardware.

We know how many people said "omg, Palm Pre is so cool. I'm switching!" when it was announced, but look at their sales now..

and there isn't one cool Android device out there?

I don't think Moto,and HTC will keep pimping out new android devices, especially HTC...

What planet are you on? There are plenty of good looking Android devices out there and who knows why you think HTC will ever stop!

Polling people about "smartphone" or "smartphone OS" preferences is a loaded question. It's nice to see Android trending well, but it's likely that anyone entering into a conversation about smartphones is geekier than the norm. What I'd like to see is for Changewave to keep their list of smartphones to themselves, and ask people what phone their buying next; then filter out the ones that don't fit the smartphone category.

oh how the tables have changed...

The only way that Apple can stop Android it's if the iPhone is release in more than one carrier... WE HATE AT&T... I'm a former iPhone owner and I will never go back to AT&T ever for android... Patiently waiting for the EVO and 4G in Cincy!!!

come on people apple pretty much closes there OS and its not as customizble as android is. if you have to break warrenty to do same thing as android its not worth getting

You don't need to unlock the bootloader to do everything you can do on a jailbroken and warranty voided Apple product, and more.

You only unlock the bootloader to use it to load and boot new unofficial software, hence the word bootloader.

As you were soldier.

The iPhone os is so stale... 4.0 better be a major revamp or they're really going to fall behind. Widgets, Multi Tasking and do away with that damn lame ass 1000 icon format.

For every 1 iPhone, there are like 4-5 Android devices released. The beauty of Android is the manufacturers get to focus on building an amazing device, and let Google handle the OS. The winner is the consumer. You have more carrier choices and more flexibility with the OS. It's no wonder Android has taken the lead.

Wonder what's going to happen to Palm.

Yep, 4-5 different Android (more like 20 really) and STILL they cannot sell more than iPhone :-)

I mean, Apple sell more 3GS in week than Google did N1 in 10 weeks, and that is a supposedly brand new cutting edge device vs a 3 year old OS



Why don't you take a look at the Droid sales vs 1st Gen iPhone sales over the first 90 days..the numbers were posted a few weeks ago on this may be surprised by what you see, as the Droid clearly sold more units...also you keep on focusing on the N1, its not the only android phone, and it was released with a brand new advertising concept solely based on a few admob banners. I'm not saying there was an utter lack of advertisement, but definitely nowhere remotelty close to the mega bucks spent on any iPhone launch (not to mention the original launch hysteria) or for the sake of fairness the vzw backed Droid campaign. I mean Droid commerical and adds are still all over every form of media almost half a year after its release! Lastly you can only buy the nexus online from google, and unless your in the know its hard to even find the link to the purchase page on the main google page, its def not jumping out at you. I personally find it amazing that they sold as many as they did, and think its safe to say 75% of potential smart phone buyers (the average users who dont read sites like androidcentral) either never heard of the nexus 1 or know very little about it. You simply cannot compare the typical super smart phone sale figures to the nexus 1's figures, anyone who does so regardless of OS allegiance is ignorant.

Because if there's one thing Apple fans know, it's that market share is a reliable indicator of quality.

"Android" and "iPhone OS" are not really the same thing.

Stats can be bent and stretched to tell whatever story you want. The fact that iPhone is sold on ONE carrier, with basically ONE model, and is only a point behind Android, which is not a device, but an OS on many different devices, on many different carriers, shows how popular and liked the iPhone is. I own both, and like both for different reasons. Nobody is going to "Crush" anyone else--the market can tolerate both...and it's good for competition too.

I am a current 3gs owner and I played around with my brothers Nexus one and let me tell you it's amazing the Android OS. But it has it limitations. Just like the crApple iPhone.

I have no idea what the big "battle" is about. The Apple fans have their hardware and software, the Droids have theirs. Both groups are enjoying many of the functions of the phone they chose. I was a motorazor user for years and got my first Android Mytouch a month ago. It is fabulous! Achmed says"SILENCE.. I KILL YOU" every time I get a new email. I haven't found enough time to shop the available apps to decide if I need them or not (and the current number is up to 38,000). Lighten up and enjoy the technology you own..sheesh..

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