Droid X leaked OTA

Yeah, we're still waiting on Android 2.2 for the Motorola Droid X. But for those of you who are rooted and don't mind a little hackery, another leaked OTA (see our hands-on with the first) has appeared at My Droid World. You need to be rooted to get this guy to install, and you're going to have to use Koush's bootstrapper. And now would be a good time to remind about the warning Motorola issued after the previous leaked Froyo build -- mainly that if you do this, don't expect help from Moto if a newer OTA actually gets pushed out. But you knew that already, right? Check out the full instructions at the source. [My Droid World via Android Central Forums]


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Another Droid X Froyo update leaks out


have this loaded and its smooth as he** im just waiting for a updated build promp mod but does anyone wants an nandroid for this?? hit me upp :)

Sorry, but I just have to wait for the official. Sort of frustrating that all's been quiet on this front for a while. Engadget and Android Central has failed to point out the "first week of September" quote turned out to be inaccurate. That is... unless I missed a post somewhere. In any case, keep us posted!

Yea, I agree with you, there hasn't been any conclusive time frame any way. I did ask a Verizon Rep (take it as a grain of salt) but she (again... it's a woman, nothing against them, but she couldn't find the specs of the droid x that i was looking for on her cool tablet) said that it probably won't be until November.

Can the brave ones let us know what improvements their seeing? Does the unlock still stick? Wireless not drop? Etc. I've got a good list of bugs that I'm hoping 2.2 fixes.

Downloaded and installed w/ bootstrap, I'm gonna load my back up and run a Quadrant to check for any improvements, then try and see if the camera issues i had are gone, will post in the Forum later.........

So whats the verdict on the Quadrant scores?

What camera issues were you having btw? I've been having some issues lately and I'm running stock 2.1 and I'm non-rooted.

I installed this without any issues, and it installed fairly quickly. I did not lose root and I used the 1 click EasyRoot method previously. I do not know why people are losing root, but I hope it's not because people are not following directions properly.

PS:Before I did this update , my prior configuration was rooted with Froyo 2.2 and no custom ROMs. I did have a customized build.prop file. I do not know if the people who are running into any other issues have other ROMs loaded or are still at 2.1.

I followed the instuctions. I don't know why I lost root. I was running unthemed 2.2 that I downloaded from Tom manager. I also had the build.prop fix. Oh well, I guess I will wait for the next one.