Angry Birds Space

If you've been patiently waiting for the next series in Rovio's blockbuster hit Angry Birds, then you'll be pleased to know that Angry Birds Space has now lifted off. Rovio has been teasing the new series for quite some time now with it being a whole new twist on the original series. For now, it's available in the Amazon App Store for $1 so if you have access to that, you can hit the link below to grab it. If you can't access the Amazon App Store or just would rather wait until it appears in the Google Play Store, you can grab the ad-based version past the break to hold you over. Now, excuse me -- I have to go defy some gravity.

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Angry Birds Space now available for Android


I just downloaded it from the Google Play Store this morning as well. On my Moto Atrix. For some reason when I searched "Angry Birds" it didn't come up. But when I went to the Angry Birds page in the Play Store and clicked "More Apps from Rovio" it showed up

I downloaded the version from Samsung apps. But it has ads! Lame to hype this as special with ads. What is the special content for the Note anyway?

If you have a Kindle Fire that's unrooted, you kinda get screwed. If you go on the website, you can get the Ad-free and free versions for $.99 and free respectively. But there's a 3rd version that says (Kindle Fire edition) that's $2.99. But if you search on the Appstore on the Fire, it only shows the KF edition, no free one.

Quite a shame when they still force the Wi-Fi only download on 4G phones.

Seems to me if they can detect compatability they can see if your phone is capable of faster download speeds to negate the necessity of Wi-Fi.

Just bitter I guess since I wont be near Wi-Fi for a few hours and would like to play it on the go already. ;_;

So what's the story with this HD version? It's in the Play store, but incompatible with everything except a Kindle Fire. Is that the version that's exclusive to Amazon initially? Or is it always going to be a Kindle Fire exclusive?

I only want to buy it once, I don't want to buy the .99 version (which is in both Play and Amazon stores) only to find the $2.99 HD version is what I need on my Asus Transformer Prime.


I haven't downloaded the HD version, but I do know that the 99 cents version works fine on the Galaxy 10.1 tab and looks pretty good.