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It's that time of year again -- Eggnog, Christmas Carols, presents under the tree, and the second year of your Angry Birds Seasons Advent Calendar.

Dubbed "Wreck The Halls" the update is live in the Market right now bringing another 25 Christmas flavoured levels. Apparently on the last day, we get to meet the "Big Pig" himself. We won't bore you with any gameplay information, after all, this is Angry Birds right?

All that said: The new version's added some new permissions. And judging by the comments in the Android Market, a good many of you aren't keen on that. Chances are it's just a slip and that Angry Birds isn't spying on your phone calls, folks.

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Reader comments

Angry Birds Seasons gets back in the Christmas spirit, but will new permissions bring out the Grinches?


People still use this app? I've been bored with it since I beat Castle Crashers (the game Angry Birds ripped off) over 3 years ago. Lol

no, no one is using this app at all, not one person.

I must have miss the train to the reason that you are so much better than everyone that is playing it.

So bored, in fact, that you can't even remember the name of the game you beat so handily? You're most likely thinking of Crush the Castle. Castle Crashers is an entirely different type of game.

If you beat Crush the Castle three years ago, that must have been a neat trick, since it only came out two years ago, just a few months before the original launch of Angry Birds. Crush the Castle itself was hardly original, as it was based almost entirely upon another game called Castle Clout, which came out the previous year. And if that's the one you beat, I certainly hope you're proud of yourself, since it contained all of one level.

It's hardly fair to call any one game a "ripoff" of any other, just because two or more happen to be in the same genre. At least the Angry Birds developers had the good sense to use something other than medieval knights and castles for their subject matter, and to swap out the siege weapon for an entirely different type. Whatever that's worth, it's more originality than the makers of Crush the Castle can claim.

It really doesn't matter that Angry Birds was not the first in its genre. What's important is that it presents itself in such a highly entertaining style, so as to add a crucial element of fun to the mix, something which was jarringly absent from the genre previously. Say what you want about Castle Clout and Crush the Castle, but it's pretty hard to call either of them fun. Angry Birds, on the other hand, definitely is fun, which is why it's so popular.

The mark of a good game is not whether or not it invents a whole new category for itself, but whether or not it's fun to play. The best games do both, of course, and it would be great if every game could be wholly original from top to bottom. But realistically, that's just not possible. If I have to pick one or the other, I'll take fun over novelty any day. (I say that as both a gamer and a game designer, myself, by the way.)

My hat's off to the makers of Angry Birds. They hit a home run with it, in every way that matters.

Aside from the fact that it was a great new concept, it has awesome sound effects, background score and funny graphics which all make a lot enjoyable than games of the same genre.

Angry birds will always remain a classic.Period.

So...What are the new permissions that are being referred to here? Also, if they aren't benign used by the application then why are they being demanded/requested?

Every app that makes noise has to have that so it knows when to shut up. If they didn't have it before it was a bug.

I often play in airplane mode just to avoid the pop-up ads anyway.

Interesting. I have the Amazon (ad-free) version, and the only permission stated is Full Internet Access.

Is this not the case in the Android Market version? That's curious.

" Chances are it's just a slip and that Angry Birds isn't spying on your phone calls, folks."

What an asinine thing to say!! What do yourself one of Jerry's preached about Nexus so you feel you can laugh and make fun of this? Another author drops off my "respected" list at Android Central.

If this wasn't a dig - how about a little journalism and find out ifbits a slip, also while your at it how about saying what the permission changes are.