What does it take for a game to hit a half-billion downloads? Here's how Angry Birds breaks it down.

  • No. 1 in 79 Countries
  • 266 billion levels plalyed
  • 400 billion birds shot
  • 44 billion stars collected
  • The equivalent of  200,000 years played
  • 300 million minutes played daily

Say what you will about the longevity of Angry Birds -- that's a bunch of downloads.

Download: Angry Birds for Android


Reader comments

Angry Birds hits 500,000,000 downloads


Umm, 500,000,000 downloads and only 400,000,000 birds shot? so 100,000,000 got it and never actually played it?

500,000,000 downloads and 400,000,000,000 birds shot.
Bit of a difference, 400 billion, not million. So 800 birds shot each :)

I haven't downloaded it at all. Shooting birds into pigs makes for a lame premise for a game. I guess people couldn't find any more games and latched onto this one.

I still never got into it - so I don't play it (or even have it on my device). It reminds me of simple web flash games.

I believe the game is popular because it offers a quick diversion while waiting in line, while out with the children, or during a quick break at work. The early levels were not that hard, but if you have kept up with the new episodes, they can get pretty challenging.

I work to finish each level. Then get all 3 stars. Then to find all the hidden items. This is similar to how I used to plat A Mario Bro's Game back in the day and Zelda.

OT, new Zelda game on 11/20/11!!

Me too. I just wish there was a way to export your progress from one platform to another. Moving from WebOS to Android means I have to replay all those levels again. (argh! MUST COMPLETE!!!!)

Here's the thing, though - the game is free. How many downloads would it have had if it was $5 or $10? Sure, I downloaded it, and played it, about three months ago, and I haven't played it since.

I know they have ads, and I guess they make some money from ads. But is this game so good that you would actually put some or your hard-earned coin down?

The success of a good software is measured by the money it makes you, not how many people downloaded it for free.

Signed, a software developer

Android Birds serves ads, these ads generate money. Also some people have paid for Angry Birds to get an ad-free version. 25% of the 500 million downloads are paid apps, so 125 million dollars there.

Soon Angry Birds will have a movie and cookbook, and it already has stuffed animals and have sold 30 million t-shirts. It is wildly successful.

Congrats to them on having a wildly successful product (though I'm sure the money is praise enough) but I'm another one of those that got bored of the game after a week or two. I don't get the appeal but the masses do and that's what matters.

"bored of the game after a week or two" is actually good for a casual game. Most games you download, play for five minutes, get bored and either uninstall or don't bother touching it again.

All games have a shelf life. However, that period of use gets repeated for all those 500 million downloads. If every person was bored after a week, that's still 500 million weeks worth of play.

It is a great game and perfectly designed for its niche. The I still play it fairly regularly, but I was never really obsessed with it. My popular casual game of choice is Cut the Rope.

Congratulations Angry Bird Developers! Well deserved. It is a Great Game, and the sound effects still make me smile Big time! Though I only play it now about once a week. To keep my stress level down. Cheers to the next 1/2 Billion.

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