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Android A to Z: Haptic feedback


How does haptic feedback affect battery drain? I remember when I first got my phone, I read one commenter who insisted it was a big drag on the battery. Not sure if that was a real tip or just standard hysteria.


It does have an effect on battery drain as it has to power the motor to spin the offset weight (creates the vibration) every time haptic feedback is needed. So if you wish to squeeze out as much battery life as possible, turn off haptic feedback completely in the OS (usually under "Sound settings" listed as "Vibrate"). :)

Haptic goes beyond the vibration motor in phones. In development are screens that let you feel contours. And there are many more possibilities when discussing haptics.

Our company, Immersion, recently ran a battery consumption study for Haptic on mobile devices. Typically only 1% to 2% is consumed, that's it. Our perception is that the Haptic feedback surely must be sucking the life out of our batteries, but our processors, screens, sensors & communiction components consume FAR more. So, next time you want to save battery, forget about haptics and dim your screen a bit or put your phone in airplane mode. That study I mentioned can be found here: