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In a message posted on the Android Building Google Group, Bill Yi has announced that GPL projects for the software running on both the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch have been posted to the appropriate places in the Android source tree. Interested developers can find them under the tag android-4.4w_r1, and we're told that there are very few changes since the KitKat 2.2 maintenance release. As of now, we don't see any specific repos for the Gear Live or the G Watch, but some very important portions (such as /system/core) are available.

Yi also says that Google plans to do a "full platform push" for for Android's next milestone release, which should be Android L. We look forward to seeing as much source code for Android Wear as possible, because we know what smart developers can do with Google's platform.

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Android Wear source code uploaded to AOSP


I look forward to reading and replying to forum posts, email and the like on my actual gear live! I hope the devs care about these sort of things because it's over my head!

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Anyone wants to port for the Gear 2? LG watch it's ugly! And that Gear Live is made out of plastic! No camera support is a killer deal for me... It's so useful. Specially when my GN3 dies after a long day/13hrs... Can't wait for the Moto 360!

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Hmmm.... wonder if the XDA people will port for the OG Gear and Gear 2 line as well?
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