Android TV remote app shows up in Google Play

Excited for Android TV? Then you should get ready by downloading and installing the Android TV Remote Control app for Android. The app will allow you to use your Android phone or tablet as an Android TV remote.

With Android TV Remote Control you'll be able to use two modes, D-pad or touchpad, to navigate the content of your Android TV. You can also play games using the app with a compatible Android TV device. A mic button will allow you to start a voice search and a keyboard can be used for text input.

Grab it today from the Google Play Store. The UI won't show up unless you have an Android TV on your network, which probably isn't a whole lot of you. Still, you can get it ready for the day when you do have Android TV in your house.

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Sunofabob says:

A bit early.

AC App via Nexus 5

I saw this when i was downloading the slides app.

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Jacques says:

Will wait to see Sony, Sharp, and TP Vision (whoever they are) before I decide. Or, I'll just use the Chromecast. :-)

Seryozha says:

do it work on google tv devices?

Ep3n3wp says:

Wait... So is Android TV going to be a set top device?

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Dizfunctions says:

Google just ended up miles ahead of Apple...

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DSaif says:

So you can't connect to Android TV without WiFi like Google Cast. Weird isn't it?

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