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Android has been chosen as the "best perceived brand" among the LGBT community in the latest BrandIndex rankings. This is the first year Android has made the list, and it edged out the iPhone by just a couple points. The folks at BrandIndex tallied up scores for over 1,100 brands, and asked “If you've heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?” The negative was subtracted from the positive, and after filtering results for those who identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender, Android got a score of 38.2.

We're not exactly sure what this means, except that it's pretty fabulous, and we know Google and the guys and gals on the Android team support all folks without caring about who or how they love. And that's the way it should be. 

Source: BrandIndex, via HuffPo; Thanks; J-Weezy, for the tip!


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Android tops LGBT 'buzz list' in the U.S.


"we know Google and the guys and gals on the Android team support all folks without caring about who or how they love. And that's the way it should be."


Great article.

"We're not exactly sure what this means, except that it's pretty fabulous--"
Love the use of fabulous. Won't see it in any other article, hah.

I already know how I am going to be labeled for saying anything contrary to this point of view, so I am going to keep my post brief. I am a big fan of android and androidcentral, however stories like this and the commentary associated with this story are un-necessary. This is a tech blog and people's relegion, politics or sexual orientation has NOTHING to do with technology.

Call me what you will, but lets stick to what this website was intended for and skip social commentaries.


Don't be. You're not the only one who dislikes the liberal media pushing their opinions and agendas on us ;)

Every time I hear "liberal media" it boils down to "they have an opinion different then mine." How is this site liberal, or how do you define "liberal media."

Riddle me this. Who are you to decide what is or is not necessary at Android Central?

Yea, that's what I thought.

So I should start talking about politics, religion or my views on sexual orientation? No, that has its place somewhere else.

I would be willing to bet that if any denomination were to say that they endorsed Android that it wouldn't be posted on any tech blog including androidcentral.

I would also be willing to be that if Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign were to create an android application that it would not see any coverage on any tech blog.

I'd love to write posts about how <insert Mormons, Catholics, Republicans, Martians, Serial Killers, et al> choose Android over the competition. Shows Android is popular with all sorts of people, with all sorts of differing views.

I would be willing to bet that the only reason this bothers you so much is because you have some sort of problem with homosexuality.

Well, to be honest, the whole "don't talk about politics, religion or sexual orientation" thing is a bit dated. We're big boys now, grown-up pants and all. We can handle it, at least with the last one.

Religion and politics are pretty much a choice, and are touchy to talk about. Sexual orientation (gay or straight) is not a choice, and it's also quickly moving out of the 'omg did he just mention that in public???' category into mainstream.

Let's accept that, like it or not, the world is moving forward in a progressive way and stuff like this is going to become commonplace - just like interracial marriage, divorce, religious freedom and everything else we now take for granted that was hush-hush at some more prejudiced point in our past.

Welcome to 2012. Don't worry, you'll be fine.

Technology has become ingrained in society. So, to speak about society and not touch on technology would be the same.

I beg to differ with your opinion. This Site is about android as a whole and not just strictly the physical phones and this article is pertaining to android. It states android has never made the list before and then this year it beat out apple. That is huge and shows android is becoming more than just a nerds phone, it is being used by everybody now. If you want this site to be strictly about phones then I guess they shouldn't have posted anything about the new Verizon plans, or when at&t was trying to buy tmobile, etc.

Sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, age, location, etc are all demographics. Deal.

If AC came across stats saying Irish Catholics strongly favor Android more so than Jews do, we'd be arguing whether that article is appropriate because it too would be on here.

If you want to get specific the vzw plans are not tech related. Vzw provides cellular service which happens to be what a lot of today's tech uses however the plans themselves are not tech relayed because they are just what we pay to use that service. also I didn't see you posting anything on those articles saying the writers commentary about how much they suck wasn't needed and shouldn't be written. When I read this article I didn't give a shit what special interest group it was about. What I enjoyed is that it shows android is being adopted by all different types of people no matter what their preferences or race or gender or any other demographic you want to add is.

You have about two-hundred and fourteen replies in this thread. You're clearly having an issue containing your outrage against AC for showing a kindess to gay people. If this site is strictly supposed to be about technology, you should be aware that they count how many times a particular article is opened. Because you not only opened this article several times, but posted a number of responses to it, it's only showing up in their statistics and are more likely to put more stories like this on their site.

Maybe it'd just be letter for you to let go of your angst.

It is relevant when it comes to their perception/use of Android. It would be irrelevant if the post was the LGBT's favorite car.

Sorry man, you're argument is a bit illogical.

This blog comments on all things android. This is a specific event that happened to Android. The reporter then added in his own two cents, which happens all the time.

1) Agreed bigsmoothz88. I hope people will be "tolerant" of your view, just as they require tolerance from you. Unfortunately this is usually a one way street in our politically correct culture.

2) Android Central: Please stick to technology, not politics or discussions concerning worldview ideology. Phandroid made this mistake in the past; please don't follow in their footsteps.

"Unfortunately this is usually a one way street in our politically correct culture."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Being tolerant of who a person is and being tolerant of prejudice are two VERY different things.

Let's not try to compare them.

So, if were to say "slaving xxxxx is great" I would expect everyone to be "I disagree, but that's your opinion and we accept it?" I would hope not. A point of view that dehumanizes others or seeks to take away their rights should not be tolerated. I have the same as rights as you, that's the view of tolerance.

I disagree wholeheartedly with this your post.

First of all, Android Central reports on all news related to Android. That includes its successes and shortcomings. It also includes any reports related to the public perception of the product. So, this news item was totally appropriate.

Secondly, with regard to the so-called commentary, there is nothing wrong with what was written. They did not mention politics, religious beliefs etc. It is a fact the Google, not so long ago, decided to extend the same insurance benefits and other privileges to the life partners of their LGBT employees as their heterosexual employees enjoy. They are simply reminding us of that fact since its related.

Thirdly, I realize that LGBT issues are political and religious hot button topics this day and age, but that does not make it a third rail issue that should not be reported on when its relevant. I'll bet that you would not have had a problem with this post if it was about how the Black or Latino community perceived Android, women, or if they were simply talking about the 18-35 age group. All of these "groups" are highly politicized but that is not what the article was about. The fact is that there are measurements and studies taken on all of these "groups" to measure trends in perception toward certain brands, spending habits, and yes, political leanings. Android Central simply reported on one of these studies because it was relevant.

I will withhold judgement and refrain from making negative assumptions about you and your character. I will however, to encourage you to think with your head instead of your emotions the next time you post.

You are never going to see that heterosexual community has endorsed Android, Iphone or Windows phone. You are never going to see that the "White Males of America Prefer Android" because its not PC.

The main problem is that the author of this article threw in his own agenda "We're not exactly sure what this means, except that it's pretty fabulous, and we know Google and the guys and gals on the Android team support all folks without caring about who or how they love. And that's the way it should be." --That is the primary fault with this story!

My agenda?

Love everyone and mind your own damn business. If that's an agenda, I'm guilty.

If your "agenda" is different, feel free to start your own blog and post whatever the hell you want.

Why don't you just stick to tech news, Jerry. Leave the LGBT movement for the LGBT. And no need to get upset. That is the M.O. of the LGBT movement.

Quick question? When AC post reports on the sales of Android Devices and their market share, do you consider that non-tech news that should not be reported?

There's no "LGBT Movement". They're people. Like you and I. There's no "Gay agenda" other than being treated as equal. (insert biblical "love thy neighbor, don't judge people, constitutional "all equal" statement here)

If you are inferring that I hate, just because of what I have said, you are wrong. I strive to never hate, and I always strive to put myself in the other persons shoes before I make my conclusion about any view. My opinions are my right, just as you have yours. My only argument is that this is a place about android and technology and not pushing an agenda which is unrelated.

This story is admittedly about android, and I am pleased to see that a group of people are embracing android technology rather than I-crap. I also admittedly, disagree with the "LGBT movement/agenda", that does not make me wrong and someone else right. It simply means that I have my view and I don't see eye to eye with others about that view.

When you interjected your own opinion about the subject by saying "We're not exactly sure what this means, except that it's pretty fabulous, and we know Google and the guys and gals on the Android team support all folks without caring about who or how they love. And that's the way it should be." that is when this story crossed the line and was no longer about android or technology. It was in fact a bias of your own which you should have kept to yourself as a professional writer.

Consider your audience, and also consider how you treat them when you say things like "post whatever the hell you want". It is obvious by how many how responses are in this thread that people are divided on this issue. Consider that before you "share" your bias.


Any website is the sole ownership of the person or business that registered it. Anyone that visits a website is just that, a visitor. When visiting someone else's place be mindful that it's not your own place and treat it with respect and respect that things may not be what you expect and may not the way you would have done it back home. If you'd rather control your experience then Delta is ready when you are.

In this instance, I would prefer not use a word as absolute as "never". The fact is that we actually do see reports as of how the "white" or "Straight" community view things. I have been reading a bunch of these reports--- especially in this election year cycle.

You are correct in that you don't see these often. However, its NOT because its not PC (Double negative intended). Its because its Whites people are the majority in America at present. Also, Straight people are the majority. We already know that Android is the Top selling mobile OS brand in the country and the world. What we don't know is how it breaks down among certain groups. I, for one, find them interesting reads.

As a person who likes the homosex, I've yet to ever go to a meeting where we discuss an agenda? Much less, you're assuming the author of the article has some type of agenda as well. The only agenda I see is yours. An agenda to be an ass and an agenda to make a big deal over something you could easily skip if it doesn't interest you.

--I will withhold judgement and refrain from making negative assumptions about you and your character. I will however, to encourage you to think with your head instead of your emotions the next time you post.--

So because my opinion about above issues is different than yours, I have a poor outlook or poor character? That is what is wrong with our society. Just because somebody believes something different than what I do just means that we don't see eye to eye, that person is not any less of a person!

Apparently, you also seem to have a problem with reading comprehension. You seem to not understand what the words "withhold judgement" and "refrain" actually means.

But, fret not, I will help you out here:

Read the info contained in those two links and if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them for you.

BTW, I don't remember using the words "poor character" anywhere in my post. I could be wrong, let me check...

Edit: I have checked, and its not there...

Don't take the bait. It's a trick used often by many politcos and mouthpieces. He's playing the "cold, emotionless logic" card and you'll *never* be able to pin him down on it in a website chat, so don't bother.

He's correct in that he didn't explicitly say anything about your character. You will not be able to prove that he did, and that's the beauty of it. Take the overall tone of his response to you (as well as his other comments on this topic), and you can come to a relatively safe assumption of what his opinion of you is. But it will be just that - an assumption. It's unprovable, can't be cited or verified anywhere, and Starfleet Captain has the freedom to deny or remain vague on it.

Just let it go. You were right in that you were going to get flamed for bring this question up. So my question to you is, knowing that and the kind of community this is, why bring it up at all?


"He's playing the "cold, emotionless logic" card and you'll *never* be able to pin him down on it in a website chat, so don't bother."

That's got to be one of the best comments I've seen in a while. LOL!!!

uh oooh, he's playing the cold logic card... Time to pack up and leave...

I can't stop laughing! LOL!

Keep laughing.

"cold, emotionless logic" is a "game" of sorts where someone uses "logic" and "proof" (within the context of internet chats usually) to hide behind.

I know you have a negative opinion of him (and of myself now), so don't fuck around and just come out and express yourself. Don't hide behind the fake "intellectual" facade. Do you think we are bigots? White racists maybe?

Oooh, maybe I should up your fake "intellectual" card with a fake race card of my own since im a "minority"? Doesn't race override all of the other cards?

Intolerance against any race, creed or belief is technically bigotry. So that is a question you will have to look deep inside and answer for yourself.

Once again, being tolerant of a person because of who they are is VERY different from being tolerant of a person who is prejudiced.

Let's not compare the two.

You make it seem like using logic is wrong. I have a negative opinion of his post, but not of him, because I don't know him. See, that is why I reserve judgment.

But, if you want to know who I am, I am a Black, heterosexual male and a father. I am currently in college and studying for towards a Science degree in the field of Mathematics. We mathematician like using logic to solve problems, because that's the only sensible way to go about solving them.

To Be Honest, many in my family do not share the same views as I do on the LGBT community. But, these people are actually decent and I respect them and their "character". I can confidently say that because I KNOW them. I do not know you or the other poster, which is why I REFRAIN from making any judgements about your character. Now, with regards to the post, I do have negative opinions of them, because i don't agree with them... See what I did there? I said I have a low opinion about something I don't like.

Bigsmoothz, that's the society we live in. People claim to be tolerant of every race, religion, and human being under the sun. But as soon as you disagree with them, they will treat you as an emotionally driven lower life form.

It's simply doublethink, and it's in the media every day.

Bigsmoothz, I respect you for posting your thoughts. I agree Androidcentral is simply going out of their way to be politically correct which is quite silly for a tech blog.

I treated him as a lower life form? I did imply that his post was emotionally driven... Because it was. But I don't think I mistreated him with this particular post. In fact, I was respectful. I simply stated that I disagree with him and told him why.

Why do so many people blow things so far out of proportion when facts are thrown at them?

I agree completely. Unless this post was about an Android app that prevents AIDS or the transmission of HIV I think it is irrelevant? People are always trying to push the LGBT agenda everywhere they go.

Hehe, just like blacks were trying to push their 'African American agenda' in the 50's and 60's. Wow, civil rights must be a very difficult thing to grasp.

It's ok. In 20 years, we all know who will be on the wrong side of history.

I agree that bigsmoothz88 goes a bit far. But how does labeling someone a bigot make anything better? Anger rarely changes people's minds and tolerance is a two way street. IMHO.

Yes, you are correct. It is just that most liberals believe tolerance should only benefit them. The cannot tolerate people with differing opinions and always resort to the "bigot" label. It is your classic case of the kettle calling the pot black.

Once again, being tolerant of a person because of who they are is VERY different from being tolerant of a person who is prejudiced.

Let's not compare the two.

Trust me, I'm more than tolerant of Christians and those with different beliefs. The moment they need to create a problem that doesn't exist, as bigdickz88 did, then I'll call him out. If that doesn't work, I just knock them out with my fist.

He's making something into an issue when there is none to be made.

If you don't like the gays, you might want to put your money where your mouth is and stop supporting Google. And while you're at it avoid apple, Microsoft, and RIM. They all seem to support the 'mos. Google even handed out rainbowy lip balm at the parade this year!

This is a bit absurd. Android Central is a site that discusses all things pertaining to the brand. This article may not be OF INTEREST to you, but it's relevant insofar as it talks about a demographic's brand affinity with Android and contrasts it with the competition. Gay-friendly branding has become a hot-button topic in recent months (JC Penney with Ellen Degeneres, Marvel and DC Comics, etc.) as companies increasingly come to believe that such campaigns have a positive impact on profits. This story is no more irrelevant than a hypothetical story highlighting women's preference for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus over the HTC One X. It's germane to the theme of "all things Android."

You, like Jerry, are completely entitled to your feelings on the wider social issues touched upon by this article, but at least be honest that they are just that; your feelings. No need to try and convince a person that they are somehow not living up to the mission statement of their own blog. If you're uncomfortable with the content, then just skip the story.

"" Is that a real shirt, and if so where can I get one?"

Best reply of the whole thread. Let's focus on what's important people, well designed t-shirts. ;-)

(It is a very nice shirt.)

Wore mine at Pride in Denver this past weekend. Have had it 2 years and it's still going strong!

Nice long length for my long torso (cause it's American Apparel).

What annoys me most about special interest groups is how everyone and every product has to someone have a point of view or position on whatever it is they care about. It's a superficial attention grab, and mildly nauseating. What's next, approval of a particular brand of washing machine? Glassware? What's the point or end goal here?

As far as I can tell, the hope is to get someone's opinion (which is opposite the groups), then use what is essentially media blackmail to make them a spokesperson towards your interest.

Anyway, this kind of nonsense is unnecessary. Why can't we choose our phones as logical humans, instead of some labeled group? Just perpetuates the whole problem.

I'd be happy to see these sort of articles passed over on AC.

I believe its because of a general lack of individual self esteem nowadays. Instead of looking inwards for self worth, they create fake "racial groups", "minority groups", "special interest groups", and use that as their source of pride.

I agree with you totally. *People* like Android. If those people are "white", "black", "LGBT" or less than 5ft tall shouldn't matter...unless, of course, you are trying to pander or bait.

You clearly haven't read the source article. It's not an announcement by a "special interest group" (I love that phrase used to describe the fight for equal rights, but that's another issue). It's a release by brandindex, a company that tracks brand perception among the public. You said: "What's next, approval of a particular brand of washing machine?" Well, yes. If you go to the source article you'll find out that it is about public perception of brands, all sorts of brands, by different segments of the population. No superficial, attention-grabbing, nauseating special interest people e-mailing Jerry about how fabulous it would be to just drop their name in a random article on AC.
Be happy that all sorts of people like Android, and that its popularity leads to more sales, which lead to better hardware options which lead to more software development, which leads to the sorts of articles you like on AC. Of which there are plenty.

Actually it has less to do with what LGBT people or anyone else likes in terms of products and more to do with perceptions of the companies behind the products. This country likes to think the consumer has a lot of power when it comes to products, if we don't buy it they stop making it. What's important about this is that Android/Google are doing things that are inclusive of all people, and that includes LGBT people and so LGBT people are supporting their products, buying them, developing for them, designing them, etc. It falls under the scope of the "everything android" nature of this site, whenever Android has a milestone and this is the first time that Android has made this list which is usually dominated by Apple (which is also a very supportive/inclusive company). Also, here's a shocker for you people complaining about anything LGBT related being reported in a tech blog, "Alan Turing was an English mathematician, wartime code-breaker and pioneer of computer science." and "In 1952, Turing was arrested and tried for homosexuality," he committed suicide.

I'm gay & I find this rather random, haha. I could see Google topping the list, because they have always been a huge supporter of diversity. How does Android.... nevermind. :P Back to my Droid Razr Maxx!

I would be very interested to know exactly on what planet it holds true that "people's relegion [sic], politics or sexual orientation has NOTHING to do with technology."

I'm thoroughly surprised it hasn't happened yet, given the amount of absolute d*cks that have posted on this forum.
Wheatons Law should also apply here.

What is this LGBT agenda and where can I get a copy of it?

It's Android Central, not Android technology-only central. Get over yourselves ppl. If it pertains to android in any form, the bloggers can do whatever they want...hell, they could post about non-Android stuff and you can't do anything about it except not read it...deerp.

Dear Bigots. Go away. Just leave this site, and don't come back. If you have a problem with how other people live their lives (that in no way impacts your own, btw) and feel like you need to post a couple hundred times complaining about a blog posting something positive, maybe the problem isn't "all them gays", maybe it's...drum roll...YOU!

I mean, it's actually quite simple. If you don't like an article, then don't read it. Jerry has every right to post this article on the site, and it's not for you to determine. There's other, more tech-centric, articles/forums on AC.

FABULOUS article, Jerry.