Google IO

Strap in, folks. Some of the top brass from Google's Android team are about to take the stage here at Google I/O, and maybe we'll get answers to a few of the burning questions from this year's conference. Plus, it's a chance for developers to chat directly with the other folks who make the magic happen.

It kicks off at 8:20 p.m. on the east coast, and 5:20 here in the west. 

Join us for the liveblog after the break!

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Any news on key lime pie?

lightyear420 says:


Alex Dobie says:

Old news. I'm already counting the days until Android 5.1 Lammington.

The always funny Alex Dobie:)

btgrave says:

OH MY!!!!!!!!! If they really named it after Lamingtons, I will do the dance down under that will turn it upside crazy huzzah!

TheWenger says:

One of the short cartoon videos from Reto Meier's talk showed a bugdroid eating a key lime pie.

dethduck says:

No OS update this I/O?

Romain Guy seems like such a cool dude...

OmarF82 says:

New Nexus 4 white + Android 4.3 release June 10

superxraziel says:

I wish the nexus 7 refresh happened. I was ready to buy it. My heart is broken.

The whole reason I bought an s4 is for the air view and gestures. Is the nexus version of it going to have that?

ultravisitor says:

No. Those are not a part of vanilla Android. Those are a result of Samsung's software.

Jay Holm says:

No mention of 4.3 thus far during the conference???