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If you bought a TouchPad during the fire sale, and decided that you like using webOS while waiting for hackers to get a full Android port up and running, news in the Pre Central forums might get you a little excited.  Android's not the only Linux based OS that people love to hack, and an enterprising young fellow in China has figured out how to get Android running inside a card like a normal webOS app.  Looking at it, it appears to either be an virtual machine or a variant of the Android SDK emulator running, so expect a lot of functionality but at a slower pace because of the emulation layer.  With some further tweaking, many of the software issues can be ironed out, and maybe even a bit more support for the hardware can be found -- those webOS hackers are a crafty bunch.

Until a good (read final) dual boot solution for Android and webOS is found for the TouchPad, this looks like it might be the ticket if you're finding the Palm HP App Catalog a bit lacking, but don't want to give up the TouchPad's great web browser.  And heck, most of you guys bought the TouchPad solely to hack the hell out of it, right?  Here's your chance.

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Android running on the HP TouchPad a different way


Android in a card would be awesome. I'll wait until Jason or Rod Whitby gives it a blessing before I put it on my Touchpad though.


"TouchPad's great web browser"
You've got to be kidding, I had the original Pre for two years and liked it, but I enjoy Android on my Infuse much more.
I mis some things but the browser is not one of them. It's hard to work with multiple pages in the touchpad. Every time you open a page you have to go to card view and then back to it, but not too quickly or your card will be blurry. Talk about a bad bug. I know you can get tabs with 'advanced browser' but I haven't bothered, waiting for Android and dolphin HD which is a much better browsing experience.

I'll have to disagree with you on this. The browser in webOS is far superior to any browser in android. First of all, it's never crashed on me. Browser, Dolphin HD and even Firefox all crash on me too often on android (mostly when there's flash, but not always). They just disappear. Scrolling and zooming is also much nicer on webOS. I'm an android person now, but have had the original Pre, EVO and now 3VO. Also, a transformer, gt10.1 and two firesale touchpads. I wish I could surf as smoothly on my gt as I can on the kids touchpads. The one other thing I think webOS has on android is the keyboard. I'm still waiting for someone to come out with one with the same layout and predictive capabilities that Palm created.

I have a Touchpad and Asus Transformer. The Touchpad is so rarely used that it brought it over to my girlfriend house so I had a tablet to use there. All I use it for is web surfing and can't wait to get back to my Transformer as screen is crisper and the over all experience is much better!

I am attempting to install this.. only way I know to install apps is through webOS quick install. So far it just hangs on installing the .ipk forever, so it does not work anyways.