FlightView for AndroidFlightView for Android

If you fly more than, say, once a year, you absolutely should look into an Android travel app. And a new one to Android is FlightView. It's got the all the basics that you'd expect from a top flight-tracking app --track by flight number, track by route, flight mapping, speed and altitude, departure and arrival info, delays at major airports, notes -- the works, basically.

FlightView is nicely designed and easy to use. You also can save flight info to build an itinerary, which is a must for frequent fliers. But that's also where FlightView's Achilles' heel presents itself -- there's no integration (yet) with a service such as Tripit. You have to manually input all of your flights, which is OK if it's just one or two, but a big pain if you have connecting flights. The developer tells us, however, such service will be added in future updates.

But for now, if you've looking to try another travel app, FlightView's a solid performer. It's available in ad-supported form, or for the low, low price of 99 cents. More pics and download information is after the break.

FlightView for AndroidFlightView for Android

FlightView for AndroidFlightView for Android

FlightView for AndroidFlightView for Android

FlightView (Free)

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FlightView (99 cents)

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Android Quick App: FlightView


Actually I believe this is a different program than the webOS one called FlightView but has a lot of similar features, in fact I'm using FlightTrack on my Evo 4G becuase I got so used to using FlightView (which was free on my Sprint Pre).

I'm using Flighttrack now for the same reasons. It works very well and has more features than the webOS version of Flightview. Not sure I would switch unless there is some compelling reason.

I just used this app yesterday to track my son's flight from London to the US.
Seemed to work well enough.
The plane didn't appear on the map until he got over North America.

When it adds auto-enter from TripIt, this looks like a good - cheaper - alternative to FlightTrack.

It looks like it has potential, but there are several layout errors on the Droid and saving flights to a trip was a pain when I tried it. I'll keep an eye on updates, but I'll stick with FlightTrack for at least my current trip.

Hi Drathos,

We’d be interested to hear what layout errors you are seeing, and why you are having trouble saving flights. We tested our layout extensively on the Droid to ensure a great user experience. We haven’t had any negative feedback here – we’d love to help out and try to find a solution.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

The FlightView Team

I tried this app out but I didn't like how it wouldn't let me enter in a future flight in October. Is that too far out for this app? I had to uninstall, it seemed nice but I'm still looking for a good Flight tracking app.

Hi DM Droid,

How far out was the flight that you couldn’t enter? FlightView allows you to look up flights 90 days in advance.

Please let us know if the flight that you couldn't enter was sooner.


The FlightView Team