Android Market on Kindle Fire

T'was only a matter of time, right? The Android Market -- and all of its hidden secrets apps -- now runs just fine on the Amazon Kindle Fire. There are a couple of caveats (albeit not huge ones) if you want to get this done. You're going to need to root your Kindle Fire, and you're going to need to be a little familiar with file explorers and apps permissions. Hardly insurmountable stuff, though, and the whole process takes just a few minutes. Hit the link below for full instructions.

Source: XDA Developers; via Kindle Fire Forums

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Jim says:

Now, how about the Nook Tablet?!

cb526 says:

Sideloading of apps on Nook Tablet is possible, and without root. I would imagine that would include 3rd party launchers.

To be fair, the Nook Tablet isn't officially released yet.

noogag says:

To be fair, you don't need root to side load apps on the kindle fire. The necessity of root in this case is just to get a functioning Android Market.

cb526 says:

Sounds good.

Danrarbc says:

Exactly. The Nook will require root to get Android Market too.

The market looks pretty good on the Fire.

xdalaw says:

Also to get a working and syncing (with Google) calendar app, as I understand it.

Erckul says:

maybe not officially, but I was able to walk into a B&N store yesterday and get one. did not have a pre-order or anything

pDoG says:

This is so tempting damnit. I'm waiting for that Asus prime...

andymp3 says:

Hey...i have the transformer and all i can say is .....wait for the prime....the kindle is a nice toy however the Prime is not even in the same league...i may get the fire when it comes to Canada however it will never be able to do what my Asus can do...if money is an issue though can't go wrong with the kindle fire...good luck and let us know what you get...cheers

Oskiee says: